Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Mont Bleu Glass Nail File & Tweezers

Long, long time ago I was contacted by Mont Bleu company and asked if I want to try their products. I never heard of Mont Bleu before, so I had to check what their products are and when I saw they make glass nail files, I was all for it. Just like a girl can never have too many shoes, she can never have too many nail files. One for the manicure storage, one for the purse, one for the travel pouch ... and so on. Or is that just me?

Mont Bleu was founded in Prague, by the person with 30 years of experience working with the glass and a designer Akop Nikogosyan. They produce crystal glass nail files and decorate variety of high quality products - beauty accessories.

I was offered to pick my own products from their range, but to be completely honest - there was just too much to choose from (see Mont Bleu online store if you don't believe me), so I let them pick the products for me. My only wish was to try one of their nail files and tweezers.

The collection of Mont Bleu nail files is really enormous. They offer:
- classic glass nail files (clear and colored glass nail files in all sizes - foot files as well)
- exclusive glass nail files (hand painted crystal and glass files with Swarovski crystals)
- jewellry glass nail files (crystal files jewelled with crystal, stone, silver and gold)

All of Mont Bleu nail files come in a protective case. It can be a soft plastic, suede (velvet) or hard plastic for maximum protection.

This is the file I got. It belongs to the exclusive line - color glass nail file with Swarovski crystals. This particular design comes in 6 different colors and I got the one that I'd probably picked for myself as well. It's 135 mm long and 2 mm thick.
Mont Bleu Glass Nail File

What I think of it? I'm not too crazy about the crystals whether they're Swarovski or not, but I must admit this file is really well made. It doesn't look cheap (like most crystallized products do, at least for me) and it comes with a suede protective case. I remeber raving about my little glass file I bought on Ebay but this one made me realize what a good nail file actually is. I don't have to file my nails for an hour to see results. The surface of this file is rough enough to file a nail in seconds, but not too rough so it doesn't tear the nails. I can only suggest you to buy one for yourself and see. It became my favorite immediately.

The second product I got were these 90 mm long slant tip tweezers with Swarovski crystals.
Mont Bleu Tweezers

What I think of them? Just like a good nail file, good tweezers are a must for every woman. And I would know about that, believe me. I've had three different tweezers on my desk, just at the reach of the hand. And now there are four. These tweezers could easily compare to the Tweezerman ones - they work just as great as the Tweezerman ones did when I first bought them. Now they've become blunt and aren't my favorite anymore. I haven't been using these Mont Bleu tweezers long enough, so they might get blunt after some time, but I do love them at the moment. They're not 'over the top amazing product' like Mont Bleu nail file, but they get the job done. I would recommend.

You can buy Mont Bleu products in their online store Design Glassware by Mont Bleu. The nail file I showed you retails for 10 € and the tweezers for 12 € (they have a 10% off at the moment). They ship internationally.

If you're planning on buying anything, you can use a code ''BLOG'' and get a 20% off. 

Mont Bleu can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and on their Blog.

*These products were sent to me by the company.

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  1. I randomly bought myself two of those Mont Bleu files a few months ago and I *adore* them. I totally agree with your statement, they're not so rough that they tear the nail, but they can really file it down smoothly. It just depends on how much pressure you use. Maybe I'll finally get a couple more for around the house with that phat discount code! :D

  2. I seem to recall Tweezerman offers several years of warranty and they will restore your tweezers to their former glory if you send them on the post or something like that.

    1. Yeah, I know about that, but the shipping would cost me more than new pair of tweezers. So I guess I'll have to pass on their offer. =D

  3. Oh ye,s I have two of their files, a normal sized and a travel size one and I love them!

  4. I already have a glass but these are pretty!


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