Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011

It's been an interesting year, right? Here's a little nihrida sum-up for you.

Blues. That's the first thing I can say about 2011. I don't think I've ever bought so many blue nail polishes like I did in the past 12 months. There are still some that would have to be mentioned, but I haven't worn them yet. Yes, I'm talking about you, Essence in Blue Addicted. Worry not, I'll show them to you in the following days/weeks, but until then - here are the most memorable blues of this year.

#1 - a England Galahad (THE teal of the year, IMO)
#2 - a England Tristam (Thanks for this gem of a polish, Adina!)
#3 - Essence Multi Dimension Cool and the Gang (boo at Essence for discontinuing the Multi Dimension line)
#4 - Essence Colour & Go Hard to Resist (Essence redeeming for the MD line? hee hee)
#5 - Essence I'm a Marine Girl (50's Girls Reloaded TE)
#6 - Essence Into the Dark (Vampire's Love TE)
#7 - Essence Let's Get Lost (beatiful summery one coater)
#8 - Essence Forget Me Not (Blossoms etc... TE)
#9 - Essence Colour & Go Just Rock It & Glisten Up
#10 - Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #13 (gritty matte glitter, stinky but awesome as hell)
#11 - Hits Biquini (opaque brazilian goodness)
#12 - Sancion Angel Luna (my favorite blue holographic polish of the year, along with Tristam)

Yeah, I've been buying a lot of Essence polishes. The quality of their formula got soooooo much better and they had also released some great trend editions. I can forgive them for discontinuing the Multi Dimension line and I hope to see more great additions to their line. On another note: I know the mentioned holographic polishes aren't the most effective when it comes to their finish, but they are really special to me.

I stayed true to myself and got me some great 'my cup of tea' shades.

#1 - a England Camelot (one coater black creme, a classic)
#2 - Essence Nail Art Twins Blair (best clear base glitter of 2011)
#3 - Essence Colour & Go Galactic Black (black creme with a 'galactic' twist)
#4 - Essence Multi Dimension Must Have (another long gone beauty, a true must have)
#5 - Essence You're a Heart Breaker (50's Girls Reloaded TE)
#6 - Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #12 (most edgy polish of the year)
#7 - Kleancolor Concrete Gray (amazing blue-ish gray)
#8 - S-he Stylezone #345 (silver and gold glitter in black base, awesomesauce)

And another gems worth mentioning I wore this year:

#1 - a England Lady of the Lake (Tristam's purple sister)
#2 - Essence Waking Up in Vegas (Dance TC, Re-Mix Your Style TE)
#3 - Color Club Wild at Heart
#4 - Depend Cracked Effect #5011 (Depend made the best crackle polishes of the year, IMO)
#5 - Essence Gold Old Buffy (Vampire's Love TE)
#6 - Etude Mystic Purple (definitely my most mysterious polish of 2011)
#7 - Essence Just Can't Get Enough (Pop TC, Re-Mix Your Style TE)
#8 - Illamasqua Throb (best red creme, one coater)
#9 - Kleancolor Bite Me (best red shimmer)
#10 - Milani Dot Com (3 coater, but it's amazing)
#11 - Savvy Ultra Violet (makes a WOW layering polish)
#12 - Essence Crack Me! Black (finally learned how to use it, hee hee)

To not talk only about nail polish, here are some of my favorite products I purchased/tried in 2011.

#1 - Balea Urea Body Lotion (my favorite body lotion ever!)
#2 - Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliners (want a shiny and bold eyeliner that doesn't smudge?)
#3 - ELF Eyelid Primer (almost as good as the UDPP for a LOT less money)
#4 - Essence Eyeshadow in Mystic Lemon (great as a highlighter)
#5 - Essence Lipstain in Your Pink is On Fire (You Rock TE)
#6 - The Mooncup (THE buy of the year, every woman should get one)
#7 - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (multi-tasking and just great)
#8 - Sigma Make Me Up Collection (I like it more and more each day)
#9 - Skin79 Super Plus BB in Hot Pink (favorite foundation ever)
#10 - Sleek I-Divine Palette in Bad Girl
#11 - Vollare Quatro Eyeshadow Palette (cheap but great)
#12 - Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner in Black

Ebay was big this year. At least for me. I got myself some great things...

#1 - Angel Wings Ring
#2 - Cicada Necklace
#3 - Fake MAC Eyeshadows
#4 - The Thing
#5 - Lucky Swallow Necklace
#6 - Rocket Dop Rampup Boots
#7 - Octopussy
#8 - Snake Bite Ring
#9 - Studded Bracelet
#10 - Swallow Necklace
#11 - Tiger Pattern Ring
#12 - Pearl Swallow Necklace

I know I probably left out some of the products/nail polish shades - like Illamasqua Scorn for example. Keep in mind these are just some of my favorites.  

What's your favorite Nihrida post from the year 2011?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. All posts were great, but my favorite were: Trip to Logarska Dolina, In Love with Graz, This is Not Me Anymore, Seriously Pissed Off, Retro: Step by Step and Arya.

  2. Galahad and Tristam are definitely great colors!!! I found myself a lot more into blue than usual myself. Great choices across the board ;0)

  3. Tristam screams my name every time I see it swatched. All of the Essence polishes look amazing too, I wish we could get Essence here.

    Also, I've bought a few things based off your eBay posts, they're some of my favourite blog posts to read!


  4. Awesome post! I'm still trying to find the Essence Waking up in Vegas.

  5. love your post! thank you for all the pictures!
    i really need to look into a england nail polish!

  6. Great selection! And I still think your best post for me was on Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliners, what an awesome discovery thanks to your blog!! I wear them almost every day, they're sheer perfection.

  7. Oh no, hvala za tole. :D Sem kliknila vsak link posebej, da bi videla, če sem slučajno kdaj v preteklosti kaj zamudila, pa nisem. Počutum se kot ponosna zvesta bralka :D

  8. ohhhh, great post
    thank you =)

  9. love the snake bit ring, angel wing ring, the blue nail polishes and Beauty UK liners! some great stuff you got here, I might consider ordering the Thing :D

  10. Lots of beautiful polishes, makeup & jewelry. Love your taste.

  11. Zdaj pa vem zakaj sem se letos tako zagrela za modre in sive odtenke, čeprav jih nikoli prej nisem nosila ;)
    Wow, tale ogrlica s hobotnico je pa fantastična, predvidevam da je z Evil-Baya ;)

  12. Jaz bi Octopussy, Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliners in Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #12.
    Odličen post! ❤

  13. ho ho ho! you are Santa Claus for giving us this wonderful post, thank you!

    ..I need to go find some Go Just Rock It & Glisten Up right meow!


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