Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beauty UK Nail Wraps

Beauty UK recently welcomed a new type of product in their line which they call Nail Wraps. Nothing new in the nail community - they're just regular full nail stickers with different designs. Nail Wraps require no drying time and can be used on natural or artificial nails.

''Bored of nail polish and too impatient to create your own funky designs? Our nail wrap collection is the perfect solution. No hassle, heat free application and 14 unique, on-trend designs to choose from. Time to make your nail statement that little bit different...'' (Beauty UK)

I have photos of all 14 designs for you...
Beauty UK Nail Wraps in American Girl

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Argyle

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Have a Cow

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Lace Noir

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Leopard

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in London Town

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Ooh La La

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Portobello

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Rule Britannia

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Snow Leopard

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Strawberries and Cream

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Sweet Love

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Vintage Lace

Beauty UK Nail Wraps in Zebra

These Beauty UK Nail Wraps are really easy to use. This are the instructions from the box:
1) Ensure nails are clean and dry.
2) Remove shine from nail with a nail buffer.
3) Select a nail wrap nearest to your cuticle size.
4) Apply from the cuticle edge to the edge of your nail.
5) Firmly stretch over nail and use the nail file to remove excess wrap by running the file under the nail in a downward motion. 
TO REMOVE: Start from the nail edge and simply peel off. 

*Transparent designs can be worn over your favorite nail polish shade. 

Every package comes with 20 stickers in different sizes and a little file. I tried them for swatching purposes only so I don't know if they're really long lasting as Beauty UK claims. I do know they have a not very pleasant smell and the dark ones (Ooh La La, Argyle) are quite hard to file off. I'd wish them to be more flexible and less 'plastic' to the feel. I'm not to crazy about them but I do admit it's hard to impress me when it comes to this type of product. OK, I'll say it - I like the look of Lace Noir and Portobello, I just don't like the feeling of having stickers on my nails. 

Which design is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Ne morem verjeti, da bom to napisala, ampak Portobello je tako lepo vintiđ.

  2. I actually really like the look of most of these but I always have the hardest time with nail wraps! Even with the best quality ones, the edges always lift no matter is I follow the instructions step by step :(

  3. I like the look of them, too.

  4. London Town and Portobello are soooo pretty!!!!

  5. The argyle and strawberry polka dot ones are awesome!

  6. These look really great, almost all of them.

  7. Love Portobello & the Zebra ones! So cute! :)

  8. Goddammit, how do you get along with full-cover stickers? I tried it recently (not those, some essence-thingies), but I totally ruined it while filing the excess down (and I really filed it _down(wards)_). My result was just [url=]crap[/url]. But there are so many pretty design that I really really wish I could handle them. Is there any secret?

    1. I don't really have any secret tips. It looks like you tried to tear the stickers rather than file them. But as you say... I really don't know what could it be. Maybe it's the Essence stickers. Try some other brand. Maybe they'll work for you.


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