Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #11

You asked for more cats and Aishila is here to save the day. =)


 I don't know how it happened (yeah, right), but there are a few new polishes in my collection. Preparing for Christmas? I have no idea what's with all the red, I really don't.


American Horror Story is not enough, so I started watching Grimm. It's not as entertaining as AHS, but I only saw two episodes, so... Oh, who am I kidding. It's a rather bad show. How good can it be? The best features are the main character that resembles Smallville's Clark Kent and Silas Weir Mitchell. We'll see where it goes from here.


Posts of the week:

Nail Fanatic posted a 'blast from the past' featuring China Glaze OMG collection. Let the drooling begin!

My sister Amikadeja made the best scrapbook ever. So, I'm biased, because Vita is my preciousssss, but it still rocks, I swear.

I always bitch about OPI and how I don't like it. Now I'm gonna make amends. Fashion Polish showed us some great swatches from the new OPI Holland collection for SS 2012. Both the cremes and the shimmers look quite interesting, don't you think?

Siryn just got extra points in my book. Dressed up steampunk style? Hell yes!


Music of the week:

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  1. I have a request, as a lover of this blog.
    I'd love to have your photos as my wallpapers, so why dont you put a water mark on them and allow me the original size of them?
    Then Aishila could be in front of my all day!

  2. Aishila is such a beauty. She resembles my favorite cat I had, Melissa. I miss her terribly. She's been gone a long time. She was like my shadow. If she were still with me, she'd be walking on this keyboard right now. She wanted all of my attention. Love Black Sparkle. I don't think I have a black with red glitter in it. I haven't watched Grimm yet. I have to watch it On Demand on my cable system. I watch Fringe & CSI NY. I record everything on my DVR. I can't watch a third program which comes on at the same time. I rarely wear reds until Christmas season. I do love reds but forget to wear them.

  3. Uu, Black Sparkle izgleda čudovito!

  4. You're an awesome photographer, Sasha.

  5. Joj, mucek! <3 Res je lepa. :) Navijam za swatche od Essence, da vidim če tudi te rabim. :D In se podpišem pod del o OPIju. Sem ga že odpisala, ker je zadnje kolekcije imel res bedne, potem pa Fashion Polish naredi svoje ...

  6. The polishes look great and the cat is so cute! :)

  7. Prava lepotička je tale tvoja Aishila


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