Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #10

All about everything and everything about nothing.

First of all, here's a little update on Arya. We called all the neighbours and noone misses an orange tabby. We suspect someone might have dropped her in front of our house... maybe they can't take care of her and want her somewhere safe. I have no idea where she came from. I do know she's staying with us.

Thanks to JennSki, I now know how special Arya is. Only ~25% of orange cats are female. She's a little gem. =) We used to have orange tabbies in the past, but they were all male, so I guess it's true.


* I hate it when I overpluck my eyebrows. Only one tiny hair is enough and it takes forever for it to grow back.

* I (secretly) wish I had to wear glasses. Not all the time and not for real though. I like my healthy eyes. It would be still nice to have something to hide behind beside hair. The glasses on the photo are just as fake as Kim Kardashian's marriage.

* I got my heart shaped heart pills. I was scared of taking them at first, but they're working and my heart rate has finally slowed down. It's not ideal yet, but I'm getting there.

* I know many women hate it and I know you might hate me for saying it, but I like cramps. Yes, those cramps. And I love my Mooncup. I've been using it for 5 months now and I could never go back to using tampons.

* Since you can never know when is Essence gonna discontinue a certain shade, I decided to buy all the interesting Colour & Go shades... Yesterday I got Space Queen and Where is the Party.


Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot
(Traditional English Rhyme - 17th Century)

Tonight is a Guy Fawkes night. A perfect day to watch V for Vendetta and drool over Hugo Weaving.


Posts of the week:

You know I was raving about the Essence Nail Art Sealing top coat, but have you seen KimsKie's review of it? I guess it's really working and it's not just all in my head. =)

Bloggers are weird and Beauty's Bad Habit tells us why. Most of those things are true for me too.

With all the nail art challenges happening all over the blogs, I enjoy seeing The Nailasaurus creations the most. Her book inspired manicure is genius.

Here's something for the most hard core LOTR and nail polish fans: Ulmiel created the Three Rings of Elves - with nail polish!

I think I'm in love with Lojs' eyes. <3

Black and white nails aren't my favorite, but Kuuphoria showed us how it's done once again.

EyeGraffiti told us why she loves Sugarpill. After I saw that, I think I could love it too.

Models Own collection Beetlejuice is finally out. You can see swatches on Lucy's Stash blog.

I can't believe it. OPI came out with a collection I actually like. You can see the preview of the OPI Holland collection on Fashion Polish.


Music of the week:

You might have heard this before if you watch American Horror Story. ;)

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Space Queen over Underwater (the new version) is my favourite combination from last winter. Space Queen is really lovely over dark shades.

    And you're so lucky to have Arya and I hope her sad eyes are going to be not so sad soon :o) She is gorgeous.

  2. Luckily she found you!
    She's so cute!
    Hope your heart will be better

  3. Arya je res krasna mala mačja lepotička. Ej, očala te gotovo še doleti na stara leta, tako da nič si jih ne želi prekmalu. Jaz jih nosim že od vrtca in v bistvu so mi šele v zadnjih dveh letih postala všeč in jih dokaj rada nosim. :)

  4. Arya is such a beautiful cat and she has a beautiful name too!
    You like cramps! :O omg seriously how can you like them, I dread it when it comes :(

  5. Arya is sooo cute! You look gorgeous on that photo, glasses really suit you!
    By the way, I love this kind of posts.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Jaz bi pa morala nositi očala, pa jih ne. :D Tabletk v obliki srčkov pa še nisem videla, pa sem precej seznanjena z zdravili & co.. Bi rekla, da so luštni, vendar najbrž ni luštno, če jih moraš jemati. :|
    Space Queen pa mene ni prepričal, pa sem ga res hotela imeti rada :( No, po drugi strani je pa Where's The Party čudovit! :)

  7. Arya is a beautiful cat x I've not stopped thinking about your first post on her, you're both lucky to have each other x

  8. Arya have a cool name and is a pretty cat, I love V for Vendetta. I wish that we had Essence at Brazil. :(
    I havent started to watch American Horror Story.
    For those who dont like cramps: a brazillian family recipe: cinammon cold tea- just use the cinamoon wood to do the tea, wait till cool down (ambient temperature) and drink, also avoid sitting on cold benches and walk barefoot on cold ground, I dont know why but cold is evil for women.

  9. Arya is super cute, I wish you to be happy together! (and funny thing, I am reading "a game of thrones" right now)
    Please show us Where is the party?, is looks so cool!

  10. I've got a Lunette menstrual cup and I LOVE it!!

    When I was a kid I always wanted glasses...then I grew up and was nearsighted so I got them. I want to get contacts tho for the times I do my makeup really well and don't want to hide it behind glasses!

  11. Aawh thanks alot! :D
    And the kittie is frekkin darling. Cant image how someone would leave her like that. All though I volunteer at a cat shelter, I still get a great amount of "WTF?!" when new cats arrive.

    And American Horror Story is nice. Totally confusing, but nice.

  12. This is great that Arya has found you :)
    I always wanted to wear glasses also but I have already troubles with eyes so in glasses my eyes are getting really small :( and these meds in heart shape it is really shady...someone has got strange sense of humor there...;)

  13. I love to read your weekly sum-up posts!

  14. Wow, Arya is so adorable! She's lucky to have ended up with you :) And the other way round.

    I really love this song by the way, haven't heard it before but it's been on repeat for an hour now. So thanks for that!

  15. Arya is really cute! As other girls wrote above, she is lucky to have found you.

    I should buy all interesting Essence polishes too, when Essence put them on offer they sell out fast.

    Happy weekend!

  16. Your sum-ups are always so interesting! I finally got my first Essence nail polish yesterday (it's only just become available in Australia) and it's Where Is The Party. I can't wait to try it.

  17. Glad your keeping Arya. She's a beauty & will have a wonderful home with you. Cramps? Crazy girl! You can have the glasses. I've worn them for a long time. Always love your posts. It's wonderful to read your thoughts & learn more about you. A good blog is one like yours. I don't mind just looking at polish but after awhile you want something more. Love those two polishes.

  18. I was thinking of trying the mooncup too. But I always think what do I do when I am at a restaurant, and need to empty it

  19. Arya ima najlepše mačje oči ever. Ne morem se nagledat njenih slik. Kako je lahko nihče ne pogreša!?

  20. Arya is such a beauty ! She is lucky to have found you. I guess we'll see lots of pics of her later, and I already love that ^^

  21. Sigh, I want a pair of big, nerdy glasses...I find them uber cool. Sometimes I do wish I was short sighted, but "unfortunately" my eyes are super healthy xD
    Arya is so cute I can't even. Orange cats are so lovely <3
    Oh, and Essence top coat is working like magic for me as well, so I guess it's not just you :)

    Have a happy sunday :3

  22. Hvala za link sharing. :)) Me veseli, da je Arya na toplem in ljubljena. Prelep mucek je. :)
    Hehe, očala nosim že od osnovne šole, tudi meni so bile zmeraj prej zabavne kot v breme (večje breme se mi zdi vsa kolobocija okoli leč), ampak včasih pa kar motijo, npr. med plesom in na koncertih. Ali ko se zaljubiš v okvir, ki stane 300€. :S ;)

  23. ooohhh what a cutie cat. hate when people just dump cats like they were garbage. gets angry just thinking about it....
    anyhow, we would like to thank you for always putting out such kind words about us. warms the hearts of make up junkies haha!
    nice sum of the week!

  24. :) How nice of you to mention me in your weekly sum-up! Thanks! :)

    And btw: your Arya really is such a gorgeous cat! ♥

  25. I also recently got a menstrual cop - the Diva Cup, and there was a little bit of a bump in the road when I first tried to use it, but I've had it for about three months now, and like you, I will never go back. To think of wearing pads while sleeping I shutter! No more spills, leaks, moments where you panic in trying to think how long you've had in your tampon and you have to pay a gajillion dollars to buy one at a gas station... they're amazing!


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