Friday, December 30, 2011

Essence Stay All Day Long-Lasting Concealer in Soft Beige

''Put an end to tired eyes! The new long-lasting concealer with light-reflecting pigments is a true magician that makes dark circles under your eyes, redness and dark shadows disappear to give you a fresh, radiant look! Thanks to the creamy, soft texture, it is easy to apply evenly – giving you a smooth complexion that lasts for up to 16 hours.'' (Essence)

Based on the description above, this is the perfect product for me. My skin isn't a problematic one, but I do get occasional red spots and dark circles under my eyes. I don't use concealer very often (just like I don't use foundation on a daily basis), but I've still tried various different ones: those that come in a lipstick kind of shape, the creamy ones in the pans, liquidy ones with a brush applicator, and yet this is my first concealer with a doe foot applicator. And it works great!

Stay All Day Concealer comes in two different shades: 10 Natural Beige and 20 Soft Beige. I don't know if we can call them different shades - they do differ, but not that much in the lighter/darker kind of way. They're both kind of light. The first one is yellow toned and the second one has a pink-ish undertone - that's the one I bought.

Essence, Stay All Day Long-Lasting Concealer, 20 Soft Beige

I used Essence Stay All Day Concealer under my eyes and on the red spots beside my nose. You can see it did instantly brighten my skin and conceal the flaws. Now, that was a pleasant surprise. Not perfect, but if you're looking for perfect, you should use it along with a foundation.

This is my favorite concealer so far. It's not too creamy (like the ones in the lipstick form) and it doesn't give you that horrible cakey look. It's easy to apply and it's perfect for my skin tone. The price was also very nice - a little over 2€.I recommend!

EDIT: I suck. I completely forgot to tell you about the coverage. As you can see on the photos above, the coverage isn't full. I'd say it's light to medium, but definitely one of the best formulas I've tried so far.

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  1. U, sem pa mislila, da bo zanič. :D Glede na to, da sem pravkar kupila Catrice paletko in sem precej zadovoljna z njo, ne bom takoj odletela v trgovino in ga pograbila, ga bom pa v bližnji prihodnosti z veseljem preizkusila. Hvala! :)

  2. Sm ga že gledala ampak sem čakala, na kak dober review, kot je tvoj. :) Razlika je opazna, ampak je pomoje tole premalo za moje temne podočnjake. :(

  3. It's one of my fav concealers too! It's great for dark circles!

  4. I definitely need to try this. Even though I get plenty of sleep, don't smoke or drink, I still look like a drug addict with horrible dark circles under my eyes :(

  5. This looks awesome, I am really inspired by your blogging to try out more of the essence range.

  6. I need a heavy duty concealer. When you find one it's so thick & cakey. What a major pain in the ass. Your lucky that you don't have dark circles. I have so many concealers. I keep trying!

  7. What about coverage? Light? Medium? (It doesn¡t seem you need much coverage). I'll keep it in mind when I finish my Deborah concealer.

  8. @moonchild: Ni za kaj! Kot sem že omenila, nisem nek ekspert na tem področju, ampak mi je korektor res všeč. Tudi sestri (pri kateri so korektorji bolj v uporabi) je rekla, da je super. =)

    @Ivana: Oooo, hvala. Podočnjaki so tudi moj križ. Bolje je kot nič, pa še dober osvetlitveni učinek ima.

    @NatalieDouka: There you go! =) And that's the main reason why I need a concealer as well.

    @Viktorija: Tell me about it! I'm exactly the same. Damn you dark under eye circles!

    @Lolitadewdrop: Thank you so much! =)

    @Lucy: I DO have dark circles. =)

    @marox79: I just edited the post. I'd say it has a light to medium coverage. It's definitely not a heavy duty concealer, but does a really decent job.

  9. oops! sorry! I actually just wanted to link to your blog, I have this post called "spread the love" where I link to other beautyblogs and I wanted to add your website to it! So that my readers can find your blog!

  10. @Mia: That's OK! =) You can always link to my blog if you want, there's no problem... Thanks for the love! :*

  11. Ahh, I just have to ask: What are your nails wearing? ^^

  12. @Faye: =) I'm wearing Nina Ultra Pro Purple-xing. I'll post about it today.

  13. I use this one too, in Natural Beige. and it really is great =)

  14. Upam da je barva dovolj svetla tudi zame in predvsem mi je všeč, da je embalaža prozorna in lahko vidiš koliko ti ga je še ostalo, ker res nočem nekje na počitnicah ostati brez

  15. Thanks for the review!! I really want to try this one!

    xxx ABI


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