Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Etude House Petite Darling Nails HD Beam in Mystic Purple (PP904)

Here's a polish I layered Essence Pop Coat over.

Etude House, Mystic Purple (PP904), 2 coats

I was almost absolutely sure this polish will be rather sheer and that I'll need to layer it over some other shade or use at least 3 coats to get an opaque finish. I'm glad I was wrong. This baby covers with 2 close to perfect coats. The application was easy and very nice. I like everything about this one. Well, almost everything - I only wish the bottle was bigger and the price was lower. The quality of this polish blew me away and I really have nothing bad to say about it. Isn't the shade just wonderful? Mysterious indeed.

Price: ~ $6.00 for 7 mL

Where to buy? Ebay.

Here's an eye make up look, that's just as mysterious as the Etude nail polish above. I got this Meow Cosmetics eyeshadow sample in Accident from a fellow blogger Swatch Freak - thank you so much, girl! - and I had to try it out.

Products used:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Meow Cosmetics in Accident (foiled)
* Essence Black Mania Eye Pencil
* 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette (black for lashline)
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Isn't it just awesome? Accident is one of the shades from the Meow Cosmetics' Friday the 13th collection. It can only be purchased in the month of October and on every Friday 13th. Interesting, huh?


On a completely different note: Half of my family is ill (me included), but we'll all be fine, I guess. The thing that really hit me was the fact that my little niece's bronchitis got worse and she had to go to the hospital. She's just 2 years old ... it breaks my heart. I would appreciate if you could send some healing/good vibes our way. We need it. Thank you!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Pa ne no. :( Upam, da ne bo dolgo v bolnišnici. Želim, da se čimprej pozdravi. Upam, da kmalu pride nazaj domov. Držim pesti, da se vsi doma pozdravite. :*

  2. Meow senčke so itak zakon! Darksome/Swatch Freak pa tudi! :D

    Vsem vam v družini želim čim prejšnje okrevanje!

  3. Lovely eye look! Sending healing thoughts to you and yours; hope you're all all better soon.

  4. NuoooOOOooooouuUUUUuuooooOOOoo!
    I've surely ordered from THAT eBayer for me and few friends of mine, and I was tempted from this polish, but from pics it was so close to Milani - dotcom and I bought just stationary and a wall decal. And now I see your swatch and I'm eating my hands!!!!
    NNNnnuuuUUUuuuoooOOOOOOO! ç___ç

  5. I love to hear about these unknown/ less known polish brands that you discover! It stands out from all the Essie's, OPI's, China Glaze's around!
    Sending loads of good vibes your way, extra vibes for the little one. Hope you all get better soon!

  6. Ljubezen na prvi pogled <3
    Sem ga takoj naročila ;)

  7. the nail polish is super pretty but you eye make up is so much more amazing! I love it! I wish I would be that talented like you are!!!

  8. Make up <3

    Za nečakinjo (+ tebe in ostalo družino) pa pošiljam najbolj pozitivne in zdravilne misli. Upam, da se čim prej pozdravite. Sploh punčka.

  9. The color of that eyelook is simply amazing! Loved it!

  10. I'm so sorry for your niece :( My cousin got through the same this summer, he stayed at the hospital for a few days...I know how terrible it is. So, I really wish her all the best in the world *hugs*

    P.S. the polish looks stunning, it's such an interesting shade; and I'm completely in love with that eyeshadow, it's so amazing! I wish I had something similar <3

  11. My first child was only 3 when he entered in hospital suffering from pneumonia. I know how sad it is. In those moments you forget all the naughty things they've done in the past and regret each time you shouted at them... But don't mind, children are strong, your niece will be healing soon. Wishing her ~and you~and all your family~ all the best.

  12. Tons of good vibes for your little niece (and her parents)!!! Two years ago my son (4yrs then) was hospitalized for pneumonia so I can understand how you are feeling...
    BTW Accident is just stunning!

  13. I have that Etude polish and I just love it!!! I really like the eyeshadow look, too. I think it's a bit warm in tone for me to carry off but I am going to try and recreate it with similar shades, perhaps more taupe in tone. Beautiful, as always :)

  14. P.S. I hope you all feel better soon. Nothing worse than seeing little ones unwell :(

  15. The polish and the eyeshadow are both beautiful! I hope you all feel better soon.

  16. Eyes look gorgeous. Healing thoughts being sent your way

  17. Sasha I'm so sorry your all sick. Praying for your niece. Feel better real soon. The polish is fantastic looking. Really pretty. The yee makeup is beautiful. Love that shade.

  18. Hey, girl! I hope you will all get better soon, specially your little niece. It really breaks one's heart to see the little ones go through this kind of thing. My niece Laís is only 15 months old and has pretty much been on antibiotics since May of this year due to breathing problems. Anyways, a whole bunch of positive vibes going to you all the way from south Brazil!
    Other than that, the nail polish and make up are stunning. I've ordered a bottle of an Etude House nail polish a couple of months ago on eBay, but due to the post-office strike here in Brazi I haven't received it yet... Hopefully it will find it's way home.

  19. Your eye look is beautiful!!
    I hope you and your family get better soon!

  20. Lovely polish, beautiful eyeshadow (and eyes!).....healing thoughts and wishes....2 of my children had/have asthma, so I know that fear and scariness. Take care and all of you get better!

  21. Beautiful make-up! I love it! Get well soon, Nihrida. Good vibes from me too to all in your family!

  22. Gorgeous polish, and your eyeshadow is positively stunning! I need to add Etude to my list of brands that I need to try out soon. ^_^

  23. Lak je prečudovit, da make-upa sploh ne omenjam! Božansko! <3

  24. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and healing vibes. :***

    @gnoma: You can still order it. The shipping is free anyway. =)

    @Nail Stories: I guess I won't be featuring many Essie's and China Glaze's (god knows I won't be showing you any OPI's) - it's harder to get them and they cost a lot here...

    @goga: Upam, da bo upravičil pričakovanja. =)

    @Danny: You don't need much talent for this. It's only one eyeshadow. ;D

  25. I will absolutely be thinking of you and yours. It's so hard seeing little ones when they're so sick like that. =(

    That polish is simply beautiful on you. <3

  26. Oh, I'm so sorry for all of you (especially the little one and her parents) and send you a lot of healing thoughts and vibes. I even asked my darling dog to do so, too. I don't really know what she thinks about it, but as she is a very kind and friendly "person", I'm sure she'll be helping me with it. I also lighted a candle for all of you (don't get alarmed, it's not meant the "sad" way, it's kind of a family "ritual" that we always light candles when someone's needing any kind of good energy).

    I like that polish ("mystic" really fits here), but I LOVE that eyeshadow. So beautiful. (Original idea to sell it only in october and on fridays 13th. xD I like this kind of "marketing jokes".)

  27. Wow, both the eayeshadow and the nail polish look awesome. I really love those colors you cannot say exactly what color it is.

  28. This makeup is so beautiful , I absolutely love it ! Start now I'm a follower :)
    Pleaaase can you tell me what camera do you have?
    Thanks a lot :)


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