Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rimmel - Desire

Before I start... I ended my tolerate/hate relationship with Facebook today. That's why you won't find me there anymore, it's not because I dislike you so much I had to block you, OK?

And another thing - my blog is moving to

I think Blogger should take care of that, but just in case.

Let's take a look at some polish now.

Rimmel, Desire, 2 coats

This is the polish I already told you about. My old Rimmel in Desire. I think it's about 5 or 6 years old (half of it is already missing) and it already wanted to die on me. That's when I pulled out the big guns (aka Seche Restore) and brought it back to life. It's not big 3 free, but it sure is pretty.

You know about that problem - when you buy jewellery and end up not wearing it at all? I wore this cicada necklace only once. I'm too lazy to accessorize. Everything has to match: nail polish, make up, rings, pendants, clothes... and that's just too much for me to handle.

Yeah, I'm not in a posting mood today. But I have something very interesting to show you... and I bet you'll like it. Just be good and you might get something as well. ;)

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My Nikon camera is fast, but this dog was way faster. Cocker Spaniels are crazy!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

She's only four months old and she has way to much energy, but she's also very adorable and her fur is soooo silky. <3 Still, I'd never get a rocket dog like Cocker Spaniel.

P.S.: My lower back hurts, my ass hurts, I have sore legs... and I've been riding on the back of this motorcycle for only one and a half hour. This is not for me. I need a chopper under my behind. Soon, hopefully.

I'll be back with nail polish and make up very soon. Promise.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


EDIT: Serves me right for not following the celebrity news, ups and downs. It appears Beyonce is a better actor than I thought. Tamara informed me about this diva and her ''love'' for animals. Wearing fur, abusing animals for her videos... I did some Google search and now I see another side of her that's not really beautiful anymore. Smart woman like her must really be cruel and think only about money and her own ass to be acting like this. I dislike that very much. I can't deny her talent and beauty, but I guess it's only skin deep. 

Smart, professional, talented, strong ... those are just a couple of words to describe Beyonce. She really is one of the best female performers on the music scene and appears just as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside. I admire her beauty, voice and the way she built her career: not on scandals and media drama, but solely on her talent. It's obvious that she knows what she wants. This new video of her left me speechless.

I got goose bumps. This is what I call artistic video. The way the light hits her face, showing her bone structure, movement, beauty and seduction. Very sensual. The colors, elements, frozen and combined images (which kind of remind me of the beginning of Lady Gaga's Born This Way video) - this video is just perfect. All three of the directors deserve a prize and yes, Beyonce is one of them. Well done, B!

There are a lot of videos that made an impression on me, but this one is the latest. Now I'd like to know about your favorite music video - based on the visuals and not music. Tell me!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Like in My Head

It's a mess, so let's mix things up a bit more. I can't think straight, so this is the best I can do right now. I know you'll understand. =)

#1 - Konad Giveaway Winner

After I bitched and ranted about the giveaway entries, I decided to just pick the winner myself and get it over with. I picked a person who I think deserves it best. So, the Konad Special Stamping Set goes to...

Some of my readers might think it's unfair, but hey, it's my playground. Not because I'd feel obligated to explain my decision, but because I want to, here's a list of reasons why I picked this young lady. Just keep in mind that I don't know her in real life, I only know her as a blogger and my follower.

* She's a HUGE animal lover. If there's a cat missing or a dog that needs a home, she'll be the first person to let people know about it on Facebook. She's a cat lover, just like me. <3

* She's been following my blog for a really long time. She comments often and is always so nice and polite. And I mean genuinely nice. Faking it doesn't count.

* She doesn't own a Konad set yet. She mentioned nail stamping once on her blog, but as I found out, it didn't go the way she wanted, so she ''gave up''. This will give her some motivation to try once more. Because we love people who don't give up. =)

* She owns a blog and we'll all be able to see her creations. If she decides to post them, of course.

* She was the first that posted on my giveaway post - first come first served. Kind of.

So, congrats, Biba! I really hope you'll like your prize and thank you for being such a great reader! :*

#2 - My Little Niece

She's gonna be 2 years old in September, but she likes to act just like her auntie. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I was talking to my sister yesterday, about this slave bracelet. I don't like the turquoise beads anymore, so I decided to replace them with beads of another color. Of course, the little one was right there and she wanted this bracelet. You should have seen the way she was working it: holding her hand up, so it wouldn't fall down, passing flowers and touching them while admiring the jewellery... It was hillarious. And for your viewing pleasure, here's the proof:

#3 - Challenge Completed

I challenged myself on Thursday and I accepted the challenge as well. I'm watching way to much TV (hint: Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother). I said that Ariel eyeshadow pigment by Pure Luxe is only pretty as a color and that I don't see myself wearing it. Well, now I do.

Products used:
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Primer
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Pigment in Ariel (all over upper eyelid)
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Pigment in Uptown (lower eyelid, outer corner, crease)
* Pure Luxe Ultimate Liner in Sly (along upper lashline, waterline)
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara

Can I pull it off or can I pull it off? All of my life I've been hearing rules and tips about applying make up. No green eyeshadow for green eyes, no blue eyeshadow for blue eyes... Well, I call it a bullshit. I'm gonna wear whatever I want, it's not like I look gorgeous anyway. Might as well have fun with it. ;)

#4 - No Country For Old Men

There are times when I see something and it haunts me. Not in nightmare haunting way, but in a way when I can't forget and let go. This time it was a movie scene - when Javier Bardem walks into a trailer park manager's office. There it is. The glass on the door. I could recognize it in my sleep, but I couldn't wait until morning so I could chech is the glass on out front door matches. And it does.

Don't ask me why, but it reminds me of Van Gogh's paintings. The circular lines I guess.

While I'm at it, I must confess. I find Josh Brolin extremely handsome. I do mean more than handsome, but I don't wanna use that word right now. Not here. ;) BTW: I find the movie interesting, but mostly because of Mr. Brolin. Without him, it would just be: meh.

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Black over Fashionista

It's not the prettiest combo, but I find it interesting. It's like gold sunken in the swamp.

Kleancolor, Fashionista, 2 coats + Kleancolor, Chunky Holo Black, 2 coats

Have I told you how much I like Kleancolor polishes? I wanna get more, but I keep holding myself back at the same time. I don't wanna spend my money and get those defective bottles and I don't care if it's Kleancolor's or the seller's fault. I wanna have all the pretties, but I don't want them to look like they survived a playgame with both my nieces. *sigh*

The next photo doesn't have anything to do with polish, but the color scheme kind of matches. =) We have two giant pear trees in front of our house. They give us the much appreciated shadow in the summer, but a lot of troubles as well. First there are falling pears (you can just hope one won't hit you in the head), then come the wasps and hornets. And let me just tell you - once you see a hornet attack a butterfly, you'll never think of these animals the same again. I don't like it.

Thanks for looking and commenting!

About Theft and Respect

What is up with stealing photos from other people's blog? I don't get it, I really don't. Is it so hard to put up a link to where you got them? I'm used to getting e-mails from random (and not so random) people telling me about stolen images from my blog on Luuux. But to see my photos being stolen from people who are also quite respected bloggers... Well, that's just not OK. And those are people whose blogs I read, whose blogs are on my Google Reader. I'm disappointed. I really am. This happened before. Sometimes people just need a short comment, an email or something...

But this time I'm talking about the New From Essence post. 

#1 First of all, those aren't that new. The products are new to me (I gotta admit that), but they've been on Essence website for a while now. I only saw them yesterday and I had to post about it.

#2 Those images aren't mine. They belong to Essence website, where I got them. I didn't ask for permission, but since it's advertisement for them, I think I'm OK. Besides, I put a link at the end of the post saying the images are a property of Essence (even though I edited them, that doesn't make them mine).

#3 If you look on Essence page, you won't see those exact photos. Why? Because I spend a lot of time cropping and editing them, pasting them together and adding the names products. And then I see this. It makes me sad, mad and disappointed. From a girl that obviously follows me and who I follow as well. If you come to my blog and right click, save and then copy to your blog, at least have the curtesy to link back. That's all I ask. It's called manners. And those different fonts don't fool me. Not at all.

Respect, people! Respect other people's work. If you really don't have the time to do it yourself and you wanna just copy it from another blog - at least take the time to link to the site where you got the images from. Otherwise it's just called stealing. And besides: put yourself in my shoes. Would you be happy, if you took a lot of time to do something and then someone came and took all the credits? No? I thought so. The end.

EDIT: The lady from the blog I mentioned contacted me and told me her part of the story. It turned out she forgot to link back. I'm not the person to hold grudges for a mistake like this. I'm happy to say that we cleared this out and that we're both OK now. =) Still, I cannot read and follow every blog under the sun to remind you, so please - link back when you use other people's work. Thank you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swatches: Pure Luxe Pigments

I can't believe I forgot to show you swatches of these pigments I purchased a couple of months ago. Well, better late than never, right? =) Let's take a look at the pigments in the jars and swatched on the back of my hand over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Chocolate Grapes - ''Medium brown base with violet/purple interference.'' It's more purple than brown, it's subtle but shiny.

Careless Whispers - ''Medium coppery brown with just a slight hint of pink.'' I'd say it's orange brown with multi-color shimmer.

Charisma - ''Salmon pink with golden yellow interference.'' Pink and gold duochrome. Gorgeous color, subtle but very pretty. It reminds me of those pink/gold shifting shades from the Sleek palettes.

Peach Champagne - ''Medium peach with yellow gold interference.'' It looks gold on skin. At least on mine. Very pretty though.

Enlighten - ''Cool beige with golden beige shimmers.'' It looks cool gold to me.

Risque - ''Crushed velvet in a jar! Warm red/brown.'' Reminds me of Molten. Very strong color, warm red-ish copper. For bold ladies only. ;)

Ariel - ''Like the original Mermaid shade, only with more "UUMPH"!'' Pretty but only as a color. I can't really see myself wearing this color. Wait...what? Challenge accepted!! :D

Olive You! - ''Beautiful fall shade! Subtle olive green when applied dry, when you wet it, WOW it shines!'' Yes, I agree it's beautiful. It would look amazing on brown eyed ladies.

Uptown - ''A refined, classy green. Buffed, the undertone is a smoky green - the midtone is blue/green, and all of it is highlighted with a lighter green sheen.'' Meh.

English Ivy - ''Medium muted green with gold highlights. A very classy color!'' Whoa! I love, love, love it! It's green, it's gold, it's amazing. Must have!

Khaki - ''A gorgeous khaki with golden metallic highlights.'' I see khaki in the jar, but all I see is gold on my skin. Stil, it's pretty.

Moss - ''Medium mossy green with a pewter/silver interference. Low shimmer.'' It's mossy and it's green. That's it.

Cashmere - ''Medium mocha brown with a lighter beige pearl highlight.'' 

Amber - ''This is a beautiful amber with black undertones.'' Amber belongs to the Liner Ultimates.

Godiva - ''Rich chocolate with coppery pink overlay.''

Wild Thing - ''Deep brown/black with metallic orange/copper flash.  HOT!'' This one is also from the Liner Ultimates, but I'm gonna wear it as a smokey eye color. It's beautiful. 

Asp - ''A two-tone holographic shade. Reddish brown and green shimmer. Reminds me of snake skin. Very sexy!'' I'm not sure what snake they were thinking about, but I can't see it. Maybe it needs a bit of a damp brush to get it's mojo running. I don't know yet. I'll know better once I get to play with it.

Rockstar - ''Ultra deep burgundy/black with a 24kt. gold metallic overlay.'' Yet another one from the Liner Ultimates. It looked so cool in the jar, with the red sparse glitter, but I don't dig it on me. Glitter just looks too random.

Heather Mist - ''Soft heather purple with a grey undertone.'' Greyed out purple. It's not very pretty as a color, but I bet it will look amazing as an eyeshadow.

Blue Jeans - ''Medium blue with a brighter blue highlight.'' I hoped this one would be darker/more pigmented. It doesn't ''wow'' me.

Sensual - ''Silvery taupe shade.'' I didn't know sensual is another word for boring. :/

Regal - ''Medium jeweled true green.'' I need more pigment over here! Nice, but please... we need something more green.

Sly - ''Dark forest green with a black undertone. Contains added green cosmetics glitter for a touch of flash.'' This one is from the Liner Ultimates. It does contain green glitter, but it's sparse. The color itself is very pretty, not?

Dream On... - ''Shimmery turquoise blue.'' Another one from the Liner Ultimates. It reminds me of exotic, Caribbean places. Very summery color.


Pure Luxe pigments are my favorite besides Fyrinnae ones. I used to love TaylorMade minerals as well, but they went out of bussiness. What I really love about Pure Luxe are their hidden gems. Some colors may not look like they're something special, but once you apply them, they rock your world. Yes, I'm talking about Charisma and English Ivy. I also like the price of the pigments. A sample jar costs only $1 and you get enough product for a couple of make up looks. You know I mean more than a couple (more than 2), but that's how you say it. I think.

You can purchase Pure Luxe pigments on their site HERE. They offer international shipping as well and it's really affordable. Check them out - but beware: their site isn't too guest friendly and the categories move around like staircases on Hogwarts. Don't give up though, it's worth it.

Tell me: if you had to choose only one eyeshadow pigment from this post, which one would it be?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kleancolor - Fashionista

Another Kleancolor polish. This one is different from anything I've seen. It's a unique color and I have troubles describing it without being gross. =) That's why I won't even try. You can see it, you decide what color it is.

Kleancolor, Fashionista, 2 coats

I know Fashionista isn't too pretty, but it is original. Formula is great and the polish applies very well. The smell is just as horrible as with the other Kleancolor polishes - I think I'll need a face mask for my KC manicures or maybe I should just breathe through my mouth.

FYI: Wikipedia says this color is called Sand Dune, Drab or Mode Beige. Good to know.

What do you think about this very special shade? Would you wear it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!

New From Essence

I guess Essence was really busy lately. Check out the products from their new permanent line.

28 new Colour & Go polish shades

I got my eyes on the number 78. =)

Two new cracking top coats.

Six new eyeshadow colors.

Three color changing lip glosses.

Six long lasting eyeshadows.

There are more new products in store. Mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, quattro eyeshadows, lip glosses...

And they didn't forget about new Trend Editions for September/October 2011: Natventurista

and Urban Messages.

See anything you like?

*All photos are a property of Essence.

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye Make Up Looks with Everyday Minerals

Five of the looks I'm about to show you were made yesterday. One after another. My eye is still a bit sore to the touch from all the rubbing (from MU removal, not MU application). These looks are gonna be featured on Lič online store to help customers when choosing the shades. I used dry application on all of the looks. That means you can get stronger look if you use a damp brush. All make up looks were made over either Urban Decay Primer Potion or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy eyeshadow base.

Look #1
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* All Spice (browbone)
* Art Girl (all over upper eyelid)
* Change of Scenery (inner corner)
* Rock Anthem (lower eyelid)

Look #2
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Parasail (browbone)
* Floating Feathers (inner corner)
* Starlit (all over upper eyelid)
* I'm Keeping Your CD's (outer corner)

Look #3
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Rare Silk (inner corner, browbone)
* Passion Passport (all over upper eyelid)
* Room Addition (lower eyelid)
* Little Black Dress (outer corner)

Look #4
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Jane Eyre (browbone)
* Pressed Olive (inner corner)
* Cypress (all over upper eyelid)
* Volcano Blossom (outer corner)

Look #5
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Driftwood (inner corner)
* Ginger Peach (all over upper eyelid)
* Boardwalk (outer corner, lower eyelid)

Look #6
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Live Austin Live (all over upper eyelid)
* Smokey Pink (inner corner)
* Wish You Were Here (above crease)
* Anna Karenina (lower eyelid)

The next look isn't made with EDM, but Sleek Oh So Special palette. I though I'd show it to you now...

So, what do you think? Which look do you like best?

I think I have enough eyeshadow pigments for now. These are Everyday Minerals, Pure Luxe, TaylorMade, Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh ...

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Misc

Finally, here's the last post on my most special polishes. This is a group of holographic, glitter and duochrome polishes that are really something else. I didn't want to arrange them based on their color - they're too special for that. Let's take a look.

a England - Tristam
Tristam many not have the most flashy and 'up in your face' holographic effect, but it's one of my favorite polishes of all times. It's blue-ish purple, kind of muted and it's one of the best polishes ever made. Everybody should own this one. P.S: Great job, Adina!

China Glaze - 2Nite
Of course I have to mention polishes from the China Glaze OMG, the most popular holographic collection. They're still one of the best holo polishes I've tried so far. Too bad they're discontinued. If you *really* want to have them, you can still buy them on Ebay. The prices are kind of crazy though.

China Glaze - DV8
My personal favorite from the OMG collection. This teal-ish blue rocks my world.

China Glaze - LOL
As a purple lover, I gotta mention this one. My second best purple holo.

Glitter Gal - Blue
This baby came to me all the way from 'down under'. Holo trapped in a bottle.

Gosh - Holographic
I've tried a few silver holographic polishes, but nothing comes close to Gosh's take on it. This sparkles and shines like crazy. A must have!

Sancion Angel - Luna
Some say this polish isn't holographic at all. And I don't mind and I don't care. The color is amazing and it's a one coater. My best purple ''holo''.

Honorable mention:

Would you care to tell me about your most special shades?

Thanks for looking and commenting!
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