Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #15

I can hardly believe it's been 15 weeks since I've started this weekly post thing. Time goes by so fast. And I'm getting old-er ... my birthday is only 10 days away. Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn.


Let me start by announcing the winner of my Vampiric Giveaway 
congrats, Nanethiel!


Jimi, Aishila and Arya got this great St. Nicholas gift from my BF. It's a cat tree/play thing. And Arya loves it. Jimi and Aishila probably think ''we're too old for this sh*t''. Or maybe they just don't find it as interesting as the little orange one does.


I wanted ugly-cool boots for a while now. And I got them. They have a zipper on the inner side, but look like they're lace up. And most importantly - they have STUDS!! How cool is that? Yeah, they're kind of ugly, but they have STUDS!!! I'm gonna rock these. I hope. Hee hee

I don't know what's wrong with me. Where does this obsession with studs come from?


The first time I watched Despicable Me, I said the little girl with the pink hat looks/acts just like my little niece Vita. Cute and tomboyish. Edith looks just like Vita. =)


Holy chicken and cow! Did you know there's a holographic snake?! This beauty is called Brazilian Boa and it's real. I always knew snakes are gorgeous creatures, but I had no idea. It would still probably scare the shit out of me if I saw it in real life.


I don't like where this is going. I'm talking about the last episodes of How I Met Your Mother. This Robin and Barney up's and down's are getting old. Make up your mind, writers! The last episode was just ... Ugh! This wasn't supposed to be a drama, it's a sitcom. *in Barney's voice* Get your head out of your ass, CBS.


America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (aka The All-Star Cycle). I don't like this either. The way it went and the way it finished. I'm not gonna say anything about the winner and ''losers'' (I don't wanna spoil it for the ones who watch it), but I have to say I don't like it. And Tyra: please stop trying so hard, OK? P-O-T-S! That's 'stop' spelled backwards. Gee!


Posts of the week:

Looks Like...starry sky. From Looks Like ... Valerie!

Steffels shows us her Lynnderella bottles. Gorgeous!

I don't like this China Glaze polish in Bridezilla, but the nails are just perfect. By Vique's Varnish.

You like cats? And zombies? What about zombie cat? Bokkei is doing a great job there, don't you think?


Music of the week:
... the brightest star of them all...

Did I just post about Snow White again? XD

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Rammstein <3
    Škornji niso grdi, prezakon so! Moji imajo tudi 'studse' :D
    Pri HIMYM so pa vse za****** :(

  2. first of all, THANK YOUUUU! :D I sent an email reply =)

    oh, and you're cousin is sooooo cute ^^

    and the boots are awesome, I love studs on boots but I've never found them I usually buy (and demolish) a cheap studded belt and make what I like with the studs =P

    and the snake is...breathtaking :D

  3. Ta zadnja epizoda od HIMYM je bila res bedna. Na nek način sem upala, da Robin je res noseča ampak kako se je epizoda končala mi je bilo pa totalno bedno. Zeh!

    Tudi glede ANTM se strinjam. Dva izmed finalistk sta se sami vlekli iz kroga v krog in ko jima je na koncu začelo iti na bolje sta bili pa naenkrat waw, hudo, zakon. Beda. Zame sta bili že od začetka zmagovalki Allison in Laura. In iz kroga v krog sem upala, da bo Lisa izpadla. Prav na živce mi gre z njenim "outgoing" karakterjem... Ah ja, bo že :/
    Baje da bo naslednja sezona US vs. UK. Nisem sicer UK nikoli gledala ampak bi znalo biti zanimivo.

  4. CUTE niece! LOOOVVE "Despicable Me"! Long Live the Minions! The Minions are my faves..LOOOVE the Minions! Now I've got to watch this movie tonight w/ kids.

  5. P.S. Yeah, Tyra needs to take a LONG vacation. This cycle was a joke from start to finish. I love Allison and Laura, but the others...especially Bianca and Angelea (that's one of my daughter's middle names Ugh)..bleechhh. I would have LOVED to have seen Cycle 9 Heather--my ALL-TIME favorite.
    Tyra is SO fake; this show needs to go away now (although it is fun to snark on).

  6. I adore these posts, but I already said that :)

    Arya is soo cute!

    Your boots are great, post a look with them, would you?

    I share your views on HIMYM. The end was awful. Way to go before the Christmas break. NOT!

  7. wau that snake is unbelieveble. Totally awesome what nature can create .
    And Ramstain how I'm watching songs what you giving here good musical taste.

  8. youre so cruel! Youre showing these awesome boots and you dont tell wherefrom do you got them >:( *crying*
    btw. i share your obsession of studs with you.

  9. Jaz že tedne gledam precej podobne škornje v Deichmannu (na žalost nimajo netov), ker so mi tako všeč ... Po drugi strani pa sploh ne nosim čevljev brez pet. Res nikoli. Uff, če jih dobim na razprodajah, jih kupim :)

  10. @moonchild: Ti si faca! =)

    @Nanethiel: You're very welcome!

    @Tinchi: Se popolnoma strinjam. Robin noseča, Barney fotr, pa se poročita in živita srečno do konca dni. Tako bi moralo biti. :/ Tudi glede ANTM se strinjam s tabo.

    @WildHeart: Oh, right... they're called Minions. I call them 'ear plugs'. XD They're the cutest.

    @Biberlee: I will post about my boots soon. =)

    @Turamania: =D Oh, I'm so very sorry. I will write a post about my new boots and tell you where I got them, don't worry. In the next few days.

    @Sana: Jaz pa sem mislila, da bodo škornji vsem grdi. =) Poglej še kaj na mojo stran v naslednjih dneh. Bom povedala kje sem jih kupila, koliko so stali... mislim da ti bo všeč.

  11. That's one of my favorite Rammstein songs<3 the video is so cool too.

  12. EDIIIITHHHHH!!! I do love Despicable Me and you're right, Vita looks like a real life version of Edith!

    Also thanks so much for the link love <3

  13. V bistvu gre za malce "zeditano" verzijo bulsov, ki so imho najlepši čevlji brez petk, tako da res ne vem, zakaj bi bili grdi :) Tvojemu blogu pa itak redno sledim, tako da gotovo ne bom zgrešila nobene objave. Me že prav zanima :)

  14. Glede how I met your mother... omg kaksna drama je bil zadnji del D:, totalno depra!

    In ANTM se je sumljivo koncal, bruhuu!! Ni mi vsec zmagovalka...

  15. I'm hyptnotized from that snake, girl! @__@

  16. Yay! I love Steffels! And Looks like Valeries has a new subscriber. She's amazing. Hooray for Rammstein, too!


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