Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ebay Buy: Fake MAC Eyeshadows

It seems like Ebay has become my favorite place to shop. It's cool because it never closes and you can buy your stuff without actually going out of the house. And it sucks for the same two reasons, plus you can get addicted by buying online. It's the bay of evil, I tell you.

A couple of weeks ago I bought an eyeshadow I thought would be good for filling in my eyebrows. It turned out it's a MAC ripoff and a shimmery one on top of it. I tried it and I was really satisfied with the quality, so I bought some more ... and today, they arrived.

Let me clear out one thing - I'm not one of those girls, who want high end make up, but don't wanna pay the price. I don't care what it says on my eyeshadow pots, I care about the quality and the price I'm paying for it. That being said, I would really love if there wasn't a MAC sign on the pot. It would be so much better if it was just an XY brand, but it is what it is - a shameless MAC ripoff.

Let's take a look at the shades in their pots. 

Here are the swatches: I applied all of them on the back of my hand over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy eyeshadow base.

All of the colors are quite soft and fine. Some of them have a better color payoff then others, but they're all quite OK. My favorites are: Brun, Concrete, Silver Ring, Knight and Satin Taupe.

You can find a lot of posts all over the internet how to spot a fake MAC eyeshadow. And here is a photograph of a feature that will tell you this MAC eyeshadow is definitely a fake one - a bottom department with a small mirror and application sponge. Not really useable, but I give them A for effort.

Fake or not, these shadows are actually quite nice. The quality differs from shade to shade, but they're all easy to work with. Here's a look I did with Concrete (all over my upper and lower eyelid) and Knight (outer corner).

All of these eyeshadows were purchased on Ebay for $1.04 - $1.80 per color (on auction, but there's also a 'buy it now' option). If you wanna find them, search for 'beautiful pigment eye shadow warm palette'. Now that's a strange description, don't you think? XD

Let me know if I forgot to mention anything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Yeah, they would have been a lot more awesome if they didn't had that MAC logo. And i actually think that the mirror and sponge ir pretty useful :). I love using brushes but sometimes when i don't have time i just use the little sponge that comes with single eyeshadows.

  2. Wow!! Seems like the pigmentation is incredible! Really beautiful colors you got there! :)

  3. They look very pretty, MAC or not.
    I personally don't like spending a fortune on a single make-up item, especially to build a basic collection. I did splurge on Label Whore because the colour is really special. And the shadows were bigger (not anymore).

  4. Super post, hihi :) In zelo mi je všeč tisti predalček pod senčko ... Saj vem, da ga tudi sama najbrž ne bi nikoli uporabljala, ampak vedno mi je zelo všeč, če ima senčilo zraven še ogledalce in aplikator (v čimbolj kompaktni obliki).

    Jaz še vedno nekako kar ne zaupam Ebayu ... Najbrž je itak bolje zame, če tako tudi ostane (čimdlje vsaj) :)

  5. These are gorgeous, MAC rip-off or not!x

  6. Did you have any problems with shipping or the customs (how do you call this duty-thing? :D) ?

  7. I'm not one of those girls, who want high end make up, but don't wanna pay the price. I don't care what it says on my eyeshadow pots, I care about the quality and the price I'm paying for it. - Agree with u!

  8. The Colors are really beautiful and so is your eyemake-up with these eyeshadows. Concidering the low price, I guess they are faked, but in a really gorgeous way :D

  9. I bought a fake too, although I wasn't positive it was going to be a fake til I got it, but I figured it might but it was really pretty nonetheless and so are the ones you bought, I'm going to go search for some other pretties, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. thank you so much for posting this! i always feel like there's this giant taboo on 'fake' products. once i bought a fake MAC brush on accident, and i liked it so much i went back and bought more fake brushes. :"} i always think 'what if the 'fakes' are actually good?'

  11. no way! I am totally hitting up ebay right now. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Agree with Yona, if they didnt had the log would be nice.
    Really love the Concrete and Knight combination.

  13. I agree with you even more now that I have really lots of mac products - not all their products are good and sometimes the cheapest no name stuff is better specially for the fraction of the price. These shades look nice and quite well pigmented and I'd say it's a good buy, the only thing I would potentially be worried about if I was to buy a fake pigment pot would be substances harmful to the sensitive eye area but I did own a fake pigment and at least with that one I suffered no consequences :) I wish I could find a dupe for MAC Blackberry for brow filling purpose too, I saw it on Phyrra's blog and it totally rocks.


  15. Wow! Not bad for fake MAC colours. You look lovely in bronzey metallics.

  16. How could you know that it's a fake MAC? You can't know about what's inside the container. They are all nice shadows. I've read articles about how to spot a fake. There's no way I could remember all of the differences. Some are very subtle. Glad you didn't pay a MAC price for them. Love the makeup.

  17. OMG. I was just gonna get myself some fake M.A.C yesterday as well! And about the logo, you could use acetone to get rid of it maybe?

  18. The problem with counterfeit items on eBay, and in particular counterfeit MAC (which, of course, is definitely illegal in North America) is that these sellers are not catering to the people such as yourself; they're looking for the people who won't be able to tell it's a fake so that they can make money. So many of them put statements like "guaranteed authentic" in the listing, knowing full well that it isn't, because they hope someone will trust their word and pay for it.

    I won't support it. You know why? Because I've been ripped off.

    I tried to purchase a PRO pigment as a gift for my sister through eBay, since we're nowhere near a PRO store and I don't have the credentials to get PRO site access. The seller had great feedback, the guaranteed authentic line, the price was pretty standard for a full-size regular stock PRO jar (no big discount or anything), you name it, but once I got it and swatched it on my hand, boom, I could tell it was fake! Then trying to return it, even though they broke eBay rules by selling it to me stating it was authentic, was a fight and a half, and of course my shipping was not refunded.

  19. For that money I wouldn't mind if it is fake.. Nice colors! :)

  20. Same čudovite barve <3 takoj bi posvojila celo zbirko!Važno da se lepo mažejo in da senčila niso predraga (glede na to da niso original)

    Sicer pa je mene tudi ebay zasvojil odkar imam paypal...sploh to bidanje :) nothing but trouble!


  21. I'm loving these! Fake MAC or not, all the colours seem well pigmented and are beautiful shades. Keep these Ebay posts coming, I love them :-)

  22. I love your blog for the strong position about prices)

    Funny fakes. There are a lot of different shades on ebay.

  23. Čudovite barve :)
    Mi grejo pa teli 'fake' produkti precej na živce. Podpirala bi podjetja, ki bi skušala narediti dupe high end dekorativ in jih prodajati v svoji embalaži, pod svojim imenom. Da pa poskušajo ljudi pretentati.. sick.

  24. You got really lucky with these, they actually look nice!

  25. Good purchase! :)
    It's just sad that a producer has to apply a fake brand to buying its good products, with an XY logo they would sell nothing, because, as you wrote, some girls care just for prestige of brands... Puah

  26. Hi , can you tell me if the seller is this? http://myworld.ebay.com/venuslong/
    Thank you!!

    1. I purchased the eyeshadows from different sellers, but not from that one. I already said I'm not gonna say who I got it from, because I don't wanna 'recommend' any of the sellers. I don't wanna be responsible for any troubles... Search for the cheapest ones and you're good to go.

  27. Ok , but searching in ebay.com is the one that appears.
    Thanks for all your reviews and looks I love that you use affordable makeup and with excellent results.
    I´m from Spain so sorry for my english.

  28. Are they opaque and pigmented? or do you have to build them up? How many ''coats'' did you use for the hand swatches?

  29. I don't understand how you have to guts to put these on your face and eye area. Since they are obviously fake, and made to fool people, you have no idea whatsoever what's in them. Sure, they have a declaration of what they contain, but how can you trust what it says? Using products like these could give you infections and even worse, and I would chuck them in the trash if I were you - to be on the safe side.

  30. Hi i want to purchase these replica mac eyeshadows but i am unable to find them anywhere on the net and i have tried it on eBay too so do you know where i am able to find them again?

  31. Problem is, if its an XY brand, you would (in my opinion)not have run into it or curious enough to buy and try it out. Most likely thought and shopping process:

    1. MAC = established, tried, tested and reviewed.
    2. Search EBay for MAC (whether for sake of bargain price or not)
    3. Ran into a "too good to be true" result.
    4. Curiosity the cat clicked on it.
    5. 2 options here:
    5a. Smart folks - Tell its a fake, but its only a few bucks, so heck, lets buy and see how bad they can be. Perhaps after the swathed test, send it to a lab and see how high is the lead content,
    5b. No so smart folks - Oh Hey! Score! Genuine MAC warehouse sale! Wooo
    6. After swath test, revealed decent color and pigmentation etc. all the girl technical talk enter here....
    7. Comments that it would be cool had they not use a MAC logo and just use their own brand instead... called "JinXiang Wonderful Beauty Cosmetics"

    This is why:
    1. They use MAC. They are are "knocking off" using the leverage of an established name to generate hits/traffic/clicks/purchases.
    2. When you buy the knock offs, your sense of logical perception change from:
    - $1.00 for JinXiang Wonderful Beauty Cosmetics Eye shadow? more like $1.00 for an unnecessary box of lead exposure.
    - $1.00 for a MAC?? Well not that I am being conned into knowing its a genuine MAC, but heck, for the price of a gnuine MAC, I could buy 20colors just for the heck of it. Afterall, it is only $1.00!!!

    Inadvertently, they have managed to generate a sale from a no sale using this psychological marketing technique.

    Lastly, this is why company spends millions of dollars to protect their brand, which can sometimes translate into higher product cost. Their brand, the logo, the trademark is a powerful tool and it needs to be protected. That is why, just the rights to a certain logo, (ie, Apple, Nike, Coke...) is worth more than 90% (okay, I will admit this is just a number plucked from the air, but the amount of money and worth they put into their brand goodwill is the majority of what they spend their money on)of the worth of their entire company.

    Just my 2Cs


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