Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #7

I know I'm late with this week's sum up. I'm just so tired all the time and all I can do is sleep. Hope you understand...

I went to the store yesterday and guess what I saw - a brand new and completely untouched display of Essence Re-Mix Your Style Trend Edition collection. I often don't know what to buy/not to buy when I find myself in front of the TE display. That's why I made a list this time. I wasn't completely sure about the Pop Top coat, so I just left it in the store. This is what I got:
Essence Stairway to Heaven + Waking Up in Vegas

I must admit I wasn't completely sure about the Stairway to Heaven nail polish. It looked very dark and I don't need another ''is it black or what'' shade. It turned out to be an OK dark blue. I'm not too crazy about it, but I don't have anything similar in my stash. The closest color is L'Oreal's Emperor, but it's still quite different from Stairway to Heaven. Waking Up in Vegas, on the other hand, is something we've seen before. Looks like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. Anyway, here are the color drops.

I tried layering Waking Up in Vegas over my Chuck manicure. It looked OK, but I think it will be better over some darker shade.


All the shopping made me hungry and tired. I gathered my last ounce of strength and made myself a pizza. Nihrida style - tomato, ham, onion, pepper, cheese and oregano. Yum!

I've been a good (or bad) girl and watches a lot of True Blood episodes. I'm at the 4th season now. And I'm confused. More on that some other time... I finally found the cheese flavored pop corn - it's bad for me in so many ways, but I really needed to taste it again.


I managed to finish the fourth book by George R. R. Martin A Feast for Crows. I have to say it was my least favorite from the ones I've read so far. It wasn't boring, much is happening in this book, but I found it hard to go through. I also don't like the fact I'll have to wait for the 6th book to see what happens with the characters. I would've like it better if Martin just ''cut'' the story in half. All the books are connected and continued anyway. Now I have to wait for the 5th book to come to our library and I bet I'll have to wait for a long time.


Posts of the week:

Hey you guys, Wan from I Love Nail Polish is back with a Deborah Lippmann polish!

AmyGrace from The Polished Perfectionist made me want Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.

Sam from Fashion Polish showed us two gorgeous a England shades in King Arthur and Perceval. I've kept my eyes on the Tristam and never realized how beautiful Perceval is. Amazing!

Beauty's Bad Habit is rocking a male wolf T-shirt. I dig!

I don't get to swatch China Glaze collections anymore, but never mind. All You Desire made the best Let it Snow Collection swatches.

Make Up My Lack showed us how to do marble nails without water. Gotta try it someday!


So, what have you been up to this week?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I added 'Waking up in Vegas' to my WL today. Not sure about the holo topcoat. I guess I'll wait and see (and decide when/if I see it irl).

  2. Waking up in Vegas in a very cool flakie polish. Love it! That pizza looks yummy by the way. I miss pizza, haven't eaten it in like forever... :(

  3. True Blood season 4 is tricky! But I love it anyway, so entertaining! Hope you get some rest and that you charge your batteries!

  4. I'm so jealous right now! I want that flakie top coat sooo badly!!! Can't waith for that collection to come to B&H!!!

  5. + pop corn + True Blood + You, sound like real Autumn fun. Pizza looks amazing and I guess it was good as always.

  6. Thanks especially for the surfing tips. Just a little notice: The last link doesn't work properly cause it has a "" in front of the actual link.
    Sorry for the very short comment, but I actually want to sit in front of the TV at this moment.

  7. You're so sweet Nihrida! Thank you so much for the link! By the way, that pizza looks DELICIOUS! I'm definitely going to try it out tonight. :)

  8. gosh, I wanna be able to get essence stuff too!

  9. ooh i love true blood! i watched all 4 seasons within a week or so. but i agree that season 4 is slightly confusing. it doesn't help that each episode ends in a cliffhanger so you just feel like you've to keep watching to find out what happens without having sufficient time to process the other episodes that you've already watched! gorgeous top coat by the way! i really wish that i can get my hands on essence here in Aussie where i'm studying or back home in Singapore where i come from):

  10. I'm MADLY waiting for Re-mix Your Style collection, if you did find it in your country, then it's almost arrived here in Italy too :D

  11. The topcoat looks just like Hidden Treasure. That's good for people who couldn't get the Sally Hansen. Your pizza looks absolutely delicious. I love watching shows all at once. I haven't been able to watch Desperate Housewives last year. Too many other shows on at the same time. The library finally got in Season 7. I love watching them one after another without any commercials. If you read the Charlaine Harris books & watch Trueblood you will be confused for sure. I love them both. Feel better. Just get all the rest you can. Headaches really knock you out.

  12. Lovely sum up!!! checked out the polishes and the t-shirt!!! loved em both!!

  13. konačno flakiji i od essencea :-D
    znam kako ti je s martinom... imam i je isti problem, valjda će stići sve popratiti serijom dok on napiše zadnji dio ;-)

  14. I just finished game of thrones and all I got to say is amazing! So intense and suspenseful! I'm so excited to read the other three and the one to come.

  15. @Nail Stories: Why don't you have pizza?

    @EyeGraffiti: It got me hooked as well. =) Thank you, hun!

    @Biberlee: Why jealous? You'll get it in B&H, right?

    @egokonsumkosmos: Thanks! I totally effed that up.

    @Wan: I don't want anyone to miss your comeback. =)

    @Sanna: I know it sucks when you see stuff you can't get in your country. I get that a lot. *hint* Swap!!

    @Lucy: Thank you! =)

    @Gottwinkies: Glad you liked it! =)

    @nail crazy: Upam samo, da mu bo uspelo napisati vse knjige... Nikoli se ne ve.

    @Anonymous: That's exactly how I felt after the first book. =)

  16. Yummmmy! That pizza looks delicious!! And I got the flakie TC, I was really happy about it. Usually when I actually want something from LEs, I can't find it. As for GRRM, the last book is still waiting for me to read it. I'm kinda worried the story will lose the quality once more, it's SO fat. IMHO that happened once before, so I'm waiting what will happen until the seventh book with the story itself.


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