Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Essence - Into the Dark (Vampire's Love Trend Edition)

I'm finally wearing my favorite shade from the latest Essence Trend Edition called Vampire's Love. Into the Dark is THE nail polish. It's basically perfect in every single way.

Essence, Into the Dark, 2 coats

If only all nail polishes were like this one. The formula is great, nor runny nor thick and the application was a breeze. The brush is flat and just the right size - not too big or bushy (yeah, I'm looking at you Catrice!). I can't say much about the color, you can see it for yourself, but I can say the opacity of Into the Dark rocks. If you apply it with care, you can get away with only one slightly thicker coat. Win!

Although this polish is blue, it can look dark blue-ish grey because of the silver sparkles. I don't mind that one bit. It's mysterious and interesting. At least for me.

I think I still owe you comparison photos of the polishes from the Vampire's Love trend edition. I certainly don't own any polishes that would be comparable to Gold Old Buffy or The Dawn is Broken, so you won't be seeing those. I do have comparison photos for Into the Dark and Hunt Me If You Can for those who might be interested in it.

It's funny to see how some nail polish shades look very much alike in the bottle and completely different while applied onto the nails. BB Couture's Impact Driver is the shade that's closest to Essence Into the Dark. For a moment I thought they could be twins ...

... but they're nothing alike when you apply them to the nails.

Index & ring finger: Essence, Into the Dark, 2 coats
Middle & pinkie finger: BB Couture, Impact Driver, 2 coats

As I mentioned in my first Vampire's Love post, there's a dupe in the collection. And it's a dupe of another Essence shade.

The color drops don't look like they're dupes, but they are. I found it very, very hard to spot any difference between the two mentioned polishes once I applied them. They're basically the same. I'd still say that I like Hunt Me If You Can more, because it's bigger (10 mL instead of 5mL) and it costs only 30 cents more.

Index & ring finger: Essence, Hunt Me If You Can, 2 coats
Middle & pinkie finger: Essence, Galactic Black, 2 coats

The next time I change my manicure, I'm gonna do a comparison for the True Love polish from Vampire's Love TE as well.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. iwantintothedarkiwantintothedarkiwantintothedark *ç*
    Why does it take so long for this LE to arrive in Italy?? ç__ç

  2. Into the dark is gorgeous. I so wish they would start selling Essence in Denmark too!

  3. Into The Dark looks grog! it reminds me of A-england Tristam (minus the holo), love!

  4. It seems Essence has launched an interesting LE with this vampire-thing collection.

  5. Into the dark is really pretty.

  6. Res je čudovit :)) Me veseli, da mi zdaj ni treba še Hunt Me If You Can nabaviti, ker že imam Galactic Black :)

  7. >o<" Your fault if I end up buying this after all! xD

  8. These are wonderful polishes I just wish they would bring them out in the uk lovely swatches

  9. Into the dark mi je z vsakim swatchem še bolj všeč in upam da mi ga uspe še kje izvohati ;)

  10. @Elsa P.: Patience, my child, patience. XD I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope you'll get it.

    @moonchild: Res ne rabiš obeh, moram pa poudariti, da se količinsko veliko bolje izplača Hunt Me If You Can. Pa še omejena kolekcija je in se ti bo mogoče nekoč še prav 'nobel' zdel. =)

    @Kayono: Hee hee, well you should. And I'll take all the blame. =)

  11. Ahh...Looovvveee! I became obsessed with Essence when I started following your blog and I wouldn't have known about the Vampire Collection if you hadn't posted it a few weeks ago :-)

  12. I was so obsessed with this collections, imagine my face when I finally found it this morning!! I just tried a skittle mani (like you did before) and I am in love with all first four polishes. Deeply.
    Perfect comparison for black, someone suggested it's similar to Catrice 440 I wear my sunglasses at night too (but in that one microglitters were distinctly pink and green).
    I'm not a usual blue fanatic but Into The Dark is a perfect dark blue <3

  13. i have the weirdest search when it comes to certain eyeshadows, and somehow you always manage to find them in polishes...
    both of the raincloud-blue/grey tones are wanted in the shadows-collection, but I don't know where to find them.... sighs! but thanks for letting me know there's nails to wear when the urge gets to big!

  14. OMG, I just fell in love with Into the Dark. That is such a good colour for autumn. Too bad my drugstore doesn't have the Vampire LE :/

  15. Yay, I got this one!! So happy. :) I'm sorry it's not closer to Impact Driver, I'd love to delete a BB Couture off my 30 bottle BB Couture WL ... :/ They are both beautiful!


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