Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #14

Hold on to your seats 'cause this is gonna be a long one.

First things first - my Apricot Sun giveaway! I used a Random Number Generator and it picked the winner for me - congratulations Helga! Please contact me and send me your address so I can ship this baby to you.


I adore Barney Stinson and I love my Playbook ... and it just got better.

''... pick a place in Europe that everybody has heard of but probably doesn't really exist, like Slovenia or Montevideo or Belgium.''

Hee hee hee... #Barney Stinson rocks!


Arya. I know you want to look at her photos and I want to enable. This is her in the basket I told you about, with her new kitty blanket. No-photos-please style.

She's weird.

She likes to interfere with my blogging + did I mention she loves to sleep on the keyboard?

Thanks to Nadia, who commented on my Arya Update post, I now know where your Arya fixation comes from:

... but don't let her fool you. You know what happens next in the cartoon, right? ;)


I admit I wasn't paying much attention to the recent Twilight fuss ...

Me: Wasn't the third Twilight movie in the theatres last year?
My BF: Yes, it was.
Me: What's all the fuss about it now?
My BF: The first part of the 4th movie just started playing.
Me: *in the most surprized voice* There's a fourth movie?!

With all the trilogy movies in the last years, I thought Twilight was in 3 parts as well. It reminded me that I have only watched the first 2 movies and so I watched the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn this week. 

I was really confused throughout most of the Eclipse movie and spent it watching in the WTF mode. There were a lot of things I didn't understand (it's probably been too long since I watched the 2nd movie) and I kept confusing the vampires and werevolves and their powers with the ones from True Blood. I had to keep in mind that Edward reads minds here, not Bella (like Sookie does) and there are connections between werevolves and not vampires like in True Blood. Oh well. I could write a few things about the movie and how disturbing it gets, but I'm sure you already know it. One thing though: the Bella-Edward foreplay lasts for three movies (approximately 6 hours of viewing time) and then she gets knocked up AND delivers the baby all in one hour (viewing time, of course).

All in all, these are nice movies and who am I to talk about it: I got the Bella charm bracelet years ago, remember?


Posts of the week:

It's really hard to resist buying China Glaze Tinsel & Sparkle once you see The Polishes Perfectionist's post.

Look at this amazing layering combo by Kiss My Acetone.

EyeGraffiti could make any mascara look amazing like Illamasqua's Masquara. Those lashes of her are never ending.

Thinking about the New Year's Eve party make up yet? Take a look at this edgy glittery eye make up by Sminklådan.

Elsa from Like a Candy Shop rocks China Glaze Concrete Catwalk on the cutest nubbins ever.

They're all over the nail polish blogs, but these galaxy nails by Killer Colours are my favorite of them all.


Reader's Spotlight

You can still send me photos of your tattoos on my email for the Reader's Spotlight. To make it a bit more interesting for everyone: you can send photos of your piercings and animals as well. All the things I love dearly. =)


There must be a million reasons why I love Lady Gaga. I love this short movie/music video. I just LOVE it.

And I loathe reality as well.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Kakšna poza od Arye na prvi slikci. :) Sem komaj našel njeno glavo.

  2. Tole pa je upogljiva maca :)
    Končno bomo užili svetovno slavo z Barneyevo knjigo :D

  3. Oooooh! Arya is becoming more and more like a real empress of the house!!! *___*
    I would post about my cat more often but I always I can't decide from dozens on photos, lol XD

  4. My nubbins are grateful for this tag :P

  5. Yey I've sent you an email now :) And omg Arya is a little bit too cute! I think it's kinda weird kittens don't rule the planet... :S I'd do anything for something that cute!

  6. I'm such a spaz, I forgot to say thank you in all my excitement lol. So thank you :)

  7. yay! thanks for featuring my cat ink :) Arya is so freaking cute and Barney is, you know, AWESOME!

  8. These sum-ups keep getting better and better each week! I love this kind of posts!

  9. These weekly sum-ups are gonna be legen...wait for it...dary! I <3 Barney Stinson.

    Thank you for featuring a few of my tattoos; now I want something similar to Tyra's Art Nouveau-ish keyhole design. :)

  10. Lol, tale o Sloveniji je res priceless xD In ravno včeraj sem se o Sloveniji pogovarjala z dvema študentoma iz ZDA in iz Belgije. In oba sta se strinjala, da je Slovenija zarukana miniaturna država, o kateri ne rabita in ne želita nič vedeti. To se mi žal ni zdelo tako zabavno, ampak se tolažim s tem, da je ignoranca problem ignorantov in ne "ignoriranih" :)

  11. Anya reminds me so much of my special cat I had. She's a beauty. I think she was sent special to you. She wasn't lost. I think it's best to read the Twilight books. I've only read the first one. I know they get kind of crazy but I still enjoy them. I'm not a Twilight freak, I just enjoy werewolves & vampires. Even sparkly ones! True Blood is the better one! The lock tattoo is beautiful.

  12. There are some great tattoos there! And yay for more kitty pictures <3.

  13. Arya is gorgeous!!! I really enjoy your posts with pictures of your kitties!!


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