Wednesday, October 5, 2011

''Move the Blood!''

True Blood. It took me a while to start watching it, but now I'm almost all in. Almost. I don't think it's a very good series, to be honest, but the vampires and werewolfs amuse me. Oh, who am I kidding: the men are hot. There, I said it. =)

I liked Evan Rachel Wood's make up from Fangtasia enough to wanna do it myself as well. I'm talking about this one:

Let's call it 'inspired by' and not 'recreation of'. I didn't feel like using false lashes or better yet, I didn't feel like removing the glue from my eyes afterwards. Besides, her eye are shaped differently and she wears this kind of make up way better than I do.

Products used:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Beauty UK Eyeshadow Trio in Midnight
* Essence Eyeliner Pen
* Essence Black Mania Mascara

I would actually consider wearing this kind of make up in public (I used to wear a lot more hard core make up in my days). The only problem are my hooded eyelids. The line on my upper lash line never looks the way it's supposed to. At least until I raise my eyebrow. But I can't walk around looking surprised all the time, can I? =D

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Oh, I love her makeup looks. My favorite one is when she's in her Villa, I recreated it yesterday and I'm loving it :D also without false lashes. or the red lipstick =)

  2. I love, love, love True Blood. Especially the men...Alcide...oh my! *faints*
    Of course I like Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) aswell. I always laugh when he speaks swedish. :D

  3. Tole izgleda čudovito in čisto primerno za vsak dan, je pa hecna tvoja zadnja izjava. :) :)
    Si mi čisto polepšala dan

  4. On vampires anything would look awesome. I love the serie... Not only because of actors haha :P
    I like your eye make up, perfect for evenings out :)

  5. I love True Blood and I also love their makeup!
    So pretty!

  6. sviđa mi se tvoj make up :-D
    svi pričaju o ovoj seriji pa sam je i ja počela gledati... odnosno pogledala prve dvije epizode i nemam pojma oko čega je nastala strka, pa to je dosadno... iako mi kažu da poslije bude bolje :-(

  7. I think Evan Rachel Woods is gorgeous.
    And the make up is divine.

    You should really read the books that inspired True Blood - The Southern Vampire Mysteries. They are WAY better than the tv show.


  8. Haha I know the feeling about the surprised eye look :D It would be a bit weird walking around like that :P

  9. I liked this make up on her a lot too! Especially in this light and she's mad as hell over the blood!
    True Blood is a good source of inspiration when it comes to make up, and it's so funny how they use A LOT more falsies in season 2 comparing to season 1 haha!
    But this make up was great!

  10. I'd never call you eyes hooded tbh. And this MU is one of my favourite types of eye MU, I love it. I'd wear it 24/7 if I had eyes like yours.

    As for True Blood: season 1 is cool, but then it gets from bad to worse. Such a shame. But I still find it worth watching just to drool over Alcide and Eric, hihi.

  11. you are so talent, your make ups are always so beautiful...congrats =)

  12. The makeup looks wonderful. You always do such beautiful looks. I love the series. I read the books first. The books are very different from the show. The best things are the gorgeous men!


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