Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swatches: BYS Nail Polishes Part 2

We're not done with the BYS swatches yet. Far from it... Still 'celebrating' the arrival of australian brand of nail polish in Slovenian online store - Lič Today I have a couple of glitters and a bunch of matte shades for you.

BYS Nail Polish Swatches
BYS Nail Polish Swatches
BYS Nail Polish Swatches
BYS Nail Polish Swatches
BYS Nail Polish Swatches

Kinky Pink (over Matte Black Cherry), 1 coat
BYS Kinky Pink

Matte Aqua, 2 coats
BYS Matte Aqua

Matte Black, 2 coats
BYS Matte Black

Matte Blue, 2 coats
BYS Matte Blue

Matte Charcoal, 1 coat
BYS Matte Charcoal

Matte Black Cherry, 2 coats
BYS Matte Black Cherry

Matte Coral, 2 coats
BYS Matte Coral

Matte Deep Berry, 2 coats
BYS Matte Deep Berry

Matte Fuchsia, 2 coats
BYS Matte Fuchsia

Matte Mint Green, 2 coats
BYS Matte Mint Green

Matte Pink, 2 coats
BYS Matte Pink

Matte Purple, 1 coat
BYS Matte Purple

Matte Red, 2 coats
BYS Matte Red

Matte White, 3 coats
BYS Matte White

Purple Pizzazz (over Matte Purple), 1 coat
BYS Purple Pizzazz

I have to say I really like these matte shades. Most of them are two coaters, but some of them are opaque enough to get away with only one coat. That's just one of the resons why I adore Matte Charcoal and Matte Purple. Matte Aqua could also be a one coater if I were a bit more careful with the application. What can I say... these polishes rock. And I'm wearing Matte Black as my mani now. It reminds me A LOT of Illamasqua's Scorn. I guess I'll have to do a comparison. What do you say?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. every shade is just surreal. never seen matte so deep and interesting
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  2. Pretty swatches! You seem to be able to wear all colors nicely :)

  3. Matte purple is my favourite of the bunch. I don't have access to BYS polishes here - yet, anyway. :)

  4. I love these matte shades! I can't ever seen to find them, though. Bugger!

  5. wooo, kapo dol za vložen trud za tole!!
    Ful mi je všeč tale "satenast" videz; najljubši odtenek mi je pa kar Black Cherry.

  6. I'd say these are satin rather than matte. And everybody knows SATIN is way better. Lovely!

  7. Have you bought all those polishes or have you received them for free to review?

  8. I say you have renewed my interest in matte, I really like black, turqoise, red, black cherry, attractive!

  9. Jaz itak obožujem vse, kar je mat, tako da brez izjeme, vse mat odteneke tukaj bi imela. JOJ. :(

  10. wow, I love all of them! and your nails are perfect - it's just the perfect shape!

  11. Great swatches! I have Matte Blue & it's my favourite royal blue! I'm from Aus and I'm not even sure if I've seen all the other colours before haha!

  12. I love the swatches! Fell in love in almost all of these nailpolishes :D

  13. Ooo, Aqua mat je fenomenalen! Tega bom pa morala nabavit.

  14. Love all of those matte polishes. Will have to look for the ones I own. Don't have any of this brand. I have Zoya & Orly matte.

  15. Lovely colours! Did you say this brand is from Australia?? I'll keep an eye on them since I'll be working in Aussie for a year! By the way, and I don't want to be creepy, but you have very pretty fingers. I should stop biting mine and moisturize more....

  16. Everything you wear on your nails looks so pretty! I wish I could do that too! This kinky pink on black cherry is just so perfect!!


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