Monday, September 10, 2012

Swatches: Barry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic

Barry M recently introduced 5 new Magnetic Nail Effects shades. I have swatches of four of them for you. 
Barry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic

Barry M, Magnetic Green Sparkle aka Cosmic Glow (348), 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Green Sparkle (348) - Cosmic Glow

Barry M, Magnetic Multi Sparkle aka Super Nova (347), 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Multi Sparkle (347) - Super Nova

Barry M, Magnetic Sparkle Blue aka Neptune Sea (345), 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Sparkle Blue (345) - Neptune Sea

Barry M, Magnetic Sparkle Red aka Venus Sunset (346), 2 coats
Barry M Magnetic Sparkle Red (346) - Venus Sunset

Each of these magnetic nail polishes comes with a removable plastic cap with a magnet on it. Bonus points for added magnet, but what the heck happened with the names? I don't know what to call these anymore and I almost dropped all the words and wanted to name them by numbers only. And I hate numerical names! 
Come on, Barry M, we're confused!
I must say I liked the first colors better - you can see them in my first Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint post. The polishes are working and everything, but I just don't feel them. There's too much going on... the shimmer, the glitter, duochrome effect plus the magnet effect... I know it sounds cool, but I just don't want all of it on my nails at the same time. If I'd have to pick my favorite it would be Super Nova. Gunmetal grey with sparkle. That will do it for me. 
Barry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic
From L to R: Neptune Sea, Venus Sunset, Super Nova, Cosmic Glow.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic website.

Which one is your favorite?

*Polishes were sent to me for swatching purposes. 

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Wow! I think they look great, somehow I like especially that they seem to unite so many effects/finishes... Neptune Sea is my favourite, I can totally see the "sea" in this one :o Instant want!

  2. The red is my favourite! Lovely for autumn x x x

  3. They are really cool and I love the colors and the different patterns!

  4. omg I love it! I want the Sunset is perfect for Fall >.<!

  5. I love the blue one! and the star pattern works great!

  6. I have a big soft spot for magnetic polishes and I love the look of all of these. I especially love the cross magnet design.

  7. I really love the Neptune Sea, looks so pretty! I need to get a bottle for myself soon :)

  8. These are gorgeous! I think the best magnetic polish I have seen. Love them.


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