Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swatches: Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

My previous EyeMajic post wasn't too encouraging, but I got to try some other shades as well and they made me change my mind a little to the positive side. They're not that bad, but I still prefer to do my make up without any instant products. Here are swatches of the shades I tried. I applied Eye Majic to my upper eye lid and a coat of mascara to my lashes. Nothing else. I didn't use any primer or base underneath.

Shade 1
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 1

Shade 2
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 2

Shade 3
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 3

Shade 9
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 9

Shade 20
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 20

Shade 22
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 22

Shade 52
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Shade 52

I wish there was some color for the lower eyelid as well...

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. oh...1 2 3 so zelo lepo izpadli:) hmm..mogoče bi si kaj takega omislila, ker se bolj lena kar se make up-a tiče :)

  2. Hmm, those really aren't too bad. Could be great for peeps who feel unsure of shadow, are travelling or just feeling lazy. I would try them, they look pretty on you!

  3. The idea sounds kind of cool, but they don't look as good as a real application of eyeshadow. Nice colours, though.

  4. GAAAHH! Such pretty eyeballs!

    Some of the eye shadows are nice too. :o)

  5. Naj mi ne zamerijo proizvajalci, ampak, Nihrida, vsak tvoj mejkap je 1000x boljši od teh. :$ Saj izgledajo lepo, ampak manjka jim globina, ki se doseže samo z dobrim nanosom in blendanjem senčil. Pri nekaterih videzih celo izgleda, kot da bi jih nosila že 12 ur in so začeli bledeti. Kar je čisto pričakovano, ker so vsa senčila nanesena v enem koraku in ni tistega slojenja, ki se doseže z običajnim ličenjem. Tako samo obležijo na površini kože, če lahko tako rečem. :)

    So pa najbrž super izbira za popolne laike v ličenju, ki nimajo želje ali motivacije, da bi se naučili te enostavne veščine. :)

  6. Pink and purple shadows are my fav out of the bunch. I like that you can achieve perfectly symmetrical eye shadow looks but I think it takes the love out of beauty.

    This may be old school, but I view makeup as an art, which you take time and passion to create the final look. So I think, I'll pass on these, especially since they cost more.

    Great for peeps who have to do makeup in a hurry though.

  7. Nekateri odtenki izgledajo res lepi

  8. Shade 2 and 22 are the best imo. I've only seen the Sephora ones and another set from a popular Spanish supermarket but I think they're too expensive for something that you will use only once.

  9. I do like most of the colors on you, and they are pretty intense for shadows without primer underneath!

  10. Really amazing shades, perfect for people who are afraid of too bold colors.
    Also, I think they are great shades for those who are going back to school:-)


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