Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ludurana - Show (Aurora Boreal Collection)

Last but not least: Ludurana in Show. I got the feeling many ladies like this duochrome (from the Aurora Boreal Collection) best. It's not my favorite, but it's still a great shade-shifter.

Wet n Wild, Black Creme, 1 coat + Ludurana Show, 1 coat

Show has an emerald green base which shifts to teal, magenta, pink and blue. The duochrome effect is quite strong, but not easy to capture on photos. 

Click on the photo to enlarge it:

I can understand why people like this shade so much. It's a real chameleon.

Color drop doesn't look anything like polish does. It looks quite bland, doesn't it?

This is a photo of the polish in water. Rainbow!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Especially the last one and the color dot.

  2. *speechless*
    This polish is really stunning! I also adore the pic you took in the water. :)

  3. very pretty, it looks like an oil slick.

  4. I'm sure my sis will love the underwater shot enough to copy it ourselves. Cool!!

  5. This is so freaking cool... I think I'll just stare at it all day.

  6. Holy bananas! You're right! I really do like this one!! I like duochromes to be very evident and this one seems to be :)

  7. Love this polish. Your photo in the water is so cool!

  8. Teal flash je res super ja! Prelep lak. :)

  9. It's amazing! I love all of the Ludurana polishes. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some of them one day.

  10. I am, as always, amazed by your non-existing cuticles, neatness of the nail polish application, and above all the length of your nail-beds.
    Oh, and the polish is drop-dead gorgeous *drops dead*

  11. i can only dream to have photography skills as good as yours!!

    that underwater photo = most amazing thing ever <3

  12. Kje si ga pa dobila? Na ebayu mi nič ne najde.


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