Friday, June 8, 2012


About a month ago, I purchased some iron transfer paper on Ebay and a white T-shirt. I already had in my head what I wanted my T-shirt to look like... But I ended up with useless transfer paper sheets which didn't work and a ruined T-shirt. And I gave up. 

A week later I was contacted by and it was like they knew about my disappointment. They offered me to do my own custom T-shirt via their online service and in return I would tell you about the process. Hell yeah! After all, I finally got my Jimi T-shirt. T-Shirt

How to get your T-shirt?
First of all, visit There you can design your own T-shirt or browse and shop over 25,000 T-shirt designs. Here are some of my favorite pre-designed ones: T-Shirt

Let's focus on the designing your own top. It's really simple and if I can do it, so can everyone else. There are just a couple easy steps: 
1) Choose the product (T-shirt). You can filter products by gender, cut, color, size, brand and fiber (you can also pick the organic type of fiber). After you've picked the type of T-shirt you want, you can continue with the next step.
2) Designing. Here's where you start adding images, text or your own graphic to the T-shirt. When you're done with your design, you simply add the product to the cart. Simple as that!

As I mentioned before, I already knew how my T-shirt should look. I added a photo of my cat Jimi and a little text above it. I like the way it turned out. And you? T-Shirt

What I like about
+ They have different styles of T-shirts/tops to choose from. I could really pick just the style I wanted to have.
+ You can always see the total cost of the T-shirt you're designing.
+ Designing is really simple and I like the fact your can see the preview at all times.
+ I got my T-shirt fast (the shipping only took about a week).
+ The quality of the T-shirt and the print is great.

What I don't like about
- Choosing a colored (everything but white) T-shirt costs more.
- The shipping to EU is quite expensive (half the price of the T-shirt).

There's one more thing I think it's important to mention. If you're gonna design your T-shirt via, be careful at picking the size. I'm a size 36/38 (EU S/M), but I had to pick my T-shirt in size L. Just read about the type of fit of the T-shirt you want.

I think I should probably take a photo with Jimi and me wearing this top, but Aishila was already there, so... T-Shirt

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes.

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  1. As a cat lover, I totally adore your new T-shirt. My sister has a denim bag with her cat's picture on it, that we gave her for a birthday. It was printed by a local photo developing store.

  2. Love the T-shirt! How is Aishila doing?

  3. Trenutno imamo doma 12 muckov in motivov imam več kot dovolj ;)

  4. aaaaaaaaaaa, baš mi je drago da si konačno došla do svoje jimi majce *.*

  5. love love love the tshirt and your cats!

  6. I love to see photos of you in your blog :)
    The shirt looks awesome, and I also like your jeans and bracelet. Oh, and your hair looks great in a high pony tail like that!
    The only thing I'm puzzled by are the naked nails ;)

  7. Win! Adore the tank and your pics!


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