Friday, July 27, 2012

Tip Top Nail Chic Polish - Part II

Remember my first post on Tip Top Nail Chic polishes? Well, I said I was hoping to get darker, more my kind of shades and the Tip Top people saw that. They were so kind, they decided to send me some polishes is my colors as well. I got two cremes (brown and red) and two shimmers (green and blue).
Tip Top Nail Chic Polish

Brownie Points, 2 coats (a warm chocolate brown creme)
Tip Top Nail Chic in Brownie Points

Jeepers Creepers, 3 coats (green shimmer with blue flash)
Tip Top Nail Chic in Jeepers Creepers

Red Rendezvous, 2 coats (medium red creme)
Tip Top Nail Chic in Red Rendezvous

Space Cadet, 3 coats (jelly blue with flakie shimmer)
Tip Top Nail Chic in Space Cadet

After trying these new, darker shades, I have to say I still haven't changed my mind about these polishes. They're great! The quality is very consistent and I absolutely adore the brush. It's so flexible and easy to work with - it should be a mandatory brush in all polishes. No, but I really love it. =) 
The formula is the same on all polishes - as I like to say: just right. Opacity is different though. I used 2 coats with all polishes but the two shimmers. I can see why Space Cadet needed 3 coats. It's a jelly after all. And I could get away with two coats of Jeepers Creepers, but I realized it would look better with three. I can't say anything bad about these polishes even if I wanted to. 

By the way - Tip Top website is finally up and running. I can't find these shades there though (with the exception of Red Rendezvous), so I don't know if these are new shades or some kind of limited edition shades... I also can't tell you where to find and buy these polishes, so I guess you'll have to do a little research yourself. I did hear they're quite inexpensive and I strongly recommend you to try them if you get the change. And if you do - let me know what you think, OK? 

*The polishes were sent to me by the company. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Jeepers Creepers And Space Cadet look so pretty. I'll have to try getting my hands on them.

  2. Oh, I love the brown one! But the green ist also fantastic!

  3. Vsi so lepi, ampak zelenko je nekaj posebnega. <3

    Pa vsakič, ko imaš kratke nohte, objokujem, zakaj moji ne izgledajo tako lepo, ko so kratki. Fouš sem, ampak v najboljšem možnem smislu. :)

  4. Jeepers Creepers and Space Cadet....simply gorgeous! I'm pretty sure this brand isn't sold in Italy :-$

  5. I love Tip Top Nail Chic! Their colors and quality are amazing! The brand is a South African brand and can be bought at Clicks stores.


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