Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ebay Buy: Stud Bracelet

With all the cheap sh*t stuff I buy on Ebay lately, I really needed a new category - ebay buy. Yay!!! Clap, everybody! XD

I got this 'very me' stud bracelet just a few days ago and I like it a lot. It's like a mini belt (long ~60 cm) for your wrist. You know I can't say no to the studs, right?

I know one of you would ask, so here it goes - I'm wearing CCUK nail polish in Midnight Blue.

Everytime I try to photograph something outside, I get company and the company wants to be in the photos as well. I mostly get the artistic kind of shots with Jimi ...

... while Aishila just likes to get in the way. =)

Arya has been sleeping inside during my photoshoot, so no photos of her today.

So, this is how my Ebay Buy posts are gonna work. I'm gonna show you the item, tell you the price I got it for and how to search for the item, but I'm not gonna tell you which seller I bought it from. I don't want to be responsible for 'recommending' a certain seller, if you know what I mean. Look for the sellers' feedbacks and prices and decide for yourself. ;)

I got this bracelet for $1.64 (buy it now), shipping was free. Want it? Search for 'black artificial leather bracelet'.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. zakon je, jaz imam podobno, samo malce krajšo :))

  2. must say after viewing the pics of your cats: they are the cutest ever seen. Look like they've got some personality as well but that often just turns out funny!

  3. I love bracelets like that :D I couldn't find one here in Croatia, so I dismembered an old studded belt and made myself one a year ago. I think I'm going to buy this one, too... I really like it. =)

  4. ...or not? they don't ship to Croatia! none of the sellers do :O

  5. I think you can put the link as well, the sellers usually are not the ones to blame for problems, but the post office.
    Jimi and Aishila are beautiful, Arya stole the show somehow during these few last week, so I'm glad to see them again.

  6. Čist' hudo izgleda! Tako enostavna in lepa. :)

    Nihrida, če boš imela kaj odveč časa (kot da to sploh obstaja), bi bila hvaležna za kakšen tutorial, kako iščeš nakit na eBayu. Sicer sem vešča kupovanja, ampak nikoli ne najdem tako dobrih kosov, kot jih vidim tukaj pri tebi. ;)

  7. I love to buy at Ebay, unfortunately my country postal service is really slow no matter if is regular or express. :S

  8. Na slikcah je lepa, v živo pa še veliko lepša. :*

  9. kako mace poziraju, poludit ću ;-D
    super ti je narukvica, bua za zloće koje ne shippaju u hrvatsku :-p

  10. It's really good idea! I should try it too) Thanxxx)

  11. Hi, how are you?? =)
    Can you help me with a doubt?
    E want to buy a england nail polish , the color tristam a have sure , but the lady of lake sometimes i think it could be near to another kind of purple holo.
    I have some purple holo, they are: lol china glaze, idk china glaze, kenyan sunset funky fingers like the color club one, dioniso hits especialita.
    Could you say to me if the lade of lake is similar to someone of they???
    i love your bracelet, i don't find one like this who look like a belt in my city with a good cust, i just find expensive.

  12. Love wrap bracelets. This is really a fantastic looking one. I have a wrap watch that I love.

  13. Great new category and photos of cats too! Can't get better ;) Jimi looks like he's enjoying himself :D

  14. You and I definately have the same taste in jewelry.

  15. Your sh*tty shopping on ebay is amazing!!! XD

  16. Such a beautiful cat!


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