Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Apparel - Mount Royal

It's time for my favorite American Apparel shade - Mount Royal. I went crazy over it the same second I first laid my eyes on it and with a little help of my American friend IceRozie, it was soon all mine.
American Apparel Mount Royal

Yes, American Apparel website scares me (it's mainly the photos of the girls wearing the clothes *shivers*), but this polish is a sheer joy! The bottle is nice and big (15 mL), the color is gorgeous and the quality of the polish is superb. Easy and flawless application, polish opaque in 2 coats, good brush and formula - what else could a girl want?

American Apparel, Mount Royal, 2 coats
American Apparel Mount Royal

Do you have a favorite American Apparel shade?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Gorgeous blue! There's quite a few colors from American Apparel that I'm interested in.

  2. I love that color! Sadly I haven't tried any American Apparel polishes yet. Their website IS pretty scary, at first I thought I had the wrong website because of their creepy photos o_O

  3. I don't know how do you do it that your nail pictures look so fabulous!! It's like a dream - so bright colour, so sharp lines, perfectly laid fingers... I wish I could do such pictures once! :-) <3

  4. I adore American Apparel cremes. They are amazing... so opaque and shiny. They don't get all worn out looking on me really quickly either!

  5. Beautiful colour, I love this kind of shade :)

  6. This blue is super pretty!
    My fave AA color is Cotton! I love this one soooo much!

  7. How, just how do you paint your nails so perfectly!??

  8. it looks somewhat like essence chuck (my favorite plain blue) maybe a little bit darker or is it just the lighting?

    1. Tudi mene je spomnil na Chucka, tako, da bi bila vesela primerjave, ker tale lepotec je res LEP! ♥

  9. tele lake sem videla v l'clercu, ampak nisem prepričana, če so imeli tale odtenek :) sem si privošila svetlješo modro ;)

  10. Looks pretty similar to Chuck (essence)/Pool Party at Night (Catrice), is that possible?
    (Ah, I see, another commentator had the same idea - unfortunately, I don't understand slovenian at all, so I don't get the answer.)


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