Friday, December 2, 2011

Essence - Fateful Desire

And here we go again, with another Essence product. *sigh* I hope I'm not boring you...

Essence, Fateful Desire, 2 coats

I find most red creme polishes very easy to work with and this one was no exception. It looks a bit streaky/patchy on my photos, but that's just because of the lighting. Fateful Desire is your regular dark cherry red which looks amazing on shorter nails. Classy and sexy at the same time. I love everything about it. 

This is how it looks on natural lighting. Pretty, isn't it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I'm getting a severe Essence-itch, it's so frustrating that I can't get my hands on any of them. Keep em coming thou! The list grows longer... :)

  2. I need to convince Essence to find a trader in Denmark. I love their products, so no, you're not boring me at all. :D

  3. I have and I love it! Actually, in this period I wear red cremes very often and I'm buying more and it because of Christmas maybe? :D
    It looks so good on you btw, you should wear red more often :)

  4. Zelo, zelo mi je všeč. Kot ostalih žnj identičnih lakov, ki jih že imam v svoji zbirki. :D Vedno padam na ta hladno rdeč odtenek.

  5. I love both Essence and Catrice so you'll have at least one not-bored reader ;-)

  6. @Katkoc: Sveti se od vsega hudega... Kdo pa ne bi 'zašvical' pod tremi žarnicami. XD Ne ne, tudi v resnici je kar lepo glossy, moram priznati.

    @lackynails: Swaping is the answer...

    @Rainbowify Me: See, problem solved! It sounds weird but it really breaks my heart to hear that even EU girls can't get their hands on Essence.

    @Elsa P.: Maybe it's Christmas, I won't deny that's one of the options. =D

    @Krvava Meri: O ja! Jaz sem že rekla, da ne kupim nobenega rdečkota več, ker so na koncu vsi enaki. Pa me spet in spet premamijo.

  7. Wow, tega pa še nisem nikjer videla! :O Čudovit je! Se ti zdi da je bolj na hladni ali topli strani? Upam, da je hladen..

  8. @moonchild: Hladen in čudovit! Priporočam. =)

  9. I love this color!!! And how do you get your polish on so darn perfect around the edges? i can never get it to look so straight.... :-(

  10. That's a beauty! I adore that shade of red. Since it's the Christmas season I have towel sets, bath mat & rug in this shade. Love it.


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