Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #28

Wazap? Hope you're all doing OK, dear ones. I'm not gonna complain, so let's go straight to the ...

Robin Hobb Farseer Trilogy

Reading! I'm not sure who directed me to this trilogy by Robin Hobb, but I'm glad they did. I was completely in love with the first and second book. I kind of had a crush on the main character as well. Now I'm going through the third part. It's not my favorite and I don't like the way story is developing, but it's still a very interesting read. I strongly suggest you to read these. P.S.: These are from the fantasy genre.


Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad

I bought this silicone facial cleansing pad on Ebay and I don't feel like writing a whole post about it. I tried it out and I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's OK, but it didn't make my face feel heavenly smooth or anything. And no, it didn't remove the blackheads either. If you want one, you can get it on Ebay for $0.99 (buy it now, free shipping).


Crochet Hooks

For the crochet loving ladies: I got these crochet hooks on Ebay for $3.95 (buy it now, free shipping). Yep, all of them for a mere 4 bucks. 12 hooks in 12 different sizes.

Crochet Lace Necklace

Here's a necklace I made using one of the Ebay hooks. It's not as I wanted it to be, so I'll probably make a new one.


Posts of the week:

Kellie made me wanna 'eat a sandwich' after seeing her adorable Teal Marshmallow Sandwich.

Elsa posted a gorgeous Pupa Denim Blue holographic polish.

The Nailasaurus went all in - into the art of gradient nails. Wanna see how to do a gradient mani?

I don't really know what Avengers movie is about, but I love this Black Widow make up Jangsara created.

Check out these Layla Mirror Effects chrome nail polish shades on More Nail Polish. Awesome!


See this list of 10 best travel destinations for 2012. Maybe it's time for you to finally visit Slovenia. =)

Cats and sleeping. Winning combination. Arya could be one of these cats. 


Photo of the week:
My mother's rhododendron.


Video of the week:
I believe I still haven't told you about my latest movie experience. I went to see Titanic in 3D. Please, don't ask me why... It wasn't my favorite movie when I first saw it and it certainly isn't my favorite now. I must say it was the worst 3D movie I ever saw. Well, the movie is the same, but the 3D effect is just... laughable. My boyfriends TV converts 2D to 3D better than that. Yes, it was a 'face-palm' situation.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Those crochet hooks are awesome! Love the different colours.

  2. A friend keeps recomending this trilogy every other week almost! I bought the first one, but have yet to start it!

    I have one of those things for washing your face and I don't get the fuss either. Overhyped.

    I like that necklace! I can't crochet, but I have had some ideas about knitting!

  3. Oh! And, do you have a cat called Arya?

  4. i love flowers, yours is beautiful :)
    i don't see Titanic in 3D and with your opinion, i will not see it ;)
    have a good week!

  5. That necklace is amazing! I've never seen anything like it before. So pretty.

  6. I will have to check out those books! Now, if your into fantasy, you HAVE to check out the Symphony of the Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon. They are seriously the best books I have ever read. They are so unique and incredibly funny, I found myself lol'ing, which I never do with books. I absolutly love them!!

    Speaking of LOL'ing, I totally laughed at the Titanic!!

  7. i love these sum up posts. the videos are the best. I hadnt seen this titanic spood
    hilarious :)
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  8. When you start selling your creations (the necklaces and such) let us know. I'll be buying. :)

  9. I could not be happier that you are into crochet!
    I have been in love with crocheting for the last couple years as well :)


  10. This necklace looks amazing, you're very talented

  11. Keep on reading Robin Hobb! I love those books by her. She also writes books using her real name Megan Lindholm, more in a pre historic timeframe, but i haven't found any motivation to read those. And yes, Angie, Elizabeth Haydon is great.

  12. I'm a big Robin Hobb fan. I really liked this series too!

  13. I just noticed quite a lot of referrers to my blog from here. Thank you so much for the link to my blog post about the Layla mirror effects. I love your crochet necklace too. I wish I knew how to crochet.

  14. You are awesome! Thanks for the tip about crochet hooks on ebay!


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