Friday, December 2, 2011

HollywoodMane Clip In Hair Extensions

Did you know hair is supposed to be one of the first things men notice on women? Oh yes, even before boobies or ba-donka-donk. I'm not sure where I read that, but it surely did got stuck in my head. I'm not trying to imply that we should take care of our hair just for men's sake – I mean, who wouldn't want to have Nicole Scherzinger's hair? Or body for that matter. My BF and I were watching TV the other day and Nicole's video Wet came up. After a while he said: ''I like women with wet hair.'' And I LOLed. XD

I got carried away. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about hair and Nicole, right? Well, I was contacted by HollywoodMane, the exciting new brand of celebrity inspired clip in hair extensions, and asked to write a post about them.

After visiting their website, I got the feeling what they're all about – giving girls like me the opportunity to get a celebrity hairstyle look. Well, my hair is pretty 'big' and long already, so I don't really need any extensions ... but I am really interested in the side swept bangs. Every once in a while, I'd be sooooo tempted to cut my hair and give myself bangs. There's a trap though: what if it doesn't look good or what if I change my mind? It takes forever to grow the hair back and in the meantime, you just don't know what to do with them. Plus, I'd have to straighten the bangs every day. So, now I'm thinking of actually trying the fringe on the photo below (Jennifer L. Hewit style).

''Our Extensions are the affordable and achievable option for longer and fuller hair in an instant! We sell a variety of hair products that are garuanteed to transform your look , from extensions to glamerous up do's!'' (HollywoodMane)

Wanna look like Rihanna?

HollywoodMane online shop offers various different products, priced from £3.49 and up:
- plait headbands
- buns
- clip in extensions (18'', 22'' and 25'' long)
- fringes/bangs
- ponytails
- streaks in wild colors
- wigs (long, bob, curls, layered...)
- bun shaper

They have something for everybody, it doesn't matter if your hair is curly or straight. You can be a (honey) blonde ...

... or a hot brunette.

I like the fact HollywoodMane offers extensions in more than three colors: blonde, black and brown. Their products come in 9 different shades. Nice!

And a couple of looks I like very much: long sleek ponytail and plaited headband. Yes, please!

You can find HollywoodMane on their website, on Facebook and Twitter.

And another thing - HollywoodMane is having a Christmas sale (lasts until Christmas) and they offer

10% off all products.

HollywoodMane ships worldwide + they offer free UK shipping.


What are your thoughts on clip on hair extensions?

*This is a sponsored post.
**Photo source: HollywoodMane and Google.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. All over extensions wouldn't be of much use to me since my hair is already long and thick. But clip in bangs and some different coloured streaks might be fun. :D

  2. @Ice Queen: I haven't tried the all over extensions, but I have tried the color streaks before (in red and purple). Everything was OK until my niece found them... RIP my color streaks.

  3. Tole bi blo super zame, ko si že ravno puščam dolge lase :)

  4. Mene podaljški ne prepričajo. Sem bolj pristaš naravnih las, takšnih in drugačnih. :)

  5. @Ivana: To vsekakor, naravno je le naravno. Pa vseeno - če so podaljški taki, da se ne vidi, da niso naravni lasje, potem ni panike. Res bi poskusila fru fru, pa čakam, da dobim kak feedback.

  6. Zivjo! Kolegica si je kupila daljše skodrane lase in izgledajo super! Se ne opazi da niso naravni, samo otip je malo "plasctičen"

    Lp, Neja

  7. I have tried some color streaks that I bought at ebay in purple, I love wigs (I drool specially in the purple, pinks and green ones) but I'm too coward to buy them at ebay.

  8. Hey people,

    Just to let you guys know the hair extensions that they have at hollywoodmane aren't all over hair extensions; they are multi-layered hair extensions - they go under a layer your hair like most hair extensions ( they are similar to jessica simpson ones but much better value :D )

  9. I would love to have some long curly hair. Unfortunately I would look like an idiot. I'm to old for it. I never had long hair. It would'nt look bad pulled off my face but that's not the way I want to look. I've been growing out my bangs for quite a while. There about lip level now. Sometimes I feel like cutting them again when a piece falls in my face. I love some pink hair!


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