Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Essence Trend Edition: New in Town

''Get ready for the city! London, Paris, New York or Tokyo – exciting and extraordinary cities that offer maximum diversity in terms of fashion and trends! The Essence trend edition "new in town" whisks all trend setters and fashionistas away to the most metropolitan cities of the world – where creativity knows no limits and the coolest looks of tomorrow are born. The hip products in this trend edition spread a vibrant feeling of big city flair in august 2012 and create a unique look! Skyscraper styles or hip neighborhood trends – life has its own rules for stylish city girls!'' (Essence)
Essence New in Town Trend Edition

Here are the products from the new Essence trend edition called New in Town. I think this is just a preview of the new products that will be added to all Essence displays, but that's just me saying. All the polishes are announced as a part of their core line and that's saying something. I am excited to try them. And I think the new bottle looks really cute. It's more 2012 than the old one.

*Photos belong to Essence, I just edited them. 

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  1. Lipbalms look really yummy and multi action mascara is one of the best I've tried so I'm really excited about those. :)
    Kiss :*

  2. I'm excited to try the new essence products, but still a bit hesitative about the new bottles.. We'll see what happens! x purrrpolish

  3. Are you sure this is a trend edition? It looks to me like they are just showing off the new stuff. Since those are the new colour and go colours!

  4. Essence seems to listen and finally does those raved Stay all Day eyeshadows in more vibrant colours.
    Those lipbalms look cute. It remains to be seen if they actually nourish the lips or are just cute.
    Very excited about the nail polishes too. Some lucky Germans can already buy them (Candy Glaze, a German blog I follow has shown two of them already).

  5. I a fan of the stay all day eyeshadow so I hope these colours will be permanent!

  6. Mene so samo balzami za ustnice pritegnili, sploh če bodo dejansko pustili kaj barve za seboj. Tisti rdeči izgleda zelo yummy. :)

  7. balzami so res luškani! in nove flaške za lake so mi všeč!

  8. Finally! Pink and purple cream eyeshadows!!


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