Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #33

Wanted to post this on Saturday, but I didn't. The heat is getting to me. I really can't function properly when there's 35+ degrees Celsius outside (for my US friends: that's 95 degrees Fahrenheit). I get along with cold weather so much better. How about you? Hot or cold? 


I told you I was gonna get Grumpy from the Essence Snow White trend edition! Thanks anyway for offering to send it to me, Lily!
Essence Grumpy (Snow White TE)

I also got another bottle of Caribbean Sea from the Show Your Feet line. I got my first bottle of this color years ago, but when I saw it at the store the other day, I knew immediately there's something different about this one. And I was right. It's darker. There's still a nail polish addict in me, I guess. I haven't tried them on my nails yet, to compare them side by side but I will. Someday.
Essence Caribbean Sea

One of the polishes I was wearing this week is also ManGlaze in Fuggen Ugly. I almost forgot how much this polish rocks.
ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly


Photo of the week: Leucanthemum


Posts of the week:

Anutka from Wacky Laki did an amazing goth stamping manicure. It looks like a Punisher mani, don't you think?

She's back! I'm talking about Trincess from Emerald Sparkled. And she's back with a bang aka this gorgeous denim roses manicure.

Yeah, it's official. Ritterbraten from Das Experiment has perfect nails. I'm talking - PERFECTION.

Salla from OMG! Polish 'em! posted swatches from the new Nails Inc. Nail Jewellery Collection. I dig the Emerald and Pink one.

Is it a hammer? Some kind of tool? No, it's i.myss Marcato Dual Nail polish. Nathalie from Jellynat knows how to use it. And she knows how to use it well.

When the Orly FX collection came out, it was all about Space Cadet. Now it's forgotten somewhere in the back of your helmer... Just to remind you - with help and beautiful swatches from Steffels.

Thank goodness for Scrangie! Her swatches are alwayas SO helpful and she's being helpful again with her photos of the new China Glaze On Safari Collection polishes.

If Ritterbraten has the most perfect nails, then AmyGrace from The Polished Perfectionist has the most perfect photos. Just when I convinced myself I really don't need Zoya's Caitlin, she goes and posts this Cirque Debris mani.

New blog to follow: Coewless.


There are two more things I wanted to talk to you about. First one was brought to my attention by Sophie from My Awesome Beauty and it's about retouching swatches.

''Some blogs do it and they always get comments like “how do you paint so perfectly?” and I always want to answer “photoshop!”.''

To make things clear - I am one of the bloggers who use photoshop regularly. I use it to set the lightness and contrast of my photos: just because I don't understand enough about photography to get that ''perfect'' photo right from the camera. I also do retouching. When I paint my nails I often don't need to do cleanup, but when I photograph them - EVERYTHING shows. The slightest bump on my nail, the cat hair on my finger... It's not like I paint my nails in PS. Not at all. I will show you the difference in my photos before and after PS soon. 


Another thing that doesn't leave me alone is the response of some of my readers when I posted about the Max Factor nail polish and when I posted a link to Max Factor polish on one of my previous Weekly Sum-Ups. It was something like: they test on animals, you're an animal lover and you shouldn't post about this brand. Would it be better if I posted about The Body Shop? Just read THIS and hopefully you'll understand what I'm talking about - if a brand says it's cruelty free, it doesn't mean it's really cruelty free. You certainly feel better when using it, but it's the same for the animals.


Music of the week:

Summertime Sadness. I haz it.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Both bottles of Caribean sea look fantastic!
    Fuggen Ugly nail polish is great too
    have a great week! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link back! You are so sweet :)

  3. I really should get some matte nail polish. Manglaze have the funniest names :)

  4. I love Fuggen Ugly! Now I have to track it down..
    I hate the heat and love the cooler weather. The heat drains me and makes me grouchy, and I feel so much better when it is cool.

  5. Jaz sem najbrž pomladen tip, pozimi me nenormalno zebe (najbolj oblečena od vseh pa se najbolj tresem), poleti je pa tudi malo mučno. Ampak ne toliko, v hiši je itak klima, če hočem biti pa zunaj pa skočim na bazen. :D

    Srečnica, jaz sem Grumpy-a iskala VSEPOVSOD relativno blizu pa ga nikjer ni več. :(

    Fuggen Ugly je čudovit <3

    1. Da ne boš mislila, da sem bila pred polnim stojalom... Zadnjega Grumpy-a sem vzela. Povsod ga najprej zmanjka.

  6. wow Man glaze is OMG rocking....wish we could have it in Pakistan:)

  7. I quickly compared those two Caribbean Sea ( ), unfortunately the new version crashed on the floor immediately after taking pictures, so I couldn't do swatches :P

    About retouching: I commented on that post, but I'd like to add here that if pictures show things our eyes can't see in reality, then, in my opinion, it shouldn't bother anyone, since that we can't see those things :D
    I say so because I don't understand those ultra-MACRO shots, which are beautiful indeed (sometimes), but 100% useless for a girl who's looking at that swatch in order to decide what to buy (or not).

    1. That's too bad. I did a quick comparison on a scotch tape after I read your comment and it looks like version 2 is a lot more sheer. Too bad cause the color is prettier.

  8. I adore Lana del Rey and Summertime Sadness is one of my favorites. :) So glad she found a spot in your interesting post.
    Kiss :*

  9. Thanks for your flattering words and for tagging me :) :)
    Agree on Photoshop issue - people come to nail blogs to see nail polish, the beauty of colours and/or nail art, they shouldn't be bothered by pieces of cotton, hairs, smudges or dry skin sticking out. Myself I only retouch such things if they appear, otherwise I mostly post photos "directly from the camera" - if the colour came out fine and doesn't need corrections.


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