Thursday, November 3, 2011

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 5 - Best Friend

Best friends. Hmm... I don't really identify with the whole BFF idea. For me, my best friends are three: myself (represented by the brain), my family - especially my sister (represented by the blood) and the person I'm dating (represented by the heart).

This little ball of fur is keeping me busy throughout the night. I can't get a lot of sleep with her investigating every little corner of my room, throwing things on the floor, making weird sounds, biting me and scaring the hell out of me. She'll start off in a dark corner, prepare her hind legs and jump on me with her face stopping just a couple of inches from mine. Thanks goodness I'm on my heart meds. XD

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Huda slika. Všeč mi je, da je srce realno narisano.

  2. Oh my gosh, your furbaby is gorgeous, so sweeeet! When he/she's asleep, right? He's lovely anyhow!!

  3. Wow, čudovito si "ikonizirala" ali kako naj rečem bf-e :) In čudovita slika, obviously. :)
    Juj, ta kepica je pa tako srčkana ko spi <3

  4. But she's soooooooooo cute. *whimper* I'd adopt her in a second. But yes, those little ones can really be exhausting.

    I really like your drawing. Especially because it's something else than you'd expect. Though it's pretty self confident to represent oneself through the brain as it's leading and responsible for everything. Of course one couldn't live without heart or blood (or skin btw), but the brain just manages everything. And the blood connects brain and heart, so does this mean your family's standing between you and the person you're dating?
    Interesting, very interesting. ;) Such a drawing says so much about the drawer. Though I should stop now because of the great risk of over-interpretation.
    But I'm glad you're a best friend to yourself. That's rare but SO important. I hope I'll reach that point of personal development one day.

  5. Arya is so sweet! Nights must be funny with her. :)

  6. Aww, love the kitty pics. I have a little ball of fur next to me right now. He's gotten a bit bigger, but still has a long way to go :)

    Your drawing is very nice. I love the idea of the blood splatter.

  7. Meni se zdi najbolj logično na svetu, da če imaš sestre in brate, so ti oni najboljši prijatelji. Začuda veliko ljudi ne misli tako, hm.

    Mačke so res najboljši antidepresivi na svetu <3

  8. Super ideja za sliko! Nenavadno in zelo izvirno, blazno mi je všeč. :) Kepica je pa itak za umret luškana. <3

  9. An amazing drawing. Quite different representations of BFF. Very interesting & it's your deepest feellings. The problem with having animals in your room is just what your going through. I've done that in the past & had to let them have the run of the house. No sleep & being woken up for a while is too much. She's so sweet.

  10. I just love this drawing. You are such an artist. It probably is very natural for you.

  11. Vau, tudi meni je všeč ideja in izvedba na to temo.

    Jooj, tale kepa pa je te srčkana. Drugače pa moj maček še zdaj včasih sredi noči skoči iz pisalne mize name in pristane nekje med trebuhom in glavo. Jaz pa itak zakričim kot zverina, ko pristane :D

  12. Very interesting interpretation of this subject, I like idea a lot and I admire as usual your talent for drawing.
    Looking at your art work I've decided to follow this challenge either :) But I don't think I will be as fast as you are!
    Warm greetings

  13. Všeč mi je tvoja slika, je takšna bolj nepričakovan in posebna

    Mucek je pa tako luštkan :)

  14. You've got quite a unique little girl there. Only about 20-30% of orange kitties are female. :)

    Love your artwork, you are quite talented!

  15. Wow your drawings are great!

    And the little furr ball is sooo cute.. I melted into a puddle :).

  16. I really really LOVE the concept you made with that drawing. great job!
    and the kitty is sooo cute ^^


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