Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #26

I'm a couple of days late, huh? Well, I've been to the movies last Saturday and I saw The Hunger Games movie. I must say it's good, but I liked the books much better. I was a bit unsatisfied with some of the details - but the people who haven't read the books pretty much loved it. It's usually like that.

Here are some of the characters that I liked the most. Effie was not as present in the movie as I though she'd be, but I must say the make up people did a great job. I'd never guess there's Elizabeth Banks underneath all that powder and color. Well done! Seneca Crane is another one that got locked in my mind. Maybe it's because of his cold exterior, maybe it's just his beard ... or his eyes. But they chose the right one. Cinna. Who wouldn't love him?
The Hunger Games

Look, I even made a Cinna inspired eye make up! My eye color isn't as warm and deep as his, but gold goes with every eye color, right?
The Hunger Games Cinna Eye Make Up

In case you're wondering, I'm wearing Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliner in Sphinx.
The Hunger Games Cinna Eye Make Up

And ... my favorite character ... drumroll - Haymitch!!! He was one of my least favorite characters in the book and by far my favorite in the movie. Woody Harrelson is one great actor - whenever he plays the drunk roles. LOVE!
The Hunger Games Haymitch Abernathy

Tell me: did you see The Hunger Games? If yes, who was your favorite character in the movie?


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My ring obsession is not over yet. Here's my latest addition - a knuckle/armour ring.
Armour Ring

Isn't it great? I got it for ~ $1.50. On Ebay of course. On another note - I'm wearing one of my favorite BYS polishes (so far) in Matte Charcoal. I think I'm in love with this shade. It's not grey, it's actually smoky grey-ish purple. Adorable shade!
Armour Ring


Doing crochet things is fun. What's not fun is when you're done and you realize that the thing you just made is so damn ugly... I gave a couple of flowers like this one below to an old lady from the retirement home. She was happy and that made me happy as well. Happy makes me happy. XD
Crochet Flower


Photo of the week:


Some of you were asking about my cats. They're all doing fine. Aishila has lost more of her hair, but she's doesn't seem ill - she eats like usual, she plays with Arya and she wins the fights with every cat she sees. That's just your typical Aishila. Jimi has started collecting ticks and Arya is growing and growing.

Music of the week:
Just because some of the young ones heard about Lenny for the first time - on March 23rd. ;)

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I've never read any Hunger Games books and the movie didn't really interested me. I don't know, I wasn't really trilled by the story. But my friend drag me to the movies. I accepted because I wanted to see what the hype was all about.
    I must say I wasn't disappointed, I really love the movie! Cinna, man I love him so much aha. I didn't like Haymitch at first but I fall in love with him too ahahah
    I bought the books soon after that! Can't wait to start reading them!

    Your ring is great!

  2. I haven't finished the books yet but I saw the movie. I think my favorite character was Effie ... I can see how the books would be better (which is usually the case). Arya looks so cute,love the color of her eyes. Looks like Cinna's eyeliner.

  3. I was so fascinated with Effie's make-up, costume, etc. that i did a nail inspired on the one she wore at the reaping. One of my favorite parts of the movie was seeing the Capitol because i there are things where imagination just isn't enough.

  4. I'm with you regarding the movie: it was good but not as good as the books. I also thought Woody Harrelson was hilarious! I have to rock some gold eyeliner again soon. It looks lovely!

  5. Lovely post except I think the crochet thing was pretty! :)

  6. Ne vem, če se spomnim prav, ampak a nisi tudi ti gledala Game Of Thrones? V nedeljo se je namreč začela druga sezona - YIHAAA! :D
    In sem te followala na Pinu. :)

  7. I love you blog! I've not commented before as I am unbelievably lazy but I really want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do! Your cats are adorable and I absolutely love your eyebrows!!!!! Thanks for all the different interests that you share with us!


  8. I haven't seen the movie or read the books. The books are always so much better. They're on my reading list. Don't know when I'll get to them. I have so many books out to read right now.

  9. *sigh* Še zmeraj nisem prebrala Hunger Games. ZDaj je pa res že skrajni čas, da jih. Če imam dva izpita konec aprila, vmes pa en festival. :( Pomoje se bom poleti spravila. pred tem pa nočem filma pogledat. Haha, good luck with that, I know. Prstan je zakon, kot zmeraj, rožice pa čudovite. <3 Me veseli, da so mucki kul!

  10. Oh yes, I have a woody for Woody!! Thank you for sharing about the cats too, happy to hear they are doing well:)

  11. Jumps *huge hunger games fan* (already did a similar Cinna inspired make-up :P)
    But I loved the books. With Cinna, Haymitch and Finnick as my favs. I liked the movie (actually liked Cato much more in the movie than in the book. They made him more human I think?)
    In the movie I liked haymitch the most. Altough Lenny Kravitz is a great Cinna. I think the script writers and the director made him less than he is. Like the kiss on the cheek before katniss went into the arena. It was supposed to be a kiss on the forehead I'm sure of it.
    And I missed Haymitch's line : Try to stay alive. :P But he was awesome !!

    (ow also did effie trinket reaping inspired nails :P)

  12. I saw the movie too and I liked it, even if in the books there is so much more!
    I think they did a good "resume" job anyway, considering they had to explain the Panem world to people who didn't read books.
    I liked Haymich from the books and Woody did make an amazing job.
    Lenny for Cinna (a great character in the book) wasn't the perfect choice to me, but after seeing it I think it turned out quite good.
    As for Seneca Crane (not mentioned that much in first novel) I admit Wes Bentely is just cool (maybe it that beard)!!
    Did you like main characters? I think that both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are quite plausible in their roles.

  13. I didn't like the movie the first time I went and saw it, but I liked it better the second time I saw it. I liked the books a lot beter, more detail as always.

    I agree with you about who they chose for Seneca Crane. He's got such an intense look about him, always has. He's not too hard on the eyes either. =)


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