Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly Sum-Up #37

Let's start this Weekly Sum-Up with polish - Essence Passion for Fashion. A gorgeous purple creme which is perfect for me, but there is such a thing as having too much polish. You know how it goes. I swatched it before but haven't really worn it until this week.
Essence Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion held on pretty well, so I just slapped some Max Factor Fantasy Fire over it. Good enough for another two days.
Essence Passion for Fashion with Max Faxtor Fantasy Fire

Katy Perry. Sporting a jin jang manicure on a cover of Elle magazine. She's so 2009. ;)
Katy Perry Elle Cover Jin Jang Nails

Here's my take on Jin Jang Manicure (from 2009). And this is my crappy tutorial for it, if you're interested.
Jin Jang Manicure

My new spike through earring arrived! My obsession with spikes is never-ending.
Spike Through Earring
Spike Through Earring

Some bling-bling for my sister. Via Ebay of course.
Bronze Leaves Necklace
Dragonfly Necklace

Flower of the week: Gladiolus

Man candy of the week: Elijah, the new sheriff of Area 5. Those eyes. His ''real'' name is Keram Malicki-Sanchez. 38 years old, of Polish and Ecuadorian origin, quadrilingual.


Posts of the week:

Nail Stories let Lava Flow over her perfect nails. Now I want it too!

I have to admit I don't have too much patience when it comes to nail art. One more reason to admire The Nailasaurus and her Frankencherry manicure.

Hey, everybody! The Polish Addict is BACK! This time for real. So she says.

Bruno from Acetone and Old Lacquer did the best glitter gradation manicure ever. Too bad my nails are so short...

AmyGrace from The Polished Perfectionist certainly picked the right name for her blog. She keeps posting one perfect manicure after another. This time it was the green gradient manicure that blew my mind.

Music of the week:

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. You always find such great jewelry on ebay! I wonder how you manage to do it, it's so easy to get lost in such variety of things..)

  2. Elijah.... Oh. My. Dear. God. *_*

  3. The Polished Perfectionist is perfect.

    Quadrilingual? Yes, please!
    And I love that Boot and Rally song.

    Passion for Fashion is a wonderful colour, I love seeing it.

    Does Katy Perry in that picture look slightly odd to anyone else?
    Like... I don't know, like they airbrushed it almost into a face of somebody else :| .

  4. I absolutely love the ring you're wearing on the first picture!
    And I watched the Yin/Yang tutorial - thanks. I'll be trying that out! :)

  5. great nail,but ring is fantastic,my sister love something like that

  6. You always find such great jewellery on Ebay! I love that chunky leaf necklace! I've been looking for one of those! And that spikey earring, it's lovely!

  7. Essence Passion for fashion is one of my favorites and I got myself a backup bottle since it is now discontinued. It is also my favorite base for Fantasy fire ;))

    And your jewelry is very pretty :)

  8. I love this post, purple, skulls and a yin/yang manicure! So up my alley. I found your blog googling Essence cosmetics :D

  9. I think your site is great and very imformative but I simply love the photos that you have on your site. They are so bright and colourful and vivid. Do you take them yourself?

    1. Yes, I take the photos myself. Glad you like them. =)

  10. Those spike earrings are amazing! I must find a pair of my own. ^_^

  11. I agree that those earrings look great. Also I love Iggy Pop so you won me over there.


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