Saturday, January 28, 2012

a England - Order of the Garter

We've come to the bittersweet end. This is the 4th shade from a England's The Legend collection. The collection consists of 7 shades though: Saint George, Bridal Veil, Dragon, Order of the Garter, Princess Sabra, Princess Tears and Ascalon.

There are three additional shades that I didn't show you and you can see them here:
* Princess Sabra
* Princess Tears
* Ascalon

Or you can see all the shades in one place at Ommorphia Beauty Bar.
a England Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter was founded in 1348 and is the highest order of chivalry or knighthood existing in England. The order is dedicated to the image and arms of Saint George as England's patron saint. The order's emblem is a garter with the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense (old French:"shame upon him who thinks evil upon it") in gold lettering. (Wikipedia)

Order of the Garter is the 'black sheep' of the collection since it's the only shade from The Legend that doesn't contain holographic shimmer. That doesn't make it boring though. Gorgeous medium blue base loaded with tons of lighter blue shimmer that almost looks like small flakies is quite an original shade. It kind of reminds me of lighter sibling of the Orly Royal Navy shade. Kind of.

a England, Order of the Garter, 3 coats
a England Order of the Garter

This bottle of polish also came with a 'wild' brush, like St. George. It was not bushy or wonky, it just had some longer bristles which I had to cut off with the scissors. As you can see, that didn't affect the application. I find all a England polishes to be a delight to apply and I don't need to do any clean-up if I'm careful enough.
a England Order of the Garter

When I first tried this polish, I was a little disappointed because the first layer looked so sheer. I thought I was gonna have to apply 4 coats for full opacity. It turned out to be one of those shades which are very sheer after the first layer but almost completely opaque after the second. So yes, you could get away with only 2 coats of Order of the Garter. All the other features are similar to the rest of The Legend shades: great formula, short drying time and glossy finish.
a England Order of the Garter

The Legend collection should be up on a England website soon. Until then, you can order the polishes from the new collection by contacting Adina directly (

What are your thoughts on a England's Order of the Garter?

*The product was sent to me by the company.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Fantastičen odtenek!

    Malo me spominja na Orly Stone Cold...

  2. So pretty! I ordered this one and Dragon and then went back and ordered St. George too after i saw your swatches :)

  3. I don't think I've seen a single polish from this brand that didn't look superb... No exception this one! Beautiful! :)

  4. This one is gorgeous too!! I was just going to ask how this compared to Orly's Royal Navy cause that's what it reminded me of too. But now I see pulling out my bottle, this is much lighter.

  5. I liked this blue really gorgeous. I'll try to make an effort and get Ascalon because I play Guild Wars MMORPG and its the name of the main city of the game (geek and nail polish lover LOL).

  6. Tole je pa eden najlepših modrih lakov, kar sem jih kdaj videla! Krasen je.

  7. I may have to go back and order this one!

  8. O, prelepa modra barva! Spominja me na Zoya Tallulah barvo.:)

  9. Sem si premislila, tole je moj najljubši odtenek, kljub dejstvu da ni holografski


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