Wednesday, October 19, 2011

S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in #312

Changes aren't my favorite thing in the world. I actually dislike them with all my heart, especially when they turn things to worse. Yes, I'm also talking about you Blogger and your weird lightbox image viewer. S-he Stylezone is an Austrian brand of make up (available in Drogerie Markt stores) and it isn't known for the best packaging. And when you think it can't get any worse... they drop Lego bricks on you head.

S-he Stylezone, 312, 2 coats

As you might have noticed, this color looks a lot like the famous Dirty Sexy Money by Misa. They're not dupes, but are very close. Misa is a bit cooler and more blue - just a bit. I don't think I could tell one from another. I like the color a lot, but the application of this one... Don't get me started. The formula is very weird. Not goopy, but thicker than usual and it dries really fast. It was actually drying on me while I was applying it and it made the application ever harder. It's a true problem child. It doesn't apply evenly, so I got bald spots one some nails after 2 coats and on the others 1 coat would almost be enough. I think the formula is to be blamed for the application, because I've never had this kind of problems with my other S-he polishes.

Price: ~ €2.00

Where to buy? Drogerie Markt stores.

What do you think? Is the color worth the trouble?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Še kar lep lak. Ampak te nove stekleničke pa me tako odvračajo od nakupa.... tako puste so :(

  2. Super pretty color, such a pity application sucked. I own a couple S-he thanks to Konadomania's giveaway and I liked them (bottle was still the "old fashioned" and handy, not the Legoland (LOL) one.
    I wish they were sold here in Italy, anyway.

  3. Gorgeous color, love it! Check out my blog maybe we can follow, have a great day.

    xo Emma

  4. I mene su ovi njihovi novi lakovi namucili, steta jer su interesantne boje, ova pogotovo, nisam je uopste dosad primetila tamo, jer bih je sigurno kupila ;)

  5. For so many problems with this you make it look gorgeous! Really looks so pretty on you. I love Dirty Sexy Money. I haven't worn it in quite awhile. I have so many untrieds that I can't wear it again. I don't know what will happen if I do! Crazy.

  6. O, nisem vedela, da ima S-he tak dober odtenek v ponudbi...

  7. Baš zanimljivo, ja sam apsolutno ODUŠEVLJENA njihovom novom ambalažom, super dizajn! Pravo osvježenje među kičastim, ženskastim parkiranjima...
    Što se samih s-he lakova tiče, neki su mi stvarno super, a neki...blah. Mislim da imam baš ovu nijansu i da sam imala isti problem kao i ti s teksturom laka.

  8. I wouldn't even be able to tell that the formula was crap... you still managed a flawless application!

  9. Pih, S-he polishes are €2,60 in Croatia... Althought, nice color :)

  10. Lep odtenek, stekleničke pa tudi jaz sovražim :(

  11. Zelo lep! Me pa ful spominja na Catrice I sea you!. Še dobro da imam Catrice, ker so te stekleničke res obupne in tudi odkar so v prodaji se ne ustavim več pri njihovem stojalu xD

  12. awesome colour! I hate these nail polishes though, they start peeling off in one day :/

    and don't even get me started about that image viewer, aaargh!

  13. Hi, the same experience with S-he 205 (red with pink shimmer)... awful formula, too quickly drying. Your color is perfect, but is it worth the trouble?


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