Saturday, August 11, 2012

Design Glassware by Mont Bleu

I think I'm set for life when it comes to nail files. I got an email from Mont Bleu last month telling me they're gonna track and count the traffic they get from bloggers who wrote reviews for them. The ones with the highest traffic would get codes for a certain amount to spend in their Design Glassware online store. I decided not to tell you about it because I wanted the results to be relevant. A little more than a week ago Mont Bleu folks contacted me and told me I got the 2nd prize: code for 70€. I placed an order soon after that and received the items super fast (less than a week).

Here's what I got:
Mont Bleu Purchase at Design Glassware

Slanted Tweezers in Turquoise, 4.99 € (LINK)
''Slanted tweezers for shaping eyebrow hair, made of stainless steel, turquoise silicon covered for easy holding.''
Mont Bleu Slanted Tweezers

Travel Nail File, 4.00 € (LINK)
''Travel nail files that is perfect for purse and travel. Purple nail file is made of Czech hardened glass.''
Mont Bleu Travel Nail File

Glass Nail File in Hard Case, 9.00 € (LINK)
''Glass nail file in hard plastic case for extra damage resistance, 125mm/4.92 inches long. Czech made glass nail file.''
Mont Bleu Glass Nail File in Hard Case

Callus Remover, 14.40 € (LINK)
''Scraper foot file for removing callus (hard skin) from heels - great alternative for taking care of your feet.''
Mont Bleu Callus Remover

Black Leather Manicure Set, 17.50 € (LINK)
''Black leather manicure set includes glass nail file, nail scissors and tweezers. Ideal as travel manicure set.''
Mont Bleu Black Leather Manicure Set
Mont Bleu Black Leather Manicure Set

I also got something for my sister.
Mont Bleu Purchase at Design Glassware

* Travel Nail File, 4.00 €

How cute is this crystalized file?
Mont Bleu Mini Crystal Nail File with Swarovski Elements

If you read my Mont Bleu review you already know I fell in love with their glass nail files and I really recommend them to everyone. Now that I've placed an order, I can also tell you they process the orders and send the items out very quickly. Design Glassware by Mont Bleu offers affordable worldwide shipping. Yay!

Thank you, Mont Bleu and thank you, Readers! :*

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I bought myself a glass file and tweezers and I am sooo excited :D Hope they will arrive soon. Thanks Nihrida for your helpful review!

  2. Čestitke za nagrado! :)
    Lepe stvarčice si nabrala (aqua pinceta, oujea!). Si bom zabeležila te pilice, če slučajno izgubim (bognedaj) svojo trenutno Credo in jo vzamejo iz prodaje.


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