Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm talking about The Thing. The Addams Family was one of my favorite shows when I was a child and Morticia (played by Carolyn Jones) was a synonym of beauty for me. She still is. :D

This black thing doesn't move around though. It's a ring holder and I like the way it looks. Another great item I found on Ebay (for a little less than $5). I realized I have too many rings to keep them in a box. I have to see them all to decide which one I wanna wear on a particular day.

How do you store your rings?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child

Another Beauty UK review, but this time it's a little different. I bought this palette myself after I was blown away by the quality of their Pearl Eyeliners. I'm into natural shades lately and Earth Child palette was an obvious choice. You can see other palettes HERE.

Earth Child (aka #4 Beauty UK eyeshadow palette) contains 10 very useful shades. It's a perfect palette to take it with you on a vacation. The range of colors will allow you to create a natural as well as a smoky evening look.


Price: £3.99

Where to buy? Beauty UK online store.


Here's an eye look I created using only this palette and a mascara (I believe I used a primer as well, can't remember anymore). As long as you have a proper set of eye make up brushes, you can use the colors in this palette as eye make up colors, highlighter, eyeliner...

+ Great range of shades.
+ Good quality.
+ Price.

- The shades in the lower line could be more pigmented.

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah! :D

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Monday, June 27, 2011


''... Nobody gonna touch your rebel skin
I'll break 'em like a matchstick
Cuz baby that's the kind of mood I'm in ...'' 

(Alice Cooper, Snakebite)

Another Ebay purchase. I got this snake bite ring for a mere $3.68.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip to Logarska Dolina

The spoiling continues. On Thursday we took a trip to Logarska dolina.

Savinja River

Logarska dolina

Rinka Waterfall (waterfall of Savinja River)

Rinka waterfall is only 90 meters high, but I still got very wet when I approached it.

At the Rinka waterfall.

Time to dry up at Plesnik hotel where I had the worst white coffee ever. Yuck!

On our way home we stopped at the Burger ranch where I met these cute goats.

Yep, it was a nice day. =) Thanks, D.!

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Smokestack

This is the polish I was wearing this week.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Smokestack, 2 coats

This shade is perfect for summer. It looks almost black indoors, but when the sun hits it, it shows it's true beauty. It's somewhere between blue and purple and it's absolutely stunning.

What do you think about wearing dark nail polish in the summer?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Yimane Cracking Nail Polish

Here's another product I received from Born Pretty store for review. This time it's a cracking nail polish.
The bottle looks just like Nicole by OPI ones. It has the same asimetric shape, but I doubt it's connected to it in any way.

There's a label on the bottom of the bottle, which suggests this color is named A Nice Girl!!! Yes, three exclamation marks. I applied it over dried layer of Diamond Cosmetics' Concrete Jungle.

These products really amuse me. There's always something that puts a smile on my face... and I doubt this was made in the Necherlands.

Price: $5.50 for 15 mL

Where to buy? Born Pretty store


OK, let's just clear something. I'm always ''making fun'' of these labels... That doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the product, but it does make me feel kind of uncomfortable to use it. It looks like something they would put on the bottle just to make it sound more fancy. Hollywood, Europe ... then it must be good. ;) But come on, at least spell it right! And I bet that recycling sign is there just because it's cool to recycle. That's just my suspicion, not a fact. That reminds me: I wonder what are the ingredients. Or better yet, I don't wanna know.

This polish is thin and runny, so you have to be careful while applying it. It's opaque and it dries quickly. It turns matte once it dries and I experienced some chalky bright red spots. Don't know why that happened. It tried to layer it over not fully dried manicure as well as over a dried one. It works either way and it doesn't rub off. It's interesting that the removal is a lot easier than with some other cracking polishes.

+ Nice formula: the polish is thin and opaque.
+ It dries fast.
+ Easy to remove.

- Doesn't work on dark colored bases. 
- Tricky application.

Do I recommend it? If you like the look and you think the price is good, then yes. It's nothing too special, but the quality is OK, so - it's your call. Well, at the end it always is. :)

*Products were sent to me by Born Pretty. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

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A Day Out

My BF spoils me so much. :) On Wednesday we went to see the renewed Komenda castle.

Glasses: New Yorker, Top: Forever18, Pants: New Yorker, Shoes: no name, Bag: NKD

After that we went to the Grof Restaurant for dinner. I had gnocchi with pancetta, button mushrooms, rosemary and garlic. To die for!

Thank you for a great afternoon, honey! :*

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Friday, June 24, 2011

He Was Here

Yep. George R. R. Martin was here, in Slovenia.

I didn't go to the signing, but I don't regret it. I hear it's been very crowded there. =) He visited Predjama Castle I already told you about a year ago. Did I mention this castle is haunted? Anyway... this is what Martin wrote about the castle on his ''Not A Blog'' blog:

'' ... On the way home, we stopped at the most amazing castle, built into the mouth of a huge cave. Definitely have to model some castle in Westeros on this one, it was an eyefull, especially by night. I was given a personal tour, presented with a beautiful illuminated scroll, and asked to pres ny hands into wet cement, ala Mann's Chinese Theater. And then we had the most amazing medieval Slovenian feast. ... ''

Now I'm gonna make myself some warm cocoa, tell my cats to stop bugging me, go to bed and read ... This book is gooooood!

P.S: I'm almost at the end of the second book (A Clash of Kings) and I'm already worried about what I'll be reading when I finish them all. I was thinking about reading them in English as well, but our local library doesn't have them in orignial (non translated) version. Bummer.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tag: What I Love About You [blog version]

I was tagged by Viola from Killer Colours. What I love about you is a YouTube tag, but Viola adapted it and is now a blog tag as well. =)

Which blogger would you trade hair with?
Jen from From Head To Toe. Her hair is amazing.

Whose blog do you read first?
Whosever blog post is first in my Google Reader.

Who has the best style?
Beauty's Bad Habit. Daring and youthful.

Favorite blogger who lives in another country.
Emerald Sparkled. She's the queen of stamping.

Someone you feel you can rely on.
Amikadeja. My sister and my best friend.

Who do you think has great confidence?
All You Desire. How not to feel confident with those gorgeous nails.

If you could be best friends with a blogger, who would it be? 
Feline from Alizarine Claws. She just gets me. And is always ready to help.

Who has the cutest blog name?
Not really cute, but very smart. And I like smart (almost more than cute). Polish Hoarder Disorder.

Who is the most down-to-earth?
Jacie from You've Got Nail.

Who would you love to go shopping with?
Anastasia from Lipsticks & Lightsabers.

Who have you followed since the beginning?
Alizarine Claws

Who do you relate to and is the most similar to you?
Feline from Alizarine Claws.

Who has the prettiest smile?
Jen from From Head to Toe. She's so freakin' pretty. And I'm not talking only about her smile.

Who would you want as a big sister?
Lisa from Glammed Up.

Who do you always learn something from?
Killer Colours when it comes to beauty and Zindy when it comes to drawing.

Whose blog is the most creative?

If you were mentioned, that means you're tagged as well.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Love Alpha Magical Powder Eye Shadow

I was asked to do another review for KKcenterhk and this time I chose pigment. I'm sure you don't want to look at false eyelashes all the time. Right? The brand of this pigment aka loose eyeshadow is called Love Alpha and to be honest, I've never heard of it before. Well, like it matters. This is how it looks like.

I love the studded cap look. You know I'd want studs on everything.
The packaging is really simple. Pigment comes in a plastic see through bottle with a hole on the top.

Swatches: pigments were applied over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Price: $3.50 for 8g

Where to buy? KKcenterhk online store.


I didn't expect too much from this eyeshadow pigments. I thought it was gonna look powdery and non-pigmented. And it proved me wrong. I was amazed when I swatched all three colors over Pixie Epoxy. The colors are pigmented, they apply easily and are also easy to work with. Some might say the packaging isn't good, but I say that's not true. I don't mind it at all. I put my brush over the hole on top, flip the bottle and I get just the right amount of product on the brush.

+ Good quality.
+ Price vs quantity.
+ Nice package.

- Don't know what the ingredients are.

Do I recommend it? Yes. I think you really get a lot for your money when you buy these pigments. I've only tried these three shades, but I picked them randomly and they're all very nice.

*Product was sent to me by KKcenterhk. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Move on... Nothing to See Here.

Diseases aren't what they were anymore. In the past years, when I got ill, it was either a cold, a flu or toncilitis (angina). Now the syptoms got all mixed up and the doctors can't even tell me if it's contageous or not. I got sick literally over night. My toncils swelled, I got a massive headache, pain in my joints and fever. OK, I can handle that. Then came the sickness. After kneeling in front of the porcelain throne (aka the toilet) for a few minutes, I wanted to get up and take my meds... and everything got blank. I can remember opening my eyes, seeing the tiles and I felt just so sick, like never before in my life. It was a mess of heat flashes, dizzyness, sickness... I was confused and couldn't move. All I could do was call my mother... and it got _____ again. Then I remember my mother holding me, my father calling the ambulance and I thought I was gonna die. Well, not really die, but close enough. I could smell the dirt... but maybe that was because I was lying on the floor. Now that I think back - I'm such a pussy. :D

I got to the ER 10 minutes later. They took my blood, did a ECG and I also got an infusion. I felt OK one hour later and wanted to sit up. And it started again. My blood pressure fell to 70/50. Here we go again, more IV, etc. The only good thing was that I got a needle in my vein (I love needles and I love it when they take my blood, did I mention that? Yes, I'm weird.). The fact that a young, not so bad looking paramedic took care of me was not so bad either (I hope my BF isn't reading this... khm). Four and a half hours later I was dismissed. Diagnose: angina (toncilitis). WTF?!

I had toncilitis a numerous times before, but I never had such problems. Dehydration because of simple angina? My fever wasn't even that high. And the best part is - I was almost completely healthy the next day. No more joint pain, no toncil pain, headache or fever. Nothing. Well, there was pain in my behind from falling on the floor while passing out, but that's it. Now I've only got this red rings on my shoulders, where they put those ECG vacuum thingies. I'm actually feeling quite well. I don't know where the disease went, but I'm glad it's gone. Do you also think colds, flus and other similar illnesses are getting all mixed up and weird? Pharmacy industry conspiracy? Hee hee.

Whoa, I got carried away. For those of you still following (and for those who just skipped the upper part, I can't blame you), here's my new necklace. I just gotta shorten the chain...

Octopus Necklace, Ebay, $3.25. I named the necklace octopussy. :D What else.

Talking about pussies... Aishila says ''hi''.

I'll be back tomorrow. Unless I ''sign out'' again.

Thanks for looking!
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