Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To: Instant Make Up with Eye Majic

I was really happy to get such a positive response on my yesterday's little gradient manicure tutorial. Thank you! =) I'm continuing with a mini make up tutorial which is a bit different this time 'cause it's made with the so called Eye Majic instant eye shadow. These eye shadows come in matte and pearl finishes and they also offer leopard print eye shadows. Not sure how that would look, but tastes differ. You can find out more about it on Eye Majic website.

I used Eye Majic in Pearl Shade 16 - Silk Indulgence.
How To: Instant Make Up with EyeMajic

The directions on the box say to simply place the applicator on the eyelid, press it gently for a couple of seconds and then gently slide it towards the outer corner of your eye. That's it. I find that a bit too shabby, so here's how I do it:

1 - Prepare your eyelid by applying a primer or an eyeshadow base.
2 - Place the applicator on your lid and press gently. Slide it towards the outer corner.
How To: Instant Make Up with EyeMajic

3 - Blend out the edges with an eyeshadow brush. Use the brush to transfer some of the eyeshadow on your lower eyelid as well.
4 - Fill in your brows.
How To: Instant Make Up with EyeMajic

5 - Apply eye liner on your upper eyelid and waterline.
6 - Apply mascara.
How To: Instant Make Up with EyeMajic

And this is how the finished make up looks like.
How To: Instant Make Up with EyeMajic

So, how do you like the look?

I must say I'm not too crazy about these instant eye shadow thingies. I think you can do your make up quicker, better and cheaper by using a good old eye shadow and a brush. Besides, once you apply this eye shadow, you still have to blend it out so you don't really save that much time. In my opinion the MU with these shadows looks ugly until you do the blending anyway. Not for me. Have you tried Eye Majic? What are your experiences with it? 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. eh, I like doing it myself better.
    These don't see all that worth it to me.
    But I do love the shadow with your eye color!

  2. Sem šla povohljat za kaj se gre takoj ko sem ga opazila v trgovini, ampak nisem za te hece, se čisto strinjam s tabo, navadno senčilo in čopič delujeta bolje, pa še ceneje je vse skupaj.

  3. The concept is great, it just hasn't executed well- I agree, you can easily acheive this look with normal shadows!

  4. It doesn't look awful, and the idea is cool. But I agree - I'd rather do it the "old fashioned way"!

  5. I have these and really love them when I'm in a jam for getting out the door!

  6. Hmm, interesting! Its too bad they don't work better, cause I would totally buy one for lazy mornings.

  7. Itak tvoje ličenje tem "nalepkam" ne seže niti do nožnih prstov, ampak dejansko ne izgleda tako slabo, kot sem pričakovala. Verjetno ker ti, Nihrida, spretno rokuješ tudi s takimi neobičajnimi pripomočki. :)

    Ne predstavljam pa si, da bi tole izpadlo dobro s kakšnimi temnejšimi barvami in večjimi razlikami med njimi (npr. svetlo na veki in temnejše v pregibu).
    Se strinjam z vsemi, bolje je investirati v en soliden čopič in nekaj senčil, da se sam naličiš - enostavneje, dolgoročno ceneje + dopušča več različic.

  8. At least I'm happy you've showed us how it works;
    but as you and others I don't see the advantage to use this,
    I'm totally OK with blending myself!

  9. This I think is a really good tutor, because many girls do simly not know haow to do their eyelids properly.

  10. the idea is great, but those companies still need to think about the application :/
    idk.. was it loreal? or maxfactor? one of these brands had something out like that before..

    but I have to say, i looove the colors with your eyecolor :)

  11. I think I am the target audience for this since I don't know how to apply eyeshadow at all. It looks beautiful on you.


  12. Well... It looks good after blending but maybe not for me :D The color is lovely on you!

    Nea -Fashioned in Finland-


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