Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 3 - Favorite Food

There are three main ingredients I must always have at home: tomatoes (fresh or canned), pasta and garlic. I'm a huge tomato consumer. I've always been. Pasta is my guilty pleasure food. Yep, not cake or sweets, it's pasta. I love it in all forms - spaghetti, fusili, farfalle (bow ties), tortellini, cassuli, cavatappi, lasagna, macaroni, penne (my favorite)... They can be regular, spinach, tomato or carrot flavored. I think you got the idea. =)

I used regular, colored and aquarel pencils for this drawing.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Prezakon narisano <3, čeprav o tega jem samo paradižnik (ampak ga pojem toliko, da odtehta drugo dvoje, česar sploh ne prebavljam. :D).

  2. Hehe, now this is a cool one! I get a feeling of a great italian comfy restaurant with cooking ladies chatting in italian while making handmade pasta in the back and you're sitting at the table, enjoying the nice italian cup of coffee while waiting for your lunch. So a good picture! :D

  3. I'd like to do this challenge, because I love drawing and it's one of the FEW things I actually can do in my life :D, but I didn't understand if you have to publish them day by day, I really wouldn't have the time to do so!
    I should "dilute" the challenge...

    Your works are great :>

  4. Vau, midve bi bili super cimri - odkar sem odšla v tujino, se že skoraj cel mesec prehranjujem samo z makaroni in vsi mi pravijo, da se jih bom prej ali slej naveličala, ampak jaz dobro vem, da ni šanse. Poleg tega tudi obožujem paradižnik in česen .. Ampak ta paradižnik, ki se ga dobi v trgovinah pozimi, je čisto brez okusa :(

  5. This is me too... I LOVE pasta (but try not to eat too much of it). Especially with REALLY garlic-y sauce!! <3

  6. Hihi, luštna slikca :) Dobro narisana :)

  7. @moonchild: Hvala! Ne prebavljaš testenin? A je to sploh mogoče?

    @Ulmiel: Sounds good. You just forgot about the good looking italian guy at the next table. ;D

    @Smaltoitaliano: The idea is to publish them on a daily basis, but if you don't have time for that, I think it would also be OK to do it whenever you DO have time. I'd love to see it.

    @Sana: Makaronov se ne moreš naveličat. Je toliko različnih načinov priprave - omak za zraven, da to enostavno ne gre. =) Paradižnik iz trgovin (še posebej pozimi) je popolnoma plastičen. Vloženi pelati se pa kar dobro obnesejo. ;) Česen je zakon, ampak ne gre pretiravat z njim. Preverjeno! He he

    @Goose: Whenever I eat pasta I eat for two. Not in a 'I'm pregnant' way, but double portion. =D

    @Tinchi: Hvala! =)

  8. I love your picture and wow, you have great designing skills! Plus you made me super hungry and it's so funny to read all the Italian pasta names that hardly anyone knows! Good neighbour you are!

  9. I love pasta too! Especially the tomato ones or the carbonara! But the carbonara here isn't made as creamy so I'm not sure what 'creamy' carbonara is.

    But still! I can't draw to save my life. I draw worst than a kid. You have a great talent! :)

  10. Jap, to troje mora res biti vedno pri hiši :D

  11. Yeah, loving pasta, too! But my favorite is full grain - not because it's supposed to be more healthy but because I'm always still hungry after even huge amounts of "white" pasta. That really sucks.
    Tomatoes... are nice, but pretty frustrating to me as it's really a challenge to find intensively tasting ones. Cherry tomatoes are a bit better but those big ones nearly always taste like water with a subtle tomato flavor to me. I should grow my own, maybe they'd be better.

  12. i love pasta... in ALL forms as well! great drawing

  13. You are so talented! And I am hungry now.

  14. You can make a wonderful meal with just those three ingredients. Wonderful drawing.


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