Thursday, January 19, 2012

Comparison: Essence Hex Hex VS China Glaze Awaken

In my previous nail post I mentioned how Essence Nail Art Magnetics in Hex Hex reminds me of China Glaze Awaken. I own both colors, so here's the comparison for you.
pointer & ring finger: Essence Hex Hex (2 coats)
middle finger & pinky: China Glaze Awaken (2 coats)

Not quite the same, are they? I even searched for my color drops of the two mentioned polishes and the difference is obvious. They have something in common though (besides being gunmetal gray): they both have hidden color in them that's not visible on the nails. Hex Hex is very sparkly and it flashes pinkish purple. Awaken, on the other side, contains some kind of blue dye that doesn't go away no matter how hard I shake the bottle. It's funny that Awaken looks more purple-ish on the nails than Hex Hex... 

It doesn't really matter how they look in the bottle. What it matters is how they look on the nails. Hex Hex is a true gunmetal shimmer while Awaken borders to being chrome. With almost frosty shimmer. Another polish which is very hard to describe. And one more thing I have to mention - Awaken is a 1 coater (if you're careful with the application).

I think I prefer Hex Hex when it comes to the color. It's darker and not so shiney as Awaken. China Glaze is way easier to apply though. And more opaque.

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I like Hex Hex better as well :) But it would come down to the fact that Essence polishes last less than 24hrs without chipping on me and ChG goes from 3-4days to week without chipping...

  2. Thanks for this great comparison! Now I know that I don't need Awaken, because I already got Hex Hex and it's similar enough for me. :)

    Best regards!

  3. Hex Hex is my choice, actually, I wouldn't mind to have it as well (I never thought of buying one of the metallics but when I see it like this... :)

  4. Hex Hex mi je bolj všeč, čeprav ni velike razlike. Awaken mi (najbrž zaradi sijaja) že nekako meji na frosty, brrrr.

  5. At first sight I didn´t realise the difference. But there are slightly differencies, yes. Both are great, but I have a gunmetal coloured polish from Avon, that´s enough for me :)

  6. Thanks for this comparison... It was really helpful to me :)

    I can't choose which color I like most...

  7. Very slight differences to me. I have Awaken. Love gunmetal shades.


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