Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MAC 3D Silver Glitter

I guess nail polish lovers still appreciate holographic nail polishes/top coats. Even if the presentation of it isn't that brilliant. But we love holo make up as well, don't we?

Be careful what you wish for, EyeGraffiti, 'cause it might come true! I present MAC 3D Silver glitter.

Products used:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Sleek I-Divine Palette in Chaos (black eyeshadow)
* 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette (nude, white)
* Essence Black Mania Eye Pencil
* Essence Eyeliner Pen
* MAC 3D Silver Glitter
* Essence Black Mania Mascara

I used my Vitaskin Medirepair lipbalm to stick the glitter to my eyelid. It does a great job, but there's also a problem - the eyeshadow starts to crease like crazy after you put a balm over it. Guess we can't have it all.

What do you think?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. it looks lovely! maybe you could use a primer next time? i dont know if anyone makes a clear primer, though :S or maybe putting it over wet eyeshadow and hope it sticks? doubtful, but it looks great anyway!

  2. OMG, I looooove it, got to have it :)

  3. I am 100% backing the polish to shadow movement. Imagine a world full of eye shadows like that. Bliss

  4. I really, really love theese pictures! So sparkly <3 I think this would be a perfect makeup to use when I'm gonna be a vampire ;D

  5. Amazing! Every time your eye looks are incredible. I just wish holo glitter on the lids was work appropriate, cause I'd rock it everyday!

  6. China Glaze Fairy Dust on eyes?!?!?!?!?!?! :O°°°

  7. you always have great eyeshadows! So jealous wish I could apply them like you do!

  8. Wowza!! Such a striking eye look! :)

  9. Čudovit MU (Hello Holo indeed) <3 Kaj pa, če bi namesto balzama za ustnice uporabila Pixie Epoxy?

  10. Uuuu, lepo! No, zame ne ravno nosljivo, za učke past pa hudo fajn!

  11. Thank you so much ladies for your kind words! =)

    @Ami: Primer would probably be a better idea, yes. Pixie Epoxy isn't exactly primer, but it is clear...

    @Alessandra ~ Miss Boom Baby: It was Essence Hello Holo.

    @gnoma: Not exactly, but yes! =D

    @Sana: Hvala! Pixie Epoxy bi bil verjetno najboljša izbira, ja. Nisem ga še preizkusila preko senčke, ampak mislim da je ne bi tako ''razmazal'' kot jo je lipbalm. Si bom zapomnila za naslednjič. =)

  12. you did it, you absolutely did it!!!!! wow!
    This is beyond amazing, and you captured the glitter so well!
    But instead of lipbalm, I have some suggestions of what else to attach your glitter with! You've got Sealing Gel from the trusting friend in the dark: Illamasqua, Mixing Liquid from Make Up Store, or Duraline from Inglot.
    Makes the glitter last all day.
    And let me say, I don't regret wishing this at all, and maybe I'll wish again!! ;)

  13. Amazing!!! Looks so beautiful!

  14. Love it!! I am going to have to try this!

  15. Wow it looks gorgeous! I would also suggest trying Pixie Epoxy for getting the glitter to stick, though I haven't used mine long enough to know if it'll crease or not.

  16. Vau, to pa je dramatično!

  17. NO way! this is true creativity! <3

  18. :O How is this possible?!?!?! NEEEEEEEEED. No wants. NEED!

  19. OMG this ... I .. WOW!!!

  20. That's some amazing eye shadow. I don't have any idea how to stick glitter on my eye. I shouldn't do it anyway!

  21. I love that. It looks stunning. Just the right amount of sparkle. :)


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