Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #5

Mix of the week time!!! Let's start with nail polish. I'm absolutely sure you've all seen this photo of Models Own Beetlejuice Collection a lot of times in the last week.
Am I right? Yeah. The colors are adorable, I can't deny that, but I do suspect that colors might not be as awesome in real life. It happened before. I doubt that I'll be buying them but I'm still curious though.


I don't watch a lot of movies, 'cause they just don't get my attention most of the time. I prefer series to be honest. This animated movie, however, is worth mentioning. Despicable Me is a funny and cute cartoon. I like the voices, the characters and my absolute favorite were the little yellow ''ear plugs''. Watch it!


I must include some fauna... Car in his most common pose. I swear he spends more than half of his life under the blanket.

This is a caterpillar I met last Sunday. It was HUGE! I can't identify it and it's making me crazy. I wanna know what beautiful creature it will turn to. A couple of minutes after this was shot I saw the exact same caterpillar in brown color. Anyone knows which species this is?


You know what: I might be the cheapest blogger on the planet. There are some things I especially like about my clothing: I like them black, somewhat special and cheap. =)

This is my new tunic/top. It could also be a really mini dress, but I'll pass on that. I fell in love with the back and it had to go with me. This cost me a little over €4.00.

Lace. Black lace, to be precise. This top is super comfortable and the lace part doesn't scratch my skin. Love it! This is the back...

...and front. It cost me a little over €2.00.

And last one. I'm not completely sure about this one. I think I'll add a little satin ribbon to it. This one was also €2.00.

Do you ever buy cheap clothing or are you more of a brand type of girl?

Links and posts of the week:
Liloo from Le Petit Jardin de Liloo posted the most beautiful crackle polish I've ever seen. I need it!

Nail Stories reminded me why I need to get Sinful Kismet Elated nail polish.

I found this blog last week. I can't believe I didn't know about Steffels before.

Duochromes (aka shadeshifters) don't impress me usually. Goose from Goose's Glitter made me change my mind with this Ozotic polish


Did you see Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger video? Then you gotta see this one as well. It's hillarious. =)

Thankd for looking and commenting!


  1. I'm trying to STOP buying so much polish, but now I need that new first Models' Own.
    That caterpillar looks like the worms I see on tomato plants. I don't know what the actual name of this species is; we just call them "tomato worms". I've never seen them in brown. I live in northern California.
    Not to get too fresh, but you are GORGEous--LOVE the clothes and your hair! I'm not a blogger, so I have to buy my own polish etc. :( I try to spend as little as possible, but I have a jewelry *problem*; more accurately, I have a shopping *problem* !

  2. P.S. "Despicable Me" is one of my faves! Love, love, LOVE the Minions!!!!

  3. Love your T-shirts and love the bargain price even more. I've tried to find shirts with the same neckline as the last one, but you don't see them often.
    Where did you get those from?

  4. With order!
    - MODEL'S OWN:
    I'm worried about these polishes will look like on nails, but for now I'm enjoying my 5 little girl minutes. YAYYY! :D
    I'm so late with movies, damned me and my taste for black & white movies! But I'll surely watch it, as always for pixar/dreamworks ones ;)
    - CAR:
    Not right name... LINUS! :D Maya has earned this nick last winter with "her" beloved pile cardigan! :D
    OH YES! I take delight about buying good things with low prices, it's almost a fetish for me! XD

  5. Those 3 tops you got are so so lovely, especially at that price! Where do you shop?

  6. Love the second black lace top! Sooooo pretty on you!

    <3 <3 <3

  7. I'm curious to see what these polishes will look like in real life! Such beauties in the bottle, often disappoint!
    I absolutely love the 1st top with the cut out back! It's gorgeous and the price is even better :)

  8. @WildHeart: I need to stop buying nail polish as well, but there's not a lot of chance of me buying those Models Own shades. We shouldn't have those kind of tomato worms here. We didn't have any kind of tomato pest here in Slovenia until this summer. Import will do things like that... Thank you for the compliment! *blushes* I am a blogger, but I still have to buy my polishes - not a lot of companies will support a blogger like me. Maybe it would be different if I was from the US.

    @marox79: I got all of those tops in Kik store (the German textile discounter).

    @gnoma: Hahaha, we didn't know about his love for blankets before we named him. XD

    @Ami: I got those tops in Kik store.

    @Goose: Thank you! =)

    @Nail Stories: I totally agree with you. I bet they'll be disappointing compared to the photo glory.

  9. Those tops are lovely. I very often buy cheap clothes, since then you can get more stuff! :P

  10. KIK?? A resno? Ok, my next stop. Super majčke in res rabim nekaj novega. Beetlejuice me pa zelo mika, ker sem fan risanke, ampak se tudi jaz bojim, da bodo laki razočarali. Noja, verjento si kakšnega vseeno privoščim. Risanka je bila pa tudi meni zelo všeč!

  11. PS: Sicer pa ko pride do oblačil mi je za znamke popolnoma vseeno, ceneje ko pridem skozi, bolje je, ampak popazim vsaj na material in šive, pa da ne zgleda sprano že v trgovini. To je pa to. :)

  12. @Ulmiel: Ja, resno. Po pravici povedano, se mi trgovina malo upira, a si včasih ne morem pomagat, da ne bi šla malo pobrskat. Samo da te opozorim: šla sem skozi goro čudnih materialov, krojev in velikosti, da sem našla tele tri. Če imaš čas in voljo se definitivno izplača. =) Pa kako pomoč imej s seboj - da ti drži nabrano. Hehe

  13. It's soooo flufffyyyyyyy. xD

  14. Meni se tudi upira po nekaj obiskih, zato me je pa vrglo na rit, da si tako hude majčke tam našla! Je pa res, da si jaz tam nisem vzela kaj dosti časa, pa bi si ga kar morala, vidim. Če samo na hitro preletiš, vidiš samo precej bizarne zadeve, hehe. Hvala za nasvet, se bom enkrat res spravila in obrnila na glavo črni del štacune. Saj, če takole barvno omejiš, ne ostane prav veliko. ;) :D

  15. Ta rsianka je tudi mene kar nasmejala.

    Drugače pa sem enkrat poleti objavila na Arsu sliko enake gosenice in je ena punca rekla, da gre za kalinovega veščca.

  16. Lovely pictures! I don't like expensive clothes. Most of my clothes are bought on sale. Or I've inherited it from one of my sisters or friends :D I really liked your clothes in this post (even tho I don't really wear black).

  17. Thank you for sharing with us! I am disappoitned in the Models Own line. It's called Beetlejuice but the names have nothing to do with Beetlejuice!

    And that mini dress/tunic. HOW GORGEOUS!!!


  18. LOVE the tops. I wish I could find something like this in the USA.

  19. I love your taste in clothing. I'm not a brand type person. I buy what I like. Those polishes look spectacular! I want them right now.

  20. Hello Nihrida .. for me the best crackle nail polish are these:

  21. Hey, I'm like you, I love black, lacey, and cheap clothing! Where do you buy your clothes? I've looked at a lot of your posts and they all look like things I would wear! Love your style!


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