Sunday, February 5, 2012

... and The Myth Became The Legend

Just to let you know: The Legend collection is now available in a England online store.

Bridal Veil


Order of the Garter

Saint George

Thanks for looking!


  1. o.o I want Saint George, and Order of the Garter :D

  2. That's a gorgeous beauty pageant!

  3. such a great collection!
    Can't wait to see them!

  4. hehe again, this made me wish they were all eyeshadows instead, but i found some in myc stash similar to the two last at least! but you'll have a lot of fun with them, i'm sure of that!//Azure

  5. I bought St George and Order of the Garter this morning :D can't wait for them to get here, I'm in the UK so that's why I already bought them :).

  6. Good God, I love these. As well as those from the mythicals collection. I'm hoping that one day, when I finally manage to save some cash, I'll buy two or three I love most (the prices are too high for me so far :/).

  7. I need to have Dragon and St George. They are probably the 2 of the best in this collection. There are more that I do like, ok I love the whole line. lol

  8. I am with MissMidnightBlue on this one. Those are the two polishes I've been looking at as well. :) Gorgeous!!

  9. I will get Dragon and St George. They're on my wishlist right after Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger and Max Factor Fantasy Fire. :)

  10. Bridal Veil looks amazing!!!!


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