Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #23

Life's a mess. And in times like these, I realize that routine is good. As long as I feel alive.

I lost my little one. I'm not the only one, but I only know how I feel when I think of him. Instant pain in my chest. Heartache? Maybe. There's also a taste of despair and loss of hope. And still, he lies there, wrapped in my blanket. Zoro can wait and wait, but he won't see him anymore. I have no idea if he knows that.


When it rains, it pours. There's something weird going on with Aishila. I took her to the vet and that's how I got my battle wounds.
Battle Wounds

Too bad they didn't figure out where exactly the problem lies. Apparently she has a lipoma right beside her broken rib. That's not the main problem though. I started noticing she's losing a lot of hair. She's basically going bald on her lower tummy, inner part of her legs and tail. The damage is self inflicted, I believe. Caused by too much self grooming - the hair looks like it's shaven off really badly. The only question I have is - why? Why would she be over-grooming. They checked her for ringworms and it's not it. She got her pill against internal parasites, so that's not it either. Her skin is normal - no redness, no bumps, nothing. Maybe her skin itches and she's licking herself because of that - it could be allergy. I'm completely in the dark. I don't trust the vets as I used to. So, I'm asking all of you - cat owners - if you had any similar experiences, please let me know. Either here in the comments or contact me. I'll be forever grateful. BTW: Aishila is eating like usually and is very playful. She doesn't seem ill or anything.


My mother is diving into the computer/internet waters. She doesn't understand english, but if she'll ever check my blog, she'll understand/recognize these:

African Violet


Sunset of the week:


I finally found a hair color that's just right for me. It's Schwarzkopf Country Colors in #80 - Arabia Schwarzbraun. This is not a permanent color and it's supposed to last for up to 8 weeks. I dye my hair every month anyway, so that's no problem for me. I recommend!
Schwarzkopf Country Colors Hair Color


When all else fails, I turn to books. I've been living in the book fantasy world for the last couple of weeks. It's my favorite getaway. I'm completely in love with a character from a book I'm reading, but I'll let you know about that one some other time. Today I'm gonna tell you about The Hunger Games trilogy. I read the first two book in Slovene but the third one isn't translated yet, so I had to read it on my computer in English. I loved the first two books and the third one is my least favorite, but still good. Besides, it answers that main question - who is Katniss gonna pick? Gale or Peeta. =) I'm really looking forward to see the movie.
The Hunger Games

Got any more book recommendations for me?


Music of the week:

I need a Gale or Peeta in my life. Or at least something like Jack's singing about. I miss feeling love, I miss having someone who'd love me more than anything. Yes, that's why I read so much. My main emotion in the past few weeks - solitude.

Jack White - Love Interruption

I want love to roll me over slowly  
stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around.
I want love to grab my fingers gently  
slam them in a doorway put my face into the ground. 
I want love to murder my own mother  
and take her off to somewhere like hell or up above. 
I want love to change my friends to enemies 
change my friends to enemies and show me how it's all my fault. 
I wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me

I want love to walk right up and bite me
grab a hold of me and fight me leave me dying on the ground. 
And I want love to split my mouth wide open and  
cover up my ears, and never let me hear a sound. 
I want love to, forget that you offended me  
or how you have defended me, when everybody tore me down. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. i wish i could give you a real life hug.

    with your meow, does her hair feel brittle? is there any flaking? both my mums cats have seasonal allergies to where they lick and lick and over groom the underside of their belly and on their back near the base of their tail. usually in the spring and fall they have to be taken to get a steroid shot and they are fine. some years are worse than others. sometimes they skip a shot.

    just a thought. i'm not a vet, nor a vet technician(just nails ;) ), but i've seen some things.


  2. Ovo zadnje u potpunosti razumijem. Solitude - count me in. A najgore je kad se osjecas sam cak i kad si okruzen s gomilom ljudi.
    Nisam upucena u macje bolesti, pa mogu samo drzati fige da ce sve biti u redu.
    A slovenski zalazak sunca izgleda zaista predivno.

  3. I really really feel for you. I am sure you know that you're not alone and you have lots of friends at least here!
    About your cat... A few years ago my old burmese started over grooming to the point where he was almost completely bald. In the end the vet decided it was down to stress and we got this little thingy that plugs in a plug socket and diffuses 'calming' scents to cats. Seemed to do the trick and with lots of cuddles and love, he was back to normal in a few months.
    I hope that helps! Best wishes xx

    1. It's Feliway - liquid feline feromones. That can be really helpful, I'd used it when my cat had had anxiety and fear problems. Maybe you should give it a try?

  4. My first thought about the cat is allergies. I would try and change the food - and I'd definitely make the vet make some allergy tests on her. My dog had allergies, so it *is* possible to get animals tested for it.

    My second thought is stress. It can be little things that causes stress in animals. I knew a girl whose cat started that after she moved around on the furniture. Weird, but true. :)

    I'm not a vet either. But I thought I'd share a few thoughts anyway, because I too love animals and hate when they're not well.

  5. Some cats barber themselves too much because they are bored or stressed out. It's kind of a nervous habit. My Dita does it too. She's an indoor cat so I make sure to play with her and keep her entertained. It's helped a lot and her hair is re-growing on her belly. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi, I have been reading your blog for several months, but this is the first time I comment.

    I'm sorry for your lost...

    I own a cat too and he sometimes scratch and lick himself a lot, taking off a lot of hair and, sometimes, he gets wounds.

    It can be stress, or allergy or just sweat (mine does it mostly in summer)... I found that brushing him everyday for a while and refreshing him (I use baby wet wapes for it) every two/three days does the trick. Kisses!!

  7. My first cat did the same and my vet said that the most common reason is stress.

  8. *hugs* :(
    You know that "heartache" you talk about? I know exactly how it feels! Maybe not for the same reasons but I know the feeling and it's horrible when I experience it!
    I am sorry you are going through all this right now! It will get better! You know that!

    The only hair loss problem I've experienced was with Eggbert! Although he doesn't yet have any bald patches, he loses hair like there's no tomorrow! I've never experienced such hair loss with a cat! We went to the vet once but she couldn't find anything wrong! She told me to change the food and to mix a tablespoon of virgin olive oil into his dry food! It helped a little but his hair loss is still massive :(
    Over grooming is often due to stress! Could Aishila be stressed for any reason?

  9. Sorry to hear about your cat. Allergies is my first thought but sounds like stress could be a factor, too. I have too many book recommendations but if you like hunger games you might like wither or insurgent as well.

  10. My Norwegian Forest cat, Tom has something similar and his is down to an allergy to flea bites, apparently it's something in the anti-coagulant that fleas introduce into the bite with their saliva. A couple of years ago it got really bad and he had a steroid injection at the vets, but since then I've managed to keep it at bay by being extra-strict with flea prevention on my three cats. He still picks the odd one up from outside the house though.

  11. My cat used to do that too. He would lick his hair off until he had a bald spot and then he would get a rash where he was bald. Our vet said he was allergic to grass (even though he never went outside- just by us tracking small amounts into the house). We would take him in to get steroid shots and that worked. He got the shots once every six weeks or so. He lived to be 17 years old, so I don't believe the shots had any negative effects on his overall health.
    I hope that my comment is helpful, and good luck.

  12. hi!
    both my cats had the problem of licking themself until their skin was bleeding..
    we tried everything, a cap (round their neck like dogs when they have stitches) so they couldn't reach it.. but as you know, cats reach everything, they are like rubber xD
    so that didn't help.. besides the oldest began walking backwards when he had it on, scared as he was of the cap..
    we tried all kinds of pills and cremes.. until someone said they had food allergie (we had always used the cheaper food from the grocery store) and then we used the proffesional stuff.. and it was over in a week! and they are also very soft now, so fluffy!
    so maybe it's as simple as that?..
    our vet kept telling us to use different pills but I hate giving my cat chemicals..

  13. poznam dve mački ki sta mele na istih mestih izpad, veti niso nič pametnega najdli oz. sumili alergije, ampak je dlaka zrastla nazaj lepega dne in blo vse kul, tako da brez panike in glavo gor!

  14. Aw, I'm sorry to hear you are going through all that! I have a cat and dog too so I understand how it is to worry about their healthy. Perhaps your cat isn't sick physically and it is a psychological thing? Not sure but hope it is resolved soon!

    The Hunger Game books are soo good! I am excited for the movie too. And I agree that the first two were better although the third is still fantastic. :)

  15. Kar meni je bilo hudo med branjem tega posta. :( Ampak prepričana sem, da se bodo stvari kaj kmalu obrnile na veliko boljše! :) :**
    Sem že veliko mačk dala čez, pa še pri nobeni ni bilo podobnega problema. Moje mnenje je, da dokler ima apetit in "voljo do življenja", ni kaj skrbeti. Morda je povezavo z vremeno, spremembo letnega časa, otoplitvijo?
    Pa hvala za priporočilo barve/preliva, sem ravno v iskanju nečesa podobnega :)

  16. I have two cat who have had troubles with licking bald spots and sores on themselves. They're both 9 years old; one is severely allergic to flea bites and I have to be vigilant about keeping him flea free. The other is licking from stress and minor flea allergy - she doesn't have it as bad as her brother and I didn't even know she had it until the vet pointed it out at a check up. She had red bumps on her skin but they were deep in her fur and I never knew it.

  17. RE: kitty baldness -- One of our cats compulsively groomed until her lower tummy was completely bare. It has since grown back (in a shocking orange color very different from her natural grey stripes!) but for a very long time she lived with a naked, fuzzy belly. She doesn't do it anymore, really. If we see her excessively grooming herself we just say "that's enough" and she stops. Unfortunately some cats have issues with stress or compulsive behavior, all we can do is offer them love and support. Just know it's not your fault. As others have mentioned there are holistic remedies you could look into.

  18. I've read, that if it is not a skin mycosis or alergy, it could be lack of vitamins or omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. I've read (a vet wrote it on one of our cat lovers forums) that you should feed your cat with daily portion (the size of dice) of - I don't know exactly how it is called in english, but basically it is salo or fatback or pork belly but without any spices of course. I feed my cat with raw egg yolk once a week (but only with the yolk, the egg white is ot healthy for the cats), it is full of vitamins and his fur is soft, shiny and in it's place. You can of course buy some diet supplements at vet's.
    Also it can be simple result of stress - cats are like sponge, they absorb all the emotions from their environment. I'm sure Aishila regarded Car as part of her herd and he was steady part of her life. Now he's gone and she feels something is terribly wrong. People loose their hair as well when exposed to stress like this.
    I hope it is nothing serious, my (my cat's) vet once said, that as long as the cat has appetite and is playful, it is nothing wrong.
    Don't let it bring you down - your pets feel something is wrong with you, feel your sadness and they respond to it with their sadness as well.
    Big hugs from Poland - and loud meow from my cat called Beast:)

    1. I'm still bothered today by the word "salo". By this I meant the fat, called in Polish "slonina". I've chcecked that word in Google Translator and in Slovenian it is "slanina" I believe:) Slanina contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids so it is used in replenishing the diet when an animal lacks them.

  19. Hey there!
    I've been reading your blog for a long time but I guess this is my first time commenting.
    First of all, I'm so sorry for the unfortunate events happening in your life lately. I can feel your pain.
    Now as far as Aishila is concerned, have you consider the cause of over-grooming as an urinary tract infection? My cat had that problem a few months ago but he is overweight (almost 10kgs) and is neutered, which are some of the causes.
    Have you notice if she is in pain while urinating? Or urinating outside the box and having blood in it? Excessive grooming of genitals? Those were the signs that my cat had.
    Hopefully all will turn out for the best. :)

    Best wishes, Tânia

  20. You've really been going through some rough times the past few months. I'm so sorry sweetie. ((((hugs))) I never had an animal do that. All I thought of was stress. I'm sure the vet would know best. The Hunger Games is on my reading list. I also have used books to get away from the world. I used to read much more before computers. Jack Black writes some intense lyrics. I heard this the first day it came out. Thanks to YouTube I get to hear all that I want. I've made a playlist on YouTube. I'm saving lots of old music to it. My musical tastes are all over the place!

  21. A book tip - Graceling. I just finished it. I loved The Hunger Games and this is a Young Adult novel with a similar main character.

  22. My cat over grooms himself..he often plucks out tufts of fur from his back. He has no medical problems. He has a kind of kitty OCD. When he gets stressed from being left alone, he covers my sheets in fur. (He did not always do this, it started when we moved.)

    Your photo of Zoro makes me so sad. =(

  23. The only thing that made me think is Stress? If you lost one of your furry babies, maybe your sweet kittie is stressed as well? Wish I could give you a hug-we love our little friends, they are family, too. Take care dear...

  24. Hi Sasha, maybe try a different vet? Just watch Aishila closely b/c things happen fast. Its a really good sign her attitude is happy, I'll google those flowers.....xoxxo

  25. my 5-months old kitten is also losing hair from certain parts of his body (the back of his legs and now heels, the change is very symetrical). he was licking his legs until he got completely bald there :( at first it turned out he had scabies, but after being completely cured out of it, the legs still have some bald spots, only not as bad as before. I don't think it's the same condition though, because my kitty has redness and some bumps on the skin. sadly, the vet doesn't know what it could be either, he doesn't look sick or anything, is just as playful as before. I am now waiting to get him neutered in a couple of weeks and while he's under narcosis, he'll have a part of his skin cut off and send to a lab. the vet also says it could be hormonal and just go away after the procedure, which I'm really hoping will happen!
    I really hope that your lovely Aishila will get the diagnosis and care that she needs, Uma Puma may be right - you should try with another vet! please give Aishila a big hug from me!

  26. Oh no! I hadn't thought of wether she would pick Gale or Peeta before you said it. I just started the third book and all I have been wondering is if Peeta is going to become the President or not. Damn it! Now I'll be thinking of a lovestory instead :(

  27. My cat had exactly the same, exactly. Too much grooming = his tummy hairless and even with little wounds. But he also scratched his face between the eyes and the ears = wounds and hair loss. Also, his skin was completely reddened all over his body, below the fur. My vet automatically said "allergy" and the fact is that he reacts perfectly to allergy treatment with corticoids. Any other reason for this wouldn't have reacted to this treatment. It's been 2 months and he's perfect, I have to give him 1/4 of a pill daily, but he is himself again. Bad thing about corticoids is that it can produce diabetes or pancreatitis in the long term, and I have to put him on a diet too. My vet is searching for other possible treatments without corticoids, hope we find something. Good luck with your kitty.

  28. She is probably overgrooming because of stress/anxiety. One commenter mentioned a diffuser and that could be worth a try. Cats are so sensitive to their surroundings and she's probably reacting to the upsets you've had lately.

  29. super izbor komada! eden mojih ljubših :)

  30. One of my cats, who had a beautiful long black coat, started doing this a few years ago. It got so bad that her back half was almost completely bald! The vet said it was an allergic reaction to flea bites, but we got rid of the fleas very soon after the vet visit, and she's still doing it. I believe in her case it's stress. Lately I've been giving her extra attention and brushing her gently on a regular basis, hopefully so she doesn't feel the need to groom quite as much. I've also been giving her wet food more often, as I've heard it can be helpful for cats with dry, itchy skin. She now has a fine layer of hair on the previously bald parts, like peach fuzz, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll let it keep growing out!

  31. One of my favorite books is Vellum by Hal Duncan. Definitely not for everyone and it's a bit confusing in the beginning, but give it a shot!

  32. I started thinking about books and remembered a couple of my go-to feel-good books:
    The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
    A Redbird Christmas by Fanny Flagg
    Sex and the Single Vampire by Katie MacAlister
    I know all too well how much books and their alternative universes helps you cope. Hope you feel better soon.

  33. My cat loses the hair by her ears occasionally- we take her to the vet for a steroid shot and it disappears.
    I loved the Hunger Games!! I recommend the Mortal Instruments & Infernal Devices series, by Cassandra Clare. The Maze Runner trilogy, by James Dashner, and Delirium by Lauren Oliver. They were also really good! :)

  34. I have a senior cat who has essentially licked all of the hair off his belly and inner hind legs. We take him to the vet on a regular basis due to some other health issues, and although the vet always comments he/she doesn't do anything. We've looked for allergies and fleas and nothing. I think it's from stress and anxiety. We lost another cat (his brother) a year ago and I think this cat is uncomfortable with his new role as alpha male of the house. He doesn't seem to be in any distress/pain/discomfort, so I leave him alone. Sometimes he lets it grow back a bit, sometimes he licks it gone. As long as he's behaving and eating normally otherwise, I don't worry. We call him pink belly.

  35. Pred leti smo imeli isto tezavo z naso muco... Na koncu se je izkazalo, da je problem v hrani - torej imela je alergijo na tocno doloceno vrsto hrane. Mislim, da smo na koncu ugotovili, da gre za piscanca. Upam, da bo vse ok.

  36. You already received a lot of advice about Aishila, but I still wanted to tell you about our cat Pip. She has the same symptomes as Aishila. She's always been a happy, active and very sensitive cat. About a month ago she started to compulsively wash herself. We think it's from stress, because she's really afraid of one of our neighbour's cats. She eats like normal. She's been treated against fleas and worms.

    We didn't want to give her any chemical hormone shots or whatever, so we tried the so-called 'Bach remedy'. If you google 'bach remedy for cats' you'll find a lot of information about the product. It's suitable for humans ánd animals!

  37. I'm so sorry to hear about all these hardships you are going through. I'm hoping things turn around for you.
    I know you've gotten a lot of advice, but I thought I would mention. My cat has depression and would clean his feet until he had open wounds and eventually needed stitches.
    There is something called Feliway that is a natural calming agent for cats. There are wall plug ins which i've seen mentioned, but you can also get a spray. Neither of these are scented, so you won't actually notice them in your home. Your cat however will feel the effects. It does not change their personality at all, but does help them feel more calm and secure. It may be worth a try to see if it helps to reduce or stop the self mutilation.
    I have a diffuser in every room and replace them regularly. And I haven't had any issues with him ever since.

  38. Hi, I've seen that there were already some answers in this sens but one of my friends got similar problem with cat hairs going away. It was linked with a stress (he had some problems to live with a dog in the same house) at he was healed with pheromones.
    I'm sure you will found out what is going on soon.
    I wish you all the best!

  39. Fantov maček se je pred pol leta začel lizati na enem in istem mestu, dokler mu tam ni začela manjkati dlaka. Apetit je imel normalen in ni zgledalo, da je po obnašanju kaj drugače kot ponavadi. Veterinar mu je predpisal dietno hrano (mislim, da Hill's), ker naj bi bil alergičen na neke beljakovine. Zdaj ko je ves čas na dietni hrani se je stanje izboljšalo in mu je dlaka zrasla nazaj.
    Upam, da bo diagnoza čimprej znana in se bo tvoja mačka hitro pozdravila.

  40. I ran across your blog from a FB share of one of your nail posts. I'm not sure if you're still having problems with the kitty, but I wanted to share what worked for me. One of my cats is very tiny (she's about 8 but looks like she is about 1). We noticed she was losing hair, but couldn't figure out why, she had lost about 25% of her hair. We narrowed it down to a nutritional deficit. Because she is so little, she was having a problem with the food that we were feeding the cats, we switched to a different kibble that had smaller bites, so she could eat more easily and her fur grew back.

    Another thing that might help, one of my dogs was diagnosed with a skin condition a few years back, she lost about 75% of her hair and the vets weren't sure it would ever grow back. We heard about and then tried Halo's DreamCoat supplemental oil - and her coat grew back beautifully. We've used it several times since then, but it can be a little pricey. Alternatively, coconut oil is supposed to be good for pets, I feed it to my animals a couple times a week, it helps with their coat and digestion, etc...

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your other lil' one... I know all too well how hard it is to lose one!


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