Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To: Newspaper Manicure

I hope you didn't forget about my 'manicure 101 how to' posts. I've tried to make a newspaper manicure a couple of times before and never really succeeded until I tried it this way. I guess I had the wrong type of alcohol. Here's how you can achieve a simple yet interesting newspaper nails. 

Things you'll need:
* nail polish in light shade
* rubbing alcohol (you can also use vodka or schnapps like I did)
* tweezers
* newspaper
* top coat
How To Newspaper Manicure

1) Paint your nails and wait until they're dry. Cut up the newspaper into small pieces. Dip one piece of paper in alcohol for a couple of seconds. 
How To Newspaper Manicure

2) Put the same piece of paper soaked in alcohol on one of your nails. Press it gently and hold it for another couple of seconds. 
How To Newspaper Manicure

3) Remove the newspaper from your nail slowly and carefully.  
How To Newspaper Manicure

4) Repeat on all nails. You can see what happens when you hold the paper onto your nails for too long. I managed to get some paper on my nails along with the print. But that's nothing a good top coat won't take care of. 
How To Newspaper Manicure

5) Add top coat and you're done.
How To Newspaper Manicure

Have you tried the newspaper technique yet? What do you think of it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. O, hudo!
    Sicer ne vem, kakšna je tekstura, ampak super mi izgleda tudi brez nadlaka. Zelo realno, bi rekla. :D

  2. Definitivno na "to do" seznamu :)

  3. I have only tried it once, and none of the letters transferred onto my nails, so I gave up on it :D

  4. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning on doing it soon :) .

  5. So cool, I've never tried this, but I really like the results you got. :)

  6. I took a print class and this is technique is rather similar to photo transfer. I wish I knew how to do this earlier. Would have been awesome to wear print nails to class.


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