Friday, September 14, 2012

On the Test: Xlash Eyelash Enhancer

I'm so excited you guys! I got the wonderful opportunity to try Xlash Eyelash Enhancer by Almea thanks to

''The effective natural treatment that makes your eyelashes growing longer, fuller and darker.''
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer by Almea

* Folium Isatidis (Woad leaves) extract: 10%
* Cacumen Platycladi herbal extract: 3%
* Nigella Sativa (Devil-in-the-Bush) extract: 3%
* Fructus Chebulae extract: 2%
* Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata extract: 2%
* Coral extract: 1%
* Purified water: 79%
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer by Almea

Xlash is a liquid for eyelash growth which comes in a bottle with applicator similar to eyeliner. How to use it: Remove make-up and contact lenses, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap, apply a thin line of the solution to the base of your upper eyelids. Apply once a day; the best application time is before going to bed. 

I've been using Xlash Eyelash Enhancer for a couple of days now. The results are supposed to be seen in 3-4 weeks so I'll make sure to photograph my lashes once a week and hopefully we'll be able to see the difference. The effect Xlash promises should be quite impressive. I have to say I'm soooo excited about this. Can't wait to see the results!

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Have you tried Xlash or any other eyelash growth product? Did it work for you?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I'm using Rapidlash, and my eyelashes are absolutely definitely longer (though not thicker, I don't think) - but it has been stinging my eyes lately, so I might stop using it. I'm not sure, because it's very very mild discomfort.

  2. Čeprav imaš že sedaj zavidanja vredne trepalnice, naj bo uporaba uspešna! :)

  3. I'm quite curious to see if this works. Supposedly castor oil is also great for eyelashes, but also hair and eyebrows. I'm tempted to try it out. It's certainly cheaper than any cosmetic product.

  4. Ooo, komaj čakam na rezultate! Iščem kaj čudežnega za svoje trepalnice (nekaj teh vsaj ;)) že lep čas.


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