Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swatches: Beauty UK Eye Shadow & Eye Liner Collection in Smoke Screen

Remember my swatches from the Beauty UK Eye Shadow & Eye Liner Collections in Amazon and Disco? Here's a brand new collection in darker, more 'Bad Girl' looking colors. This one is called Smoke Screen.

Smoke screen consists of two eye liner colors (black and blue-ish dark grey) and six eyeshadows. I swatched them on the back of my hand over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy base.

I did a quick look to try out the colors and eyeliner and I really like them. I'd love them too be a bit more pigmented (eyeshadow colors), but they're great if you don't want it to become too dramatic.

The last time I used the black eyeliner, it was glossier and not so black. This time it's wonderful. Really black and opaque.

*The product was sent to me by Lič

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. This palette is perfect!!
    I love eveything!
    Your make up is gorgeous!

  2. This palette is gorgeous! Such pretty colours.

  3. Sem pa upala da bodo tele malce bolj pigmentirane :(
    Čudovit mejkap, kot vedno :)

  4. wowww your eye are gorgeous very nice EOTD

  5. hm I liked this eyeliner, but I am such u huge fan of glossy eyeliners, and Illamasquas Precision Ink is superglossy, but it messes with the lashes when applying mascara. what glossy one did you use before?

  6. predivna paleta, i sivi eye liner je pun pogodak :-D

  7. Wonderful palette! Always love your eye makeup.

  8. What a great palette. I love the smoky, shimmery look.

  9. oh my... your eye looks gorgeous! :D that palette looks amazing

  10. Barve so ful lepe in tvoj make-up je čudovit, tale srebrna ti pa res paše ;)

  11. Thank you for all your comments, ladies!

    @EyeGraffiti: I was talking about the black eyeliner from the Beauty UK palette in Disco. That one looked glossy and not so black. I also love Precision Ink, but I have the same problems as you. It glues my lashes together and makes them hard. :/
    Too bad, because I really love my Illamasqua PI.


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