Thursday, October 20, 2011

Misa - Turquoise

I was looking for a good layering polish to put over my yesterday's S-he Stylezone 312 manicure. I did a little search in my nail polish database and picked Misa in Turquoise. After I did the layering, I got a flashback. It's almost the same manicure I wore in February 2010. I loved it then and I love it now. No wonder I picked this one.

S-he Stylezone, 312, 2 coats + Misa, Turquoise, 1 coat

I don't really know where this Misa polish comes from. Well, I know I got it in a giveaway, but I've never seen a Misa bottle like this one before. Vintage perhaps? It doesn't really matter. It's gorgeous and it applies like a dream. I haven't tried it on it's own yet and I doubt I will anytime soon. Isn't it awesome?

Do you have a favorite layering combo? 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Definitely an awesome choice to go with the S-he colour!

  2. looks amazing :D I'd call it The Emerald Dream :D

  3. Beautiful combination. I don't layer too much. I used to layer Hidden Treasure over everything when I first got it. It was good for tip wear. I put it away for awhile. I just found it again. Might start up with some layering.

  4. Kako prisrčno. Pa že včeraj mi je bil #312 všeč, ampak tole je nadkrasno. :)

  5. That was an awesome glitter polish!

  6. That polish looks amazing. I really love the color, but the glitter adds just enough pizzazz.

  7. My fave layering is with China Glaze - Fairy Dust over everything! :)
    Or OPI - Teenage Dream looks awesome too over plenty of colors!

    Your combination is super pretty too! I like those colors!


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