Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Essence Trend Editions: Wild Craft & Cherry Blossom Girl

''Essence goes wild! Things are about to get exciting and adventurous in September 2012 with the trend edition “wild craft” by Essence! Inspired by nature, thick furs and rough tree barks, this trend edition offers the ideal looks to attract plenty of attention in the urban prairie! Soft nude and rosé shades create a contrast to dark purple and green. Adventurous girls and outdoor fans prefer soft or bold but definitely natural colors this fall as this season’s motto shouts “get wild”!'' (Essence)
Essence Wild Craft Trend Edition

''Konnichiwa Asian beauty girls! In September 2012, Essence whisks you away to the far east with the trend edition “cherry blossom girl”. The color theme of this trend edition unites soft cherry blossom shades with strong red, bright yellow and cool black. The absolute it-piece: elaborately designed paper eyelashes that create a fabulous asia-look with a true wow-effect when combined with expressive eyeliner, intense red lips and softly shimmering skin!'' (Essence)
Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Trend Edition

Meh, they could do better, in my opinion. This Cherry Blossom Girl TE looks like the Blossoms etc. TE part II. At least the polishes. But as I always say: I'm gonna wait until I see these products in real life.

See anything you like?

*Images are a property of Essence. I just edited them. 

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  1. Collection wild craft looks interesting I hope that it'll be in Slovakia

  2. Blush iz Cherry Blossom Girl <3

  3. I'm really loving the purple lipstick and the pink/coral lip pencil!

  4. Meni se prva kr dopade, mela bi čopiš, highlighter, najverjetneje lakce, pa mogoče tudi set za obrvi :)

    Druga je pa kot mix med Blossoms etc. pa Cute as hell (?) zame... No, lakci bodo morda lepi pa svinčnik za ustnice izgleda zanimivo.. Hmm..

  5. Wait until I see them in swatches (or real life). My thoughts exactly.
    The duo brush in the Wild Craft looks intriguing, as well as the lipstick pencils in the Cherry Blossom Girl. Essence does recycle their package. They did the same with the You Rock polish bottles which were used for another LE this year.

  6. I like both but I prefer Cherry Blossom Girl :)

  7. I hope Wild Craft will come to Holland I like the colour set:)

  8. omg. for me the star of this collection are the paper lashes. please will you tell us how much they are when you know more?
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. Paper lashes are supposed to be sold for 2,29€. Very affordable, no? =D

  9. I want most of the stuff from both collections! Better start saving money...

  10. Iz prve vijoličasto senčilo, ki daje slutiti, da gre za čudovito barvo (finiš še vprašljiv), pri drugi mi je vse premilih barv, da bi mi bilo zanimivo. :)

  11. Cherry Blossom girl looks lovely!!!

  12. I've just bought some Wild Craft... ;-)


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