Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Essence Trend Edition: Rebels

''Bad girls, rock chicks and punk babes – in April and May 2012, things are about to get loud & wild with the new trend edition "rebels" by essence. Demure, subtle nude shades meet upon bright, cheeky neon colors to rebel against boredom! For trendsetters, individualists or those who normally wouldn’t dare to be loud and outrageous: these extravagant products guarantee a unique, dramatic look. Whether you go for matte lipgloss, neon nail polish or mascara that creates spider-like lashes – anything goes, as long as you like it!'' (Essence)
Essence Rebels Trend Edition

See anything you like? I think this looks like a mix of products from the previous collections. Rock coat like from the Re-Mix Your Style TE, bottles of the polishes look like the ones from You Rock! TE and that cheek and lip pot reminds me of Natventurista TE. Meh, it looks boring.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Matte lipgloss sounds like an oxymoron, but interesting nevertheless ;) overall nothing special, but not bad like some of the previous ones

  2. I also think the nail polishes look boring but that "latex" thing makes me very curious about what they can hide. On the other side I love matte lipstick so I hope I can find those matte glosses!

  3. Hm ne vem, ne vidim ničesar, kar bi me prav super navdušilo. bo treba počakat, da pride v trgovine :)
    lp Jess

  4. I agree with you, nothing we haven't seen before. I'm hoping the nail polishes might look better 'in person'. Their pictures are sometimes unreliable.
    Anyhow, I'm saving my money for the Fruity collection.

  5. Re-Mix Your Style wasn't available in Italy, so I hope I can find the Rock TC thanks to this TE. But I agree with you, this is quite boring.

  6. Spiderlash mascara sounds weird :s How's Aishila doing?

  7. Rebel?
    I agree with the "Meh, it looks boring."

  8. ... But this Rock Coat will contain black glitter! It's even (slightly) visible in the promo picture.

  9. Latex polish sounds interesting but this doesn't look like a particularly rebellious collection to me...


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