Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Everybody Loves Redmond Cracks Me Up


This Wet n Wild red was just too much for me. Essence comes to the rescue.

I figured out how to apply this Essence Crack Me polish so it cracks nicely. You shouldn't apply it in one long stroke along your nail, but rather in three shorter strokes (three in the middle and three on each side of the nail). I hope you get it, because I don't know how to explain it. =)

Wet n Wild, Everybody Loves Redmond, 2 coats + Essence, Crack Me! Black, 1 coat + Essence, Sealing Top Coat, 1 coat

I like it better with crackle. It tames the wild red color without covering it completely. Here's the close-up without top coat ...

... and with top coat.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I get the idea of putting Essence cracking polish on, I'm gonna try it soon, thanks for advise!

  2. Uuuu ta mi je pa full všeč. :) Super kombinacija.

  3. It's more you with the crackle over it:-)! I suck at applying crackle, it always comes out looking strange, but I'm going to try your method!

  4. Tako je res boljše :) Jaz imam tudi danes črno-rdečo kombinacijo :D Sicer bleščice, pa vseeno. :D

  5. oooh I love it! I always liked this combination, but unfortunately, the only bright red I have (Max Factor Nailfinity 549) gets "sucked into" the crackle polish. no matter how long I dry it, when I apply the crackle it somehow gets "drawn into" the crackle polish and leaves me with patchy, semi-transparent red base -.- is there anyone else who this happened to? O.o

  6. hey! what did you do that for!? I loved that neon hey-here-are-my hands-red!
    Never got the idea with cracking polishes, but that's just me! Still, I fancied the red alone more....

  7. I think I understood what you mean, I have to try it too because last time I put the crackle polish on it almost didn't crack at all :/

  8. im also going to use the black/blue cracking tmr (on essence - movin' on ). i was also trying to figure out for a while now how to apply it for the best result. gonna try out your way tmr. ^_~

  9. It crackles really nicely so I'll try your method next time I crackle. :D

  10. I usually don't like the effect the Essence crackles create, but somehow you achieved a nice application and result.

  11. Love the black crackle over the red. Looks like molten lava. Or maybe a vision of Hell! Could be the floor level of Hell. Looks fantastic.

  12. I'll have to try that method. I usually think it looks good at the top of my nails and then less good further down so thanks for the tip!

    Also, love Lucys comment :D


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