Friday, May 11, 2012

Barry M - Magnetic Nail Paint

Barry M recently released something we've seen before, but it's still pretty awesome: four magnetic polishes aka nail paints. Yes, I would love to see more colors, but I'm satisfied with these as well. Each polish shade comes with a different magnet pattern (as you can see on the photo below).
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint

Magnetic Nail Paint, Blue, 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint Blue

Magnetic Nail Paint, Burgundy, 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint Burgundy

Magnetic Nail Paint, Dark Silver, 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint Dark Silver

Magnetic Nail Paint, Purple (Violet), 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint Purple

All the polishes are pretty much opaque in one coat, but I used 2 for a good effect. The magnets are great. They really work immediately. My favorite is the 'burgundy' one, but they're all working as they should be. I'm quite impressed by these, I have to say. 

I got these polishes from Slovenian online store for swatches. You can buy these polishes in the same store (if you're from Slovenia) or you can go directly to Barry M website.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Great swatches and fun with all the different patterns to choose from. I liked Burgundy and Blue best. :)

    I have tried some magnetic polish from Depend and I found it more exciting than I thought it would be. They have only one pattern, though. :/

  2. Thanks for these swatches. That magnet on the Dark Silver polish looks really interesting. I've not seen that design before.

  3. Burgundy is lovely! :) And the designs of the magnets are quite nice also!

  4. Need some more magnetic polishes. These seem to have quite a strong magnetic effect and good magnets.

  5. I have the dark silver and I really like it, the red one is nice too but that just might be your nails making it look nice :P

    1. I doubt my nails make anything look better than it is. =D

  6. wow, krasne boji i super uzorci :-D

  7. Great swatches! I love Barry M polishes, for the price they have awesome colours and great formula.

  8. Are magnets in the polish cap?

    1. The magnets are on the additional cap over the polish cap (the one with the brush).

  9. Wow! Amazing! I've never really saw a magnetic polish that I really liked before, but I'm really loving the effect on the burgundy one :-D

  10. They look all great! I'm looking forward our seller of Barry M in Czech Republic will stock it up :) Then I'll probably buy it all!

  11. Burgundy is gorgeous, and the patterns look good, never seen any like these around. I'll consider to place an order!! If only magnets could be purchased separately....!!


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