Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swatches: BYS Nail Polishes

I have a great news for my Slovenian readers: 
BYS nail polishes are now available in online store!

Let's celebrate - swatch style!!!

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Berry Delicious
BYS Berry Delicious

BYS, Cracked Finish, Royal Blue (over white)
BYS Royal Blue Cracked Finish

BYS, Creme Caramel
BYS Creme Caramel

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Disco Ball
BYS Disco Ball

BYS, Gold Finger (over Creme Caramel)
BYS Gold Finger

BYS, In Grape Shape
BYS In Grape Shape

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Kryptonite (over Berry Delicious)
BYS Kryptonite

BYS, Lulu Blue (over Matte Deep Blue)
BYS Lulu Blue

BYS, Matte Deep Blue
BYS Matte Deep Blue

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Matte Deep Purple
BYS Matte Deep Purple

BYS, Matte Grey
BYS Matte Grey

BYS, Midas Touch
BYS Midas Touch

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Out of the Blue (over Matte Deep Blue)
BYS Out of the Blue

BYS, Pink Lady (over In Grape Shape)
BYS Pink Lady

BYS, Pink on the Brink (over Matte Deep Purple)
BYS Pink on the Brink

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Pot of Gold (over black)
BYS Pot of Gold

BYS, Red Carpet
BYS Red Carpet

BYS, Ruby Slippers
BYS Ruby Slippers

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Blue Hawaii
BYS Blue Hawaii

BYS, Caribbean Crush
BYS Caribbean Crush

BYS, Golden Sands
BYS Golden Sands

BYS Nail Polish Swatches

BYS, Hollywood Hills
BYS Hollywood Hills

BYS, Starlette (over Matte Grey)
BYS Starlette

BYS, Thunderstorm
BYS Thunderstorm

Wow! Now that's a lot of swatches for one post, right? Do you have your favorite?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. zeloo lepi lakci. blue hawaii je mogoče najlepši, hm.
    btw sem videla crackle blue sliko na, roka se mi je zdela nekam znana, oz nohti no.
    zdej pa vem zakaj :D

  2. Matte Deep Purple looks like the perfect purple nail polish to me. Awesome, I want!

  3. All of these colors are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches


  4. That must have taken ages to swatch! Wow. Thanks for the effort.

  5. Wow! Wuuunderschöne Lacke (Prelijepi lakovi !)Obozavam Tvoj blog!Pozdrav*_*..I nadam se da razumijes...

  6. WOOOOW I want some of them!
    Do they ship to Germany(international)?
    I don't understand their language :(


  7. Ooh, I like Hollywood Hills. :D Actually, I don't have one single BYS polish. I suck. :)

  8. Aaaaah! Too much pretty!!
    I LOVE BYS polishes so much - I had no idea there were so many glitters available.

  9. omg royal blue is the first and ONLY crack i've ever liked. loved, even.

    1. the cracked effect doesn't even work!

  10. Those are some great glitters and that crackle is the best I've ever seen. The shape and size of the crackles are perfect. I now know which brand to go with for that effect. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow so many! I was scrolling and saying everytime "that's my favorite!" lol. But now that i see them all i guess i like Thunderstorm. Maybe because it's colder here but i also quite like that the glitter in this one is much bigger than the ones that similar nail polishes have (but not as big as Out of the Blue lol i even laughed! they're so big!).

  12. The link you post for the store is not working.(=the sign over the C).Mate Grey and Red Carpet are my favorites.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  13. Wow that's a lot of pretty ones! Since I love red shimmers I would say Red Carpet. Also Ruby SLippers look cool and unusual. And a lot of other pretties!

  14. Wow, how cool! I think Lulu Blue and Starlette are really pretty!

  15. ohhhhh i like pot of gold and out of the blue most.. i got some of bys shade from uk bt now moved to india and now missing thm :( i want these both ...

  16. It's really easy to get BYS here in New Zealand, they're available in lots of stores. I'm ashamed to say that I often overlook their displays though because they're often very messy. After seeing your swatches I think I'm going to have to give them another chance!!! :O

  17. when i thought i was bored of crackle polishes, you come up and win me over with this little beauty of bys in royal blue. wow! sensational
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  18. My absoute favourite is Hollywood Hills! It's so special, so energizing!

  19. WOW :D I love Starlette, Thunderstorm, Pot of Gold, Matte Deep Purple, Lulu Blue, Matte Deep Blue, Kryptonite, Gold Finger and Disco Ball is nice too :D

  20. Joj joj joj pa ne mi tega delat xD Že telih v tvojem postu bi pol imela, na spleti strani pa še 6x toliko. >< "Hm, pa saj niso tako dragi, bom si v košarico zmetala vse potencialne kandidate in potem izbrala favorite." Ija, loto srečko prosim!

    Drugače so mi pa od tukaj favoriti: Matte Grey, Matte Deep Purple, Matte Deep Blue, Berry Delicios in pa Royal Blue zelo lepo razpoka, mi pa izgleda slabo prekriven. Hm.

  21. Čudovite barve, moj favorite pa je Red Carpet :)

  22. hmm....njihovi ˝mat˝ lakci pa niso ravno mat? To sem pa kar malo razočarana =/ Njihov crackle je pa res hudi =) Me zelo spominja na Barry M crocota samo da ta dejasnko lepo razpoka =)

  23. I only have a couple of BYS polishes because they're super cheap in Australia, but none of the colours are anywhere near as exciting as the ones in this post! I guess all the good ones get taken so when I go past the display, there's only dregs left behind.

  24. Krasni swatchi! Sem ti le prišla čestitat za 2 mio ogledov! *kapodol*

  25. Uf, si se pa naswatchala. :D Všeč mi je moder glitter in moder mat, pa tudi moder glitter z velikimi hexi, ker so tako ogromni. :D Si pa želim, da bi bili še bolj mat in da Hollywood hills ne bi bil tako rumen, v flaški zgleda super. :D


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